Document 2722-मा-7A, Recovered Materials
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What follows are a selection of technologies recovered from SCP-2722 by OTF मा-7. Relevant local messages, translated via SCP-2722-1, have been included for context. Full archives are available to local personnel on request from the FORC-04 main database.

Instance #: ##-####
Primary Language:
Technical Contents:
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Sample Quote"

Instance #: 02-0786
Classification: Weapons system
Primary Language: Modern English, incorporating a disproportionately high number of Italian loanwords.
Technical Contents: 3 high-velocity electromagnetic railgun systems mounted ventrally, with launch rails 2km in length.
Notes: Weapons systems appear to be designed to be serviced and operated by beings with at least three hands.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Shield magnetic organs- severe injury to [eyes?] from unintended activation."
  • "Why would you ever build such absurdly large weapons?"
  • (Inscribed on the left launch rail of 02-0786-03) "Extremely comfortable when warmed up. Recommend for use as crew space."

Instance #: 11-0092
Classification: Rations storage and preparation
Primary Language: Unknown. A series of 3-meter-long parallel vertical lines inscribed into the walls and floor of the chamber.
Technical Contents: System for automatically slaughtering, draining and salt-packing a variety of mammalian animals.
Notes: System appears to be primarily designed for use on human or humanoid animals.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Whoever built this was obviously some kind of predatory species."
  • "Truly unnerving."
  • (In response to previous:) "Indeed. Why would one try to eat their own pets?"

Instance #: 06-1254
Classification: Defensive craft
Primary Language: Modern Russian
Technical Contents: Large hangar space incorporating launch facilities for 24 15-meter-long manned combat vessels, apparently armed primarily with tactical-yield fusion devices.
Notes: Several craft bear hand-painted nose art, including 'Pin-up'-type images of a nude woman with an equine lower body plan. Several cockpits apparently designed for pilots with wings or tails.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (In Russian:) "11th GRU Fighter Wing 'Iron Stars'"
  • (In Russian:) "Remember the Third Patriotic War! Remember Olympus Mons!"

Instance #: 05-9924
Classification: Reactor system/commons area.
Primary Language: All local systems control labels composed of an unknown organic compound with a high refractive index, sandwiched between sheets of clear rock crystal.
Technical Contents: Device appears to be an array of fifteen conventional liquid fluoride thorium reactors. Radiation shield is totally absent.
Notes: Presence of benches, couches, and what are believed to be machines for recreational sports, would indicate that designer species is unaffected by radiation.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Exterior bulkhead, in 'Giant'-type script:) "DANGER: RADIATION HAZARD"
  • (Exterior bulkhead:) "REJOICE: NOURISHING RADIATION"
  • "Tamper not with the Atom, for in its Wholeness we find ourselves."
  • (Apparently in response to above:) "We have been splitting the atom since before we discovered fire, and it seems to have worked out pretty well for us."

Instance #: 19-0017
Classification: Machine Shop (?)
Primary Language: Mixture of French, Mandarin Chinese and an unknown phonographic script which appears to be derived from musical notation
Technical Contents: Space is a highly modular multipurpose assembly line for construction of a wide variety of intricate mechanical components serving an unknown purpose. Several large containers stored in wall racks appear to be full of various forms of thermite.
Notes: Sign on exterior bulkhead reads "MATERNITY WARD"
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Here's to future cooperation! Long live the Syno-Imperial League!"
  • "Query: Maternity? Reproductive concepts?"
  • (In response to previous, partially rubbed out:) "Well, when a hemimale and a hemifemale and a hemineuter [sic] love each other very much…"

Instance #: 22-1144
Classification: Sensor monitoring room (?)
Primary Language: Unknown script visually similar to Hebrew.
Technical Contents: Semicircular room mounted near the bow, equipped with a series of 2-meter-wide lenses all focused on a single workstation in the center of the room.
Notes: When exposed to direct sunlight, temperature at central workstation exceeds 250° C.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Currently unclear on the purpose of this chamber. Walls appear to be opaque and source of temperature fluctuations unclear."
  • "Warning to hydrogen-breathers. Avoid exposure. Detonation may result. Have already lost 2 symbionts."
  • (Underneath the workstation, undamaged by heat:) "Why is it so cold in here?"

Instance #: 03-1082
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Unknown script composed of engraved square patterns
Technical Contents: Unknown charged-particle weapon occupying most of the vessel's bow area. Appears to be designed to accelerate carbon atoms to near-light speeds.
Notes: Control console reads "GRAND WAVE MOTION PROJECTION CANNON", and appears to be decorated with gold scrollwork.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Aim away from face and pedipalps while operating."
  • "Ten gods below, who thought this was a good idea?"
  • "Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt test firing in-atmosphere. Resulted in loss of atmosphere, planetary crust, and the entire star system, contents of waste sacs."

Instance #: 11-1024
Classification: Internal Transit System
Primary Language: Unknown script composed of small droplets of a dense, crystalline material adhered to work surfaces. Substance appears to be faintly fluorescent.
Technical Contents: Large network of rail-mounted transport trolleys encompassing most of SCP-2722's port stern quadrant. Trolleys are unpressurised and rail system leaves the hull through airlocks at several points.
Notes: Trolleys accelerate at 6g and have been retrofitted with human-suitable acceleration couches to minimize the risk of injury while in use. This is one of four currently known internal transit systems installed within SCP-2722.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Do not select any station on the [green?] line unless you can metabolize vacuum."
  • "From the looks of the layout, it appears that they laid track directly through several critical birthing chambers with no regard for the proper movement of newborn personnel. Sloppy work."
  • "Keep limbs inside the car at all times. This is not a joke."

Instance #: 12-1131
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Modern English, Modern German, Unknown script composed of vertical lines.
Technical Contents: A set of 50 laser point-defence systems, mounted on the outside of the hull, each 1 meter in diameter. Each capable of power in excess of █████ kW.
Notes: Appears to have been mounted by an organization related to the UN, possibly the GOC.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "United Nations G[UNREADABLE]"
  • "System for Integrated Defense" "SHIELD"
  • "Makes for a good light show."
  • "May cause blindness."

Instance #: 13-0909
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Modern English, Modern Spanish, Modern Mandarin, Modern Russian and a language similar to Occitan.
Technical Contents: A set of magnetic accelerators placed centrally in three rows along the hull of SCP-2722, thirty-four units each, connected to several storage units in inner decks.
Notes: Storage units (designated [REDACTED - Location and access restricted to 5/2722 personnel]) contain what appear to be weaponized Scranton Reality Anchors (identified in SCP-2722-1 as "Nornirian Cluster Bombs"). According to locally available instructions, these devices can accelerate to approximately 0.3 C when launched from the 13-0909 weapons systems. No test runs have been authorized.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "In the Names of the three Nornir sisters / We give Thee into the Cold and the Heart / For your Peace of soul and mind and Our Part / And for all silent, distant Drifters - PTOLEMY 3"
  • (Inscription incomplete) "Do not approach, damages the"
  • "God is strong here."

Instance #: 14-3309
Classification: Crew quarters, cooling infrastructure for other systems; power management grid?
Primary Language: Microscopic acid etchings in an unidentified pictographic language.
Technical Contents: Approximately 600, 000 kilometers of piping traversing all decks, filled with a serum-like liquid composed of a complex macromolecule with euentropic properties. Samples cool down to 5.4 K when exposed to machinery heated beyond 12 K, yet become harmless when in contact with organic matter.
Notes: Exploration of these channels remains mostly impossible (all reconnaissance tools are quickly destroyed), but many systems within SCP-2722 seem to be directly cooled by its contents. Further sampling is therefore not recommended.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "And we were granted the chance to take our great old homes our great old lands to the great new beyond and the queens led us and there was rejoicing, the enemy found us but we" (Inscription illegible from this point onward due to inaccessibility of the rest of the text)
  • "wingswingswingswingswingselytronswingswingswings" (Inscription illegible from this point onward; note that each instance of the etchings corresponding to the concept "wing" had a slightly different wording assigned)
  • "Welcome to resting ward 0 3 9 1 Hexagon 0 2 3 Hexagon Square 8 4; a place like home far from Home; here you will be safe and cared for like a little pupa; here you will be safe and warm"

Instance #: 01-0179
Classification: Sensor system
Primary Language: [REDACTED]
Technical Contents: A statue representing [REDACTED] Statue is motile and reflects movements in real-time.
Notes: Recommended integration as a XCPOA unit for COEWS.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Look upon me and know."
  • "When the Invasion came, this thing just grew eighty-four arms. I don't think it's gonna be of much use."
  • (Directly below previous message) "Yep. We could see them coming anyways."
  • "Ditto."
  • "The other sensor systems make this superfluous beyond its aesthetic value. I recommend next iterations to just recycle it into something useful if they need to."
  • "Our people did not listen to it when the sensors remained silent. Heed this warning, kind friends: look upon her and " (sic.)"

Instance #: 54-5610
Classification: Anti-boarding module.
Primary Language: Appears to be a combination of small scratches and long-lasting pheromone deposits. Secondary languages include French and binary Russian.
Technical Contents: This entire subsection of the craft appears to be made of a chitinous material similar to the shell of a cockroach. At its center is a pulsating sack of leather-like hide, twelve metres in diameter.
Notes: Propose use as a countermeasure to remove hostile forces who succeed in taking control of SCP-2722. Use to repel boarders is not recommended whilst friendly forces retain even partial control.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "The brood offers its finest warrior, to oppose those who would invade this craft."
  • "Information: do not open sack. Release of contents believed to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] up to and including thermobaric and thermonuclear [UNINTELLIGIBLE]."
  • "Do NOT open this sack. Ever. Trust us on this one."

Instance #: 44-2499
Classification: Storage (?)
Primary Language: Neapolitan dialect of the Italian language, Poggiomarinese variant.
Technical Contents: Large cylindrical infrastructure, 53m in diameter. This subsection contains 41 oblong metallic items of unknown purpose, 69 unbound pages of sheet music, and 290 marble statues of avian-like creatures of various appearance, each possessing 2 caprine horns and a variable number of tentacle-like appendages protruding from their backs.
Notes: Research on possible correlations with [REDACTED] is ongoing.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "In memory of her beautiful voice."
  • "Our people waits for her return."
  • "The Gods battled each other just to hear her sing."

Instance #: 33-2866
Classification: Weapons system
Primary Language: Norwegian, Egyptian, unidentified pictographic language reminiscent of Central American cultures.
Technical Contents: A layered series of forty speakers approximately ninety-one metres (exactly 300 feet) in diameter. Speakers are manipulated through technology similar to a Horspring-Takeshita array to produce sounds of potentially seismic levels.
Notes: Theoretically useless for space combat.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Why do we have this?"
  • "In space no one can hear your giant death speakers."
  • "They came out of the spot! They came out of the [PROPER NOUN, MEANING UNKNOWN] damn spot!"

Instance #: 30-0991
Classification: Public Address System
Primary Language: Series of regular divots imprinted in metallic sheets with structure and arrangement comparable to Braille.
Technical Contents: Series of several thousand (2893 currently catalogued) helium plasma arc speaker units, mounted ship-wide, wirelessly connected to a control system on the main bridge.
Notes: System generally functions as expected. When any weapons system is powered on, system begins to emit percussive, high-tempo music accompanied by chanting in an unknown language. During musical broadcasts, system volume can be lowered but not wholly muted. Music has never been observed to repeat itself. During weapons and basic engine trials, musical tempo observed to synchronize with firing of weaponry and alterations in thrust intensity.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Found imprinted on wall plating near every instance of 30-0991 yet discovered. Exact phrasing varies:) "As sang Tog in the Time of Endings, so too shall we!"
  • "Have yet to discover suitable means of altering pitch to useful levels."
  • "Plasma arc is pure, self-replenishing, and delicious with hydrocarbons added."

Instance #: 03-5702
Classification: Weapons System
Primary Language: Unknown pictographic script. Individual pictograms appear to be abstracted depictions of various piscine animals.
Technical Contents: 200 high-velocity 477mm breech-loading cannon mechanically controlled and manually targeted from within the hull. Each cannon equipped with a complicated laser hit-registry system connected to a central 'scoreboard' located at center of 03-5702 gundeck on upper stern.
Notes: Current highest 'score' reads "Kahgkahggakeg- 3/Frigate 18/Cruiser 272/Fighter 9/Asteroid"
Local Inscriptions:

  • (On wall near 'scoreboard':) "Kahg Quickfiring is a cheater and a lump of prey animal intestine"
  • "Pulled the records from detection system. Effective accuracy - surprisingly high given lack of fire control."
  • "They must have loaded these from outside the hull. We have detected no nearby magazine space."

Instance #: 93-0983
Classification: Internal repair system.
Primary Language: Swedish, previously unidentified binary language, previously unidentified language based on an alphabet reminiscent of futhark runes.
Technical Contents: Roughly spherical automatons equipped with nanometric motile parts acting as drones of various sections. Drones able to adhere to most surfaces, perform delicate repair and cleaning tasks. Internal storage seems to act as a valid chemical reactor for infinite function.
Notes: Extremely efficient, able to self-repair, grow in size and replicate through a mechanical "mitosis" after a period of growth. Recite various choir songs when working in groups. According to three different Swedish personnel, some melodies correspond with upbeat work songs, with key words replaced to fit the mechanical nature of the drones.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (After cleaning an unremarkable puddle of grape juice, Drone 113-401-93-0983 left a smudge shaped as the following message) "Glory. Glory. Glory."
  • "Let's move it, roll it, roll it, down the hill forever!" (Drone 113-401-93-0983 left this message after recovering various organic waste from recycling systems)"
  • "Gimme a" (unidentified drawings placed after this message, repeated a total number of thirteen times after a number of uncatalogued drones disposed of D-331-2722, recently deceased due to an unexplained accident)
  • "Good Boy" (written on the carcass of a damaged, previously uncatalogued drone abandoned in a sealed residential area. Device was found near a chemical smudge of unrecognizable nature and 720 consecutive lines scratched on the wall at starboard. Room repaired by 93-0983 units since unsealing operation.)

Instance #: 03-0019
Classification: Evacuation system.
Primary Language: None. Local inscriptions in multiple languages admit to not being responsible for system 03-0019, but no clear primary language has been preserved.
Technical Contents: Large secondary vessel docked to large portion of main hull region 6,150 meters long. Equipped with independent engines and massive cargo space, originally a single cavity that has been substantially modified by personnel from several iterations to house various species; only original systems that remain are several, exceedingly large water purification systems and a molecular factory entirely dedicated to the culture of krill.
Notes: Controls include levers and buttons measuring ten to twenty meters each.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "A space whale.".
  • (Directly below previous inscription) "Yep. Totally a space whale."

Instance #: 54-0501
Classification: Early warning system.
Primary Language: Appears to be a combination of small scratches and long-lasting pheromone deposits. Secondary languages include variants of Latin, Chinese, and French.
Technical Contents: A 1:2 scale model of [REDACTED] accompanied by a device similar to a nuclear clock which is currently engaged in a countdown. Note that the model of [REDACTED] does not exhibit its secondary signalling effects and features alternative languages to the model held by the Foundation.
Notes: Clock appears to have reached zero before SCP-2722 was acquired by the Foundation, and is currently counting down into progressively more negative numbers. The implications of this are unknown.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "They are coming. Prepare or die."
  • "What exactly is this for?"

Instance #: 62-5071
Classification: Rations preparation?
Primary Language: Script comprised of embossed circular symbols. Grammar unidentifiable, but the use of elements such as cartouche suggest a similarity to Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Technical Contents: Two identical structures comprised of a modular corridor segment and a window into an adjoining room containing six machines and a rear access door. Machines maintain various cell cultures which can be extruded in disks 6.8cm across, 7mm thick. Machinery room is lit with infrared lamps.
Notes: Pictographs within the machine room indicate these disks are intended to be placed together and then rolled into cylinders, apparently for consumption. Machinery has been reconfigured several times. Machines 1, 3, 4 and 6 produce various kinds of food material fit for human consumption. Machine 2 produces a substance identical to whale blubber, laced with hazardous quantities of arsenic. Machine 5 produces a cellular mass that immediately converts itself into lead upon exposure to infrared light.
Entire structure is located in the aft portion of the ship between several propulsion systems, and is only accessible through large ventilation systems leading to the corridor sections. Rear access doors into the machine rooms open onto the coolant pipes of a separate propulsion system.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "4 + 1 + 5. Just like [PROPER NOUN, MEANING UNKNOWN] used to make in [Kabul?]." (this is accompanied by a crude picture of a six-limbed figure making an unknown hand gesture)
  • "These machine rooms emit hazardous radiation. Proceed with caution."
  • "Do not ingest the produce of machine number 6." (machine 6 appears to produce a mixture of cooked mince and frozen water, no hazardous effects noted)
  • "Holy [PROPER NOUN, MEANING UNKNOWN], have all you [PROPER NOUN, MEANING UNKNOWN]s seriously been eating the [excrement?] that comes out of the skin graft machines?"
  • "Why is this all the way back here, anyway?"

Instance #: 01-4428
Classification: Navigation system
Primary Language: Koine Greek
Technical Contents: An interactive panel depicting a large spiral-shaped galaxy. By touching the panel, users are able to view specific star systems and planets in greater detail. Nearby documentation details how to set routes and navigate using the device; at least one of SCP-2722's propulsion systems are suspected to be connected to 01-4428.
Notes: Galaxy depicted does not correspond to any discovered thus far by the scientific community. 01-4428 is thus functionally useless for SCP-2722's current iteration.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "It is curious that no spirit lines are visible between these stars. We can only conclude that this item was made by a soulless people."
  • "Does this still work?"

Instance #: 14-3521
Classification: Weapons system
Primary Language: Hungarian
Technical Contents: A kinetic delivery mechanism for medium-sized projectiles, most likely modified thermonuclear weapons, of which several are stored nearby. Stored weapons appear to be similar to the Teller–Ulam design, although initial studies indicate that enhancement with SCP-███ or similar substances may have [DATA EXPUNGED]everal orders of magnitude.
Notes: System is in moderate disrepair. Maintenance of 14-3521 and its ammunition is necessary for safety purposes, while restoration of this system to operational capacity is considered low priority.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "How quaint."
  • "This was not made in my country. Such shoddy workmanship should be rewarded with a firing squad."
  • "DO NOT USE. Blast radius exceeds maximum range."

Instance #: 10-0798
Classification: Backup Control System
Primary Language: Hybrid of Classical Chinese and Japanese, with the incorporation of several unfamiliar logograms incorporating repetitive triangular patterns.
Technical Contents: System comprises two spherical pods, each approximately 3m in diameter and mounted within self-regulating gyroscopically-stabilized scaffolding to dampen internal acceleration. Pod 1 is equipped with a headset-mounted VR control suite apparently designed for a baseline human, as well as tactile control systems designed to allow for piloting of SCP-2722. Pod 2 is equipped with weapons and targeting systems, as well as a suite of equipment allowing for extremely precise control over SCP-2722 power management and reactor systems.
Notes: Both pods currently disconnected from all external systems. When powered on, internal displays show SCP-2722 in what appears to be a humanoid configuration. Attempting to fully activate 10-0798 leads to severe structural integrity warnings on all displays. A length of blue cotton cloth was tied to railings near the entrance to Pod 1 on discovery.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (In English, sic:) "WECLOME HOME"
  • "This place bears the weight of history. Mighty deeds were accomplished here."
  • "When calling forth the Giant of Lightning, ensure proper respect is paid to their spirits. They understand our purpose."

Instance #: 06-0233
Classification: Rations preparation
Primary Language: Yiddish, transcribed into Duployan shorthand (archaic shorthand formerly used to transcribe French)
Technical Contents: Hydroponic mushroom-growing facility. Facility is a zero-gravity cylinder, 6 meters in diameter and 18 meters in length which rotates to simulate gravity (acceleration of 10.2 m/s2 at internal surface). Facility contains a number of trays containing unremarkable soil, Agaricus bisporus (unremarkable, human-edible common white mushrooms), and an irrigation system.
Notes: System appears to be operational. Members of OTF मा-12 have harvested and consumed mushrooms to supplement their rations during expeditions to SCP-2722 without adverse result.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Mortuary. Please behave decorously."
  • "Fungus is dangerous. Do not mate with them."
  • "136.1 Hz"
  • "Please take care of these, our youngest generation."

Instance #: 92-3927
Classification: Unknown, possibly Weapons System (?)
Primary Language: Mandarin
Technical Contents: A strange, orange-tinted keyboard-like artifact. This keyboard appears to have the ability of telekinesis, being capable of moving objects around with the use of the arrows and certain letter patterns. This telekinesis is unable to affect anything inside the ship, likely due to a security measure, but few limits have been identified when using this instance to alter objects outside SCP-2722. This instance also possesses the ability to manipulate the gravitational pull of celestial objects, such as stars.
Notes: Alongside instance 11-9603, this is the only instance of SCP-2722 mentioned in the library contained inside instance 49-3070.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "The library says that the Triangulum Galaxy was built using this instance two billion years ago, in an old universe. They used the telekinesis to pull countless star systems out of the satellite galaxies surrounding the Andromeda Galaxy, a group at a time, for exactly one year, until the entire galaxy was formed. It eventually became a satellite of Andromeda itself."

Instance #: 52-2312
Classification: Latrine
Primary Language: Papiamento, Classical Nahuatl and Marshallese
Technical Contents: Series of 36 watertight cubic booths, each with a door and containing various equipment. Four booths (numbered 6-9) contain standard Western-style commodes, two booths (numbered 28 and 29) contain squat-style floor toilets. Booths 33-36 have been combined into a single booth containing one oversized Western-style commode two meters in height. The other booths generally contain unrecognizable or unfamiliar equipment such as an apparatus resembling a treadmill, a live tree, a series of hoses and spigots which release a pungent thixotropic slime, a series of showerheads that release heated sulfuric acid, and a cylinder to which there are attached several lengths of artificial musculature resembling tongues.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (above the doors of particular booths) "Demi-Male," "Demi-Female" and "Demi-Neuter"
  • (inside a booth) "Here I sit, broken-hearted" (rest is illegible)
  • "To whomever visited this facility before me, thank you for the delicious gift"
  • (inside a booth) "We aim to please. You aim too, please"
  • (crude scatological drawing of what appears to be a scorpion wearing a helmet and reading a newspaper while excreting)
  • "Do not deposit chitinous exoskeleton in toilet"

Instance #: 58-8718
Classification: Unknown (possibly rations preparation?)
Primary Language: Khwarezmian and Quapaw (transcribed into Devanagari writing system)
Technical Contents: Large, rectangular open room with floor area in excess of 6 square kilometers but ceiling height of only 1.1 meters. Lighting apparatus in ceiling appears to simulate a night sky including several nearby but dim stars. Floor is covered with an irregular soil surface with several shallow puddles of water connected by natural-appearing waterways. Much of the soil surface is covered with moss-like plant life. Room is serviced by sophisticated climate control system capable of simulating rainfall, snow and other forms of weather, all on a miniaturized scale. Room contains an ecosystem of small animals, including large herds of mouse-sized ungulates and ant-sized pack predators. Life forms in room have been determined to be harmless to humans.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Where the deer and the antelope play"
  • [Written in microscopic lettering, translation is conjectural] "Among our people, a [juvenile?] cannot become a [warrior?] without first slaying a [carnivore?] and consuming its [internal organ?]"
  • "There was a village in here, but I accidentally stepped on it."

Instance #: 27-1771
Classification: Weapons and Defense systems
Primary Language: Latin
Technical Contents: A hexagonal room with six tubes, each one encased with 40cm thick acrylic glass. In the center of the room, there is a small circular area which will activate all six tubes. Upon their activation, SCP-2722 will undergo two different reformations. The vessel will be covered by an approximately 30-kilometer long, dome-shaped forcefield that seems to repel any damage sustained by the vessel in less than a second. No known method can get through SCP-2722's dome. The second reformation is the appearance of a spherical, concrete-framed object in the center of the room. This device is estimated at 250m and appears to have the ability to erase the atomic bonds of varied objects with the use of reality-bending. Its compositions are currently unknown.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Our last stand is over. After their last appearance, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] knew what the Superior Command had to do. Using what we considered the very peak of our technology, we travelled to the [DATA EXPUNGED] star system in the Triangulum Galaxy, the lair of our annoyance, and used the sphere for the first and hopefully last time, erasing the star system for good. The Ethics Triplice is still in fumes after the…event, but at least it's over.

Instance #: 37-1013
Classification: Landing Craft
Primary Language: Modern English
Technical Contents: Several large constructs seemingly designed for atmospheric re-entry. Constructs appear to be designed to be piloted by baseline humans. Constructs are similar to space shuttles in function, but with a significantly greater cargo capacity. Constructs also seemed to incorporate a large amount of organic material into their construction.
Notes: Three instances were recovered from a single airlock/hangar seemingly designed to hold several dozen such vehicles. No other instances have been discovered.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Type 04 Von Braun Landing Craft"
  • "The Engineers can have their burned and rotten world. We shall take the stars."
  • "These craft are built in honor of the men and women who were left behind. No matter how long it may take, we will return."

Instance #: 03-0192
Classification: Thermal Exchange System
Primary Language: "Giant" script
Technical Contents: Four 15 km by 2.5 km retractable radiator panels connected to a system of pipes filled with liquid sodium. Pipes connect to heat sinks fitted (in most cases retro-fitted) to approximately 60% of Solidarity's systems.
Notes: In the event of damage to this system molten sodium is likely to be released into nearby compartments. Heat producing systems not currently connected should be evaluated and connected if deemed necessary.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Warning: Molten Sodium Metal"
  • "They will die in the shadows of our wings."
  • "What an over-engineered piece of crap. Why didn't they just use Maxwell's Demon?"
  • "The beverage in this pipe is an intoxicant. I am now seriously impaired."
  • "This should work if it wasn't for the heretical symmetry. We will need to build our own radiator system that is not offensive."

Instance #: 42-1920
Classification: Recreational area (?)
Primary Language: A system of pulleys, gears and [REDACTED] that conveys its meaning when a weight is set upon a connected pressure plate on the access door. Secondary languages include a left-to-right dialect similar to Tagalog and a graphic representation of Russian Morse Code
Technical Contents: Hemispherical room of 71 meters radius with embedded rails in a grid pattern. The surface of the walls is covered with LEDs.
Notes: The mounted LEDs emit radio waves in a repeating pattern of sawtooth waveform in different intervals and frequency from one another, the pattern is being analyzed by Foundation cryptographers. The floor rails are electrified with a current of █████ A and █████ V with virtually zero resistance detected by instrumentation. Sign on access door reads "STABLES".
Local Inscriptions:

  • "What the [PROPER NOUN, MEANING UNKNOWN] is this noise?!"
  • (On the wall outside the room) "Tanning salon"
  • "This is highly enjoyable. Recommended for premium housing units."

Instance #: 57-2988
Classification: Library
Primary Language: Galician
Technical Contents: A library spanning at least twenty meters in length. It contains the knowledge of cosmology of a race or group labelled the Kunskapen, believed to have been the previous holders of SCP-2722 circa 255 million years ago. The content within considerably surpasses, or is at least comparable, to the current human knowledge of astronomy and geometry. Some theories for which no evidence is available are backed up by evidence inside the library.
Notes: The most notable difference between point of views comes when the spatial dimensions of geometry are brought up and analyzed in-depth. While mainstream science widely accepts the existence of at least four dimensions, the library supports and lists evidence of the existence of at least 196,884 observable dimensions; that is, the number of dimensions that can be safely cataloged. However, the number of dimensions that form the entire space-time are stated to be layered in sets of countable infinities; that is, there is an infinite number of dimensions in the unobservable universe; said infinities are themselves layered in countable sets. The number of layers is said to be unknown.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Should we incorporate this in our theory? I mean, it's something that can be proven, no?"
  • "(In response to the above) No. Abide by the rules."

Instance #: 08-3335
Classification: Observatory
Primary Language: A single bright light emanates from the doorway that momentarily blinds any user who enters the room & is noted to cause nosebleeds & mild headaches. Anecdotal descriptions frequently describe seeing many nondescript or abstract images within the few moments of lingering light. Secondary languages include a unique binary-like code generated by color-coded LEDs & baseline Russian interspersed randomly with Middle English.
Technical Contents: None. The room itself is a large, empty, spherical chamber on the outer side of SCP-2722 devoid of gravity with roughly 5 cm thick walls of a transparent solid similar to glass but seemingly impervious to damage or obscuring of any kind, including painting over (paint "evaporates" on contact) & bullet holes (round ricochets wildly until stopped).
Notes: The room is oriented such that it never faces the planet SCP-2722 currently orbits, and only the surrounding cosmos is visible.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Message received before entering room) "We Have Ascended. We Have Seen The Stars. It Is All So… Beautiful."
  • (Received immediately after above) "We have Dedicated This Room To The Ascension Of Others"
  • "This doesn't seem safe. I understand stargazing & all, but do we really need this?"
  • "We tried shooting through it. Bad idea."

Instance #: 24-1952
Classification: Security System
Primary Language: A pictographic system, origins currently unknown, that combines multiple pictographs into one picture that comprises a sentence.
Technical Contents: A cubical room made of [REDACTED] smaller cubical rooms (approximately the amount of other rooms on SCP-2722), each containing a glass spherical screen in the middle, ~1 meter in size, that display a view of the room depending on which angle you are looking at the sphere from. Also contained in each room is a lone button and three smaller buttons with numbers resembling Maldivian numerals. Pressing the large button teleports the cube to whichever coordinate corresponding with the smaller buttons.
Notes: Multiple rooms are in disrepair and require the security orbs to be fixed, which are suffering from small cracks, displaying erroneous rooms, and failing to be suspended by whatever force appears to be holding the rest up
Local Inscriptions:

  • "How come there is a duplicate of our room?"
  • "When we started building our segment, we immediately found a new room for it in here. Spooky."
  • "Why would we need a security system of a ship only we can enter?"

Instance #: 57-1232
Classification: Weapons system(?)
Primary Language: Latin
Technical Contents: A collection of 40 miniature railguns, 4.5-metres in length. They are composed of steel and a previously unknown type of wood (similar to Acacia stenophylla in strength). No control system visible.
Notes: Railguns are heavily damaged, and their size and material suggests they were not designed for combat. However, exposed systems in several models reveal complex clockwork, indicating some sort of firing mechanism.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "(Inscribed on the side of a damaged railgun) Mother will not be pleased"
  • "I've never seen a [unknown] so big before. "
  • "I demand that these be removed. Many of my [siblings?] were mentally scarred when they viewed these abominations."
  • "(Apparently in response to above:)That hit the spot. I don't know what you're going on about, they work great."

Instance #: 33-1794
Classification: Security system
Primary Language: A command screen written in both Portuguese and Spanish
Technical Contents: A large, reddish oval layer of protection made of unknown metals that encases roughly 81% of SCP-2722's length at approximately 0.6c speeds as soon as activated.
Notes: The words "YOUR BEST BET" are carved into the walls close to the command screen.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "The star system and the planet die, but we live to see another day at last."

Instance #: 76-1986
Classification: Intelligence repository
Primary Language: French, with marks made using a high temperature stamp of some kind.
Technical Contents: 2 large plates of dense metal in front of devices that appeared to be variants of Scranton Reality Anchors. Anchors appeared to be projecting physical repulsion fields to prevent tampering with plates. Writing on plates translated as [DATA EXPUNGED] and "Does the black moon howl?"
Notes: Module's entry points and internals showed significant damage from high temperature detonations. Majority of module inventory destroyed, and based on space and debris estimates, there were once 34 more plates and Anchors.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "We asked it and heard cold truths."
  • "Arm yourself before you ask it."
  • "Ask it now, ask it tomorrow, ask it forever."
  • "It's a cognitohazard. Don't ask. Don't worry."

Instance #: 11-3603
Classification: Drive system(?)
Primary Language: Cuneiform
Technical Contents: Features heavy use of reality manipulation technology. The mechanism selectively destabilizes reality in the surrounding area, apparently to teleport SCP-2722.
Notes: The mechanism is impractical to operate, as its use would massively increase anomaly generation.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "This seems somewhat counter-productive"
  • "Whoever built this failed to account for [unknown]"
  • "Works like a charm! Eliminates all that boring travel time."
  • "There is this one document in the room that keeps track of all the times we had to use this ability. Forgive me for the incompetence, but that time we entered the event horizon of a black hole, got absorbed and had to teleport back to this reality strikes me as pretty awesome. Wish I was there.
  • "[apparently in response to the above] There you are again, treating everything like some big adventure without any purpose. Consider yourself warned."

Instance #: 99-0040
Classification: Electronic Warfare Suite
Primary Language: Hindi
Secondary Languages: Middle English, unknown pictographic script using patterns of differently sized square icons
Technical Contents: Thirty-seven (37) offensive drones designed to be fired out of launch tubes. Drones are self-propelled, and autonomously seek electronic systems. Once a system has been identified, a drone will self-manuever towards it and attach to it with a limpet-like apparatus. Drone will then proceed to attack nearby electronic and computer systems with viruses and EMP emission.
Notes: Viruses deployed by drone appear to seek terminals and access points that have a living operator. Once such a terminal has been identified, virus will attempt to destroy the terminal or incapacitate its operator with a combination of overheating, power overloading, crashing systems, hacking, and insertion of memetic kill agents.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Warning: Do not attempt to analyze drone data. It made the test [computer?] explode."
  • "These ones are mischievous little devils. This one advises avoiding interface, for they will mislead your senses."
  • "Yehom té ehal"

Instance #: 76-0111, 76-0112, 76-0113
Classification: Weapons System (?), Livestock Storage (?)
Primary Language: Writing system composed of untranslated alphabet of loopy, knot-like letters
Secondary Languages: A combination of small scratches and long-lasting pheromone deposits, a spherical electronic device that vibrates and emits soft light at different frequencies
Technical Contents: Large, ejectable holding pen, with various mechanical restraints affixed to the walls. Seems sized to fit a large, worm-like creature. Pen measures 2500 meters in length by 120 meters in diameter.
Notes: Three modules of this type have been discovered. The modules seem to be numbered alphanumerically. 76-0112 seems to have been successfully ejected, 76-0111 shows signs of heavy damage, with restraints broken and large holes visible in walls and surrounding modules. 76-0113 unejected but empty.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Seventeen. Nine unaccounted."
  • (Outside entrance of 76-0111)"Control system unknown. Use only as last resort."
  • (Outside Entrance of 76-0113) "Work well as food source during siege. The colony will not want."

Instance #: 77-2004
Classification: Defenses system
Primary Language: English
Technical Contents: A section with three 30cm yellow buttons with the words "Party Up" written over them. Once all buttons are pressed, the ship will enter a state of lockdown in which no one will be able to enter or exit SCP-2722 no matter the method, unless the buttons are deactivated.
Notes: The function seems to block even anomalous methods of transportation. An attempt to use [DATA REDACTED] to teleport to the inside of SCP-2772 was met with no results.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "They found us. We simply had to. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] found their way into the Solar System. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] "

Instance #: 49-3070
Classification: Library
Primary Language: Chinese oracle bone script
Technical Contents: A hallway branching off into small cubes, many of which store artifacts of apparent cultural or scientific value from one race. Documents include music scores, binary information, and DNA encoded within genetically modified cells.
Notes: Technical diagrams of many structures has helped exploration immensely. Efforts are underway to translate and record all text-based documents and to recreate visual artifacts. Of particular note is a volume of Shakespeare written in Tagalog, which includes several previously unknown plays.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Inscribed above entrance to hallway:) "Shrine of the [unknown] Texts. Please respect our way of life."
  • "Why do all these romance stories have to end without the female eating the male afterwards?"
  • "Disappointing. The Wanderer's Library already has most of these."

Instance #: 71-0017
Classification: Defenses system
Primary Language: Xhosa, using the Latin alphabet.
Technical Contents: A steel orb that is constantly hovering above a pedestal. Staring at the orb for 6 seconds uninterrupted allows the user to perceive a doorway next to the orb which leads to a room that is capable of detaching from the ship in the event SCP-2722 becomes critically compromised.
Notes: Subjects not affected by the orb claim that subjects will "phase" into the wall where the door should be. It is currently theorized that this is a controlled antimemetic anomaly.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "I request that the Orb is removed at a moment's notice, the Harday-Larringford Sapience Manipulation scores are being lowered for everyone that has to work near that thing, which is bad when the ship becomes compromised, and everyone suddenly doesn't know what to do."
  • "No. The Orb will never be removed. Please do not Listen to this heretic, my fellow Citizens."

Instance #: 15-0001
Classification: Translator
Primary Language: Esperanto
Technical Contents: A medium-sized well-lit cubical chamber, at the center of a large telepathy generation and reception system. A control unit nearby is furnished with several desks and several command line terminals, and has view to inside the chamber with a camera. The terminals have control over the telepathic generation systems, and allow for inputs in Esperanto and outputs telepathic communications to personnel inside the chamber.
Notes: Based on documentation recovered from inside the terminals, the system is intended as a translator for an unknown telepathic language. Documentation also indicate that the chamber can theoretically translate said telepathic language back into Esperanto, though either due to disrepair, lack of knowledge on the language, differences in brain structure, or other reasons, messages sent from Foundation telepaths results in the terminals reporting gibberish.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Please deposit telepathic recordings inside the chamber."
  • "Please do not deposit telepathic recordings inside the chamber. In fact, destroy every single one you see. Ionizing radiation works well."
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