A Lack Of Proper Procedure
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It's the little things that matter.                                                                                                                            
It had escaped. Agent Rodriguez didn't know how, he didn't know why. Probably some arrogant pinhead or lazy janitor had screwed up, but that didn't matter now. The point was, it was after him, and he needed to know how to stop it.

Sprinting down yet another hallway (my god, these things never ended), he finally came across a computer terminal. Hurriedly punching in his access code, he navigated to the SCP that was currently wreaking havoc in the facility:

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be contained in a box made of an alloy of [REDACTED], ███ and [DATA SEALED] exactly [DATA EXPUNGED] millimeters thick. Under no circumstances is SCP-████ to be [REDACTED], as the results would quickly become catastrophic. In case of a containment breach, all on-site personnel are to immediately enact [DATA EXPUNGED]. Failure to do this will result in a ██-class collapse scenario only averted by the use of SCP's [DATA EXPUNGED].

Agent Rodriguez slowly turned around to face the immeasurably lethal…thing…that had sneaked up on him.

"Fucking pinheads" was all he could snarl before he died.

[DATA SEALED ON O5 ORDERS]. -Site Director O'Reilly

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