SCP-4000: Sometimes I Look At The Sky So I Can Feel Small
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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4000's self-concealing nature and physical properties, physical containment of SCP-4000 has been deemed impractical. GPS locating devices have been placed on SCP-4000 for monitoring purposes. Foundation personnel are to intercept any aircraft approaching SCP-4000. Satellite imaging of the earth is to be intercepted and edited to remove appearances of SCP-4000.

Samples recovered from SCP-4000 are to be stored in standard organic anomaly containers, and are only to be consumed under testing conditions. Operations to retrieve additional samples must be approved by the O5 council.

A disinformation campaign is underway to convince the general population that dreams of flight are common occurrences.

Description: SCP-4000 is an immense landmass that maintains an altitude of approximately 7km above sea level. It is shrouded in a thick fog, thus appearing similar to a large cloud to outside observers. SCP-4000 has been known to move in a similar manner to non-anomalous clouds, but over time has been observed to make slight deviations from predicted trajectories.

All unconscious humans within 30km of SCP-4000 have an estimated 2.5% chance of undergoing an AVIATION event. Subjects experience a dream wherein they fly to SCP-4000. Details of what occurs after the individual enters the cloud cover surrounding SCP-4000 are forgotten upon waking.

Investigation is underway to determine if other species experience these same effects. While no conclusive evidence has been found, research suggests that animals of kingdom Animalia do experience AVIATION events, but less frequently than humans.

Discovery: SCP-4000 was discovered after numerous employees underwent AVIATION events at Site-19. Investigation into the dreams led to the discovery of a disproportionate percentage of civilians from nearby towns having similar experiences. All affected areas lay along the direction of the air currents, which allowed Foundation personnel to restrict the search to weather based phenomena, eventually singling out one cloud that never appeared to dissipate. Sonar later confirmed that cloud contained SCP-4000's landmass.

Further details regarding the nature of AVIATION events were not corroborated until exploration operations were initiated.

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