AbsentmindedNihilist's Personnel File

AbsentmindedNihilist, or Niles for the lazy of fingers, is that irritating gay nerd who's always in chat. Claim to fame infamy: the tale series colloquially known as lesbian hunger doggo.

Niles was raised by a family of Cambridge liberals who think Hillary doesn't go far enough Elizabeth Warren should have run for president she's the candidate we all deserve who disparage her for selling out by joining "Big Containment." They would have much rather she joined the Serpent's Hand, but they don't offer insurance that covers her vast array of psychopharmaceutical prescriptions.

She has been involved in the containment of SCP-2376, SCP-810-J, SCP-2916, SCP-2889, and SCP-2547, as well as documenting the history of the torrid affair between SCP-5760 and one Lakshmi Agarwal in the following documents: Whoa, Here She Comes, Show You What All That Howl Is For, The Beast You've Made Of Me, I Keep The Wolf From The Door, and I Slip, I'm Still An Animal.

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