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Name: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

Department: Psychology Department

Description: Dr. Adileh Khayyam is one of the resident psychologists of Site-43 and a specialist in dealing with humanoid anomalies, having assisted in the continued rehabilitation and monitoring of such anomalies as SCP-637, SCP-2370 and SCP-2032. Dr. Khayyam has been at the forefront of several initiatives relating to the mental health of Foundation staff, speaking at the Headspace intra-organisation conference on multiple occasions.

Dr. Khayyam was initially recruited by the Foundation following Incident READING GROVE: further information regarding said incident may be found in the corresponding casefile. As a result of said incident, Dr. Khayyam appears to have developed a somewhat abnormal measure of resistance to mind-altering and cognitohazardous effects, although such capabilities are not deemed sufficient for designation as an anomalous humanoid.

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