A Sunny Day at the Clockwork Gallery

Welcome to the Clockwork Gallery! Two sections of narrative and visual experience are now available, please enjoy your stay. Any ideas for our future exhibits can be suggested here.

Section 1: Narrative



Enjoy your stay at the river. This is your chance to meet the Flow and become anartist yourself!

Try not to drown.

Features: Creative, fluid.

Down the Silver River


Meet a god and be artistic about It! Learn to build an idol yourself!

Features: Metallic, divine, creative. Dead.

I Wrote a Tale


A great experience with the Megaprime. Please let It in. You may realize the need for the Great Computation.

Features: Divine, broken, confused.

He Was Blind and Deaf on a Sunny Day


Ever ended up in a place, and your memory escaped you? Ever feel overwhelming pain and unceasing hunger? Come and find out what had really happened.

Features: Cold, hungry, painful.

The Iron Wolf


"The Iron Wolf lurks in the dark, its teeth pale and sharp. To the Flock of Flesh it watches, catching Lambs of Meat by its claws."

Features: Metallic, wild, altered.

Of Dragons and Serpents


Worship the dragon. Worship two dragons. Worship a pair of dragons. Find out what great beasts our parents are.

Features: Divine, poetic, broken, trapped.

And so the Crows Laughed


Taking you back to the old traditional where people hang their overthrown king! Also, you might want to pay attention to the crows.

Features: Cursed, suffering, hanged, avian.

Midnight Parade


A revery that goes on even as the midnight comes. In fact it does not end. Don't try to escape it.

Features: Fun, endless, masked.


The Clock Shall Strike Again


Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Features: Undefined, timeless, chaotic.


Basic Observations


Dive deep into the Maxwellist network! Connect the minds as a new world unfolds!

Features: Digital, basic, hidden.

Section 2: Visual


Black and White Art Hub

Description: The biggest visual collection in the gallery! It's constantly growing, and devoid of colors.

Features: Artistic.


GOI Ball Comics

Description: Have some fun! The comics are not as memetic or hazardous as the other exhibits.

Features: Fun, fun, fun.

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