144-Hour Jam Contest

Come on and slam…

And welcome to the 144-Hour Jam Contest!

A jam contest, you say? What's that?

It's simple. From March 9th through March 15th, you will write three stories over a six-day period, competing for honor, glory, and meaningless prizes. This contest is designed to squeeze inspiration out of you and see what kind of works you can produce in an accelerated timeframe.

The Contest

The contest will be broken up into three periods of 48 hours each. At the beginning of each period, a THEME will be announced. From the moment the THEME is announced, contestants will have exactly 48 hours to write an article based on that theme. However, contestants will not be able to post their articles until 24 hours have elapsed since the theme's announcement. All contest articles posted for each period must adhere to that period's theme - if you write an article for the first period but only post it in the second period, that article will be disqualified.

Winners will be determined by vote count. There will be first place winners for each theme, as well as a Grand Prize Winner for the entrant who writes for all three themes and amasses the highest overall vote count.

You are free to solicit as much critique as you can get within the time period.


  1. The contest will begin at 12:01 AM (EST) on March 9 and end at 1:01 AM (EST) on March 15 (due to Daylight Savings Time). Contest voting will end on March 29.
  2. Authors may not collab with each other. One author per article only! You can still get critique from as many people as you can!
  3. This year, to give people more time to both read and write entries, the theme period has been doubled from 24 to 48 hours.
    1. As soon as a theme is announced, entries for that theme are IN PROGRESS: they should be worked on but cannot be posted.
    2. Once 24 hours have elapsed since the beginning of the IN-PROGRESS period, entries for that theme are OPEN and can be posted.
    3. As soon as the NEXT theme is announced, entries for the PREVIOUS theme are CLOSED and cannot be posted for the contest.
    4. To clarify: you can still post articles for closed themes to the site, but they will not be considered as valid entries for the purpose of the contest.
  4. Authors may submit any number of entries per theme. Only the highest-rated entry per theme will be considered for voting totals.
  5. Each theme's entries will have fourteen days, beginning from the END of their posting period, to accumulate votes. At the end of this period, net upvotes will be tallied and used to determine the final placements.
  6. All types of articles - SCPs, Tales, and GOI Formats - are allowed.
  7. Entries can be as long or as short as you want. Feel free to add supplements or use ListPages; however, only the main page of the article will be considered for the entry.
  8. Authors do not have to submit entries for all three themes; you may pick and choose which themes to submit to, but only authors who submit entries for all three themes will be considered for the Grand Prize. Furthermore, to receive the Grander Prize, you must submit one entry of each type: one SCP, one Tale, and one GOI Format.
  9. No significant content edits may be made after the entry has been posted until the contest has ended. SPaG, Wikidot syntax, and CSS edits are allowed, but significant changes to the content are prohibited. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't do it to someone else's work, don't do it to your own until the contest ends.
  10. Contest entries will go through the normal deletion process. As there is no limit on the number of entries you may post, you may always reenter. However, you may not repost a new version of a previously deleted entry in the contest. You can always submit these documents to the site again, but they cannot reenter the contest.
  11. Entries must be new and original. You cannot edit or suggest an existing document for this contest. Nor are you allowed to submit any article submitted for this contest to the concurrent SCP-INT GOI Contest.
  12. Shenanigans Rule: The contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries and entrants for behavior they deem unsportsmanlike, such as downvoting other contestants' entries solely to gain a vote advantage or excessively self-promoting their articles. If you're not sure whether or not your action will fall under the Shenanigans Rule, ask either A Random DayA Random Day or ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor.
  13. Tag your entries with 'jam-con2019'.

Winners will be chosen through total upvotes. At the conclusion of the contest, a post will be made by the judges announcing winners and awarding special prizes to deserving entries. The judges for this contest are A Random DayA Random Day and ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor - please PM them with any further questions you might have.

The Themes

Dawn of the First times Second Day: Shaggy Dog

Day One Winners:

All Day One Entries!

Dawn of the Second times Second Day: Pulp Fiction


All Day Two Entries!

Dawn of the Third times Second Day: So it was all a dream…


All Day Three Entries!

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