Bad Applications
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In fact, it will probably mess you up, as our application requirements have changed in the well-over-a-year since this page was created! For example, we do not want you to tell us your gender (or lack thereof) any longer. This page is just for fun.

Welcome, one and all! You see, for the past couple of weeks, over in #Site19, I've been sharing the pain I get from absolutely horrible applications. However, the pain is SO intense, I feel I must share them with more people. No usernames will be posted (unless they are truly horrible,) but hopefully, my pain will be yours as well. To date, the shortest applications have been 'Yo mamma' and "…." Yes, people actually post such things. Sadly, I don't have any of the truly horrible ones saved, but they'll get worse as we go along. Italics indicate my own thoughts.

I'm 13 years old, though mature for my age. I know how to spell, unlike a lot of people I'v seen on this site. I'm a male. I live in the US. This site is so interesting, I just need in. Thanks!

I have come to despise the word mature, as anyone under the age of 14 seems to think if they add this word to their application, I will waive the age limit. Also, saying they know how to spell, then fucking up the word "I've"? Classic.

Age 18. Male. Ohio. I wish to create SPC pages and encourage other new users to express and improve their ideas as well. I really enjoy this site and would like to make contributions as well.

I just don't understand how you can make such a simple mistake as misspelling "SCP." It's all over the place, and even in the URL!

Hello I am 18 and live in southern california and male. My reason for joining is i think i would contribute many great things of "interest" (a.k.a. SCP's) as well as i love to write/ the idea is fun

I just love the quotations marks around interest, and the burning need to clarify what they mean.

I'm going to try re-apply again. I just want to share my ideas and try to improve other articles and improve the wiki overall. I'm sure that I can improve the wiki one way or another. Purple Rain.

The idea that you can read all the required reading, find the password, and yet somehow COMPLETELY MISS the application page?

My age is 17. My gender is male. My location is USA.Flordia.Deltona. I would like to join beacause why I would like to join, I would like more information so I can finish project's in this area.

Ah, our first app straddling the line of whether we're real or not. Also… really? I would like to join beacause why i would like to join? Padding, much?

I have encountered a few of your scps. I have also encountered a few anomalies that could qualify for researchable. Thank you for reading this. I hope you will consider tomlet me join.

And here we go. Sigh. We're not real. We're not a roleplay site. All of the guides point to this, but, again and again… well, I'm sure you'll see, the longer this page is up.

Hello, I am a 18 year old male that lives in South Dakota. My password is tucker. I want to join so I could contribute to writing, editing, and being part of the SCP community.

Here we see why I'm not giving out user names. So many people seem to feel that when I ask for a password, I'm asking for their account password. If I were a lesser man… or Troy… I would do horrible things to these people.

I intend on joing scp as i wish to contribute to the comiunity. I pride myself on my writing ability that i am using to write a short rpg maker game and i hope to bring this to SCP but mostly have fun

Again, I take a certain perverse humor out of people crowing about their writing ability, while displaying a clear lack of such.

Hello! As said in the following i shall make this short. I love short stories and making them and i have read all the guides to make sure. i hope i can join you all in this amazing site!

Sure you read them all. It's so obvious.

Age: 45 Gender: Male Location: Central Florida Reason For Joining: Interested in the Foundation's goals an purpose; equally interested in the locating and cataloging of these phenomena.

See, I just HATE these 'ooh, real stuff!' apps.

Umm…yeah. I just wanna join the site so I can make articles. I'm pretty enthusiastic about writing and got pretty good english grades. So can I get on the site now? Cheers.

If ya can't be bothered to read the site…

Reason for joining: I`m creative, have active mind. Talents: I have been working with Modlling clay sens I was 3 years old, Helping the site: clay can look realistic, like skin and ather stuf.

No words.

Hello SPC, I happened to stumble upon you through youtube actually. I enjoy writing fictitious works, and enjoy drawing, having fun, and getting hearty scare every once in a while. Thanks, —DarkCube

Do you really need to sign your (fake) name? 'Cause we don't see it attached to your posts, no.

i would love to be able to play the games ive read all 6 pages and am reddy to apply I saw this game on youtube and wanted to give it a try.

Because we're obviously the site for the video game, yup.

I just wanted to try out writing SCP's since i am curently in the works of a fan film [No worries it's non-profit]. It's Called SCP 3578 - "The program". I wanted to endorse it with an official page.

I love how people seem to think if they're making a project, they don't have to follow instructions.

To write. Photoshop. Website Moderating experience (3yearsof). Creativity. Some good ideas? I dunno we'll see when we get there. Purple Rain.

This app. Sense. It makes little.

I started reading these after watching an episode of the video game and loved them. I then wanted to join so i could try and create one of my own and strive to become a mod(if i even can)

No, you can't.

I'm 18 and loved the SCP website and the game, I have read almost every SCP file and would absolutely love to join. I'm good at managing and can write well articles with proper grammar. I DON'T ABUSE.

A perfectly good application… until that last, weird line.

16, male, Illinois. I want to join this site because the concept of the Foundation is awesome, I love creepy pasta, and I've been told I have a decent amount of writing prowess.

People bragging about writing prowess reminds me of guys bragging about sexual prowess. It's usually wrong.

Purple Rain Name: Araganor Gender: Male Location: Texas, USA Reasons for joining: I love this site, and wish to contribute my own SCPs in the future.

So close, and yet so far. Give me your 'name,' but not your age? Fail.

I have a character named Mark Stones who is the head of Area 14. I am going to make severall scps that will be original.

…I have a hard time believing your claims.

I really don't understand how to use wikidot, but can I join? If not, that's cool. No skin off my back. Just tell me the right way to apply.

There's a whole page for how to apply. See, it's on the left of your page, where it says 'Join the Site!'

Age: 17 Gender: Male Location: United States, West virginia Reason for joining: To help secure SCP's such as SCP-173 and SCP-008 from harming the human race and to better understsand them. Purple Rain

Insert snark here.

The whole reason I came to this site is because I learned about SCP through some of the games that are out right now. I visited this site and couldn't stop reading. Grammar Nazi in training am I.

I'm sorry, but I've never seen being ANY kind of Nazi as a good thing.

me a certain person who wants to join has some stuff i want to share. i am interest in joining because i have pretty much always been interested in monsters (obsessed) and i like trains

Because we are all about trains here at the SCP Foundation.

yes, i understood


Name: Epsilon Sigma Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Some where in Iowa Reason For Joining: I'd like to be able to vote stuff up/down and possibly post my own SCPs. Skills: I make stuff up. Yellow Snow

See, this looks like a good application! But, it SPECIFICALLY states on the app page, I don't need your name. So, why, oh god why, do so many people still put it in?


This beautiful app courtesy of the admin site.

hello, I would like to join this site because I have expressed interest in reading your articles, and I would enjoy contributing to this website. I have some ideas for SCP's that you may be fond of.

Not actually too bad, except this was some random person applying to the Admin site.

22, A Gay Sailor, Idaho. I do stuff. Time wasted, 9 seconds.

Time taken to deny: 1 second.

Hello I'm Dr. Ben W While I'm a good writer from schoo And I sure can write some good horror. So I came here and I especially like SCP 173 story that was pretty good too! I'm also a game maker myself

A combination of damn near all the bad stuff…and apped from the admin site.

im new to this site.


Hello. No need to know my name. it's already a name of a killer in belguim. I'm 15 and in australia. i want to join so you'd know i've seen things not even the abnormal have seen themsleves in life.

You know, they make a medication that will stop you from seeing those things.

I have read all 6 pages

Sure you have.

Yellow Snow

I…uh…wha? How do you even DO that?

I think you should let me join the foundation because I've read many of the SCPs and I have a few real world events that have happened to me that inspire me to write a SPC that will linger your mind.

Linger is such a horrible word.

Hello, I am Jaymez (yes my name IS spelled like that) and I am applying for a Nonmoderative Senior Staff. I love to write fictional work (god NO fanfics) and i love tothink about the science fiction.

Straight off the bat, huh?

I want to; Push Pregnant women down stairs, Put a cigarette in retarded child's eye… And fly a helicopter vertically through some carollers at christmas. Piss on some orphans while they sleep. JEWS

…wait… what? What the fuck? Seriously dude, what is WRONG with you?

Age:21 Gander: Male Location: Romania Reason: What's going on? Seriously. I want to solve this mystery and maybe create another. Yellow Snow

What fucking mystery?

hey guys! I'm a newbie haha :) i luv your sight big tiiiime!!1!! i realyy wanna be 1 of u gais! monstas yay! :) :) :) :D :D :D <3 xxxxxxx

… *Gun against head.* BLAM!


Can't reply. Dead.

An aspiring writer wanting to test his mettle. Good at making coherent sentences that have big words in them. Also, I'm officially licensed to hunt cryptids.

Oh, no, it's cool, I have an official 'Sex Ed Instructor' card in my wallet too, got it from a vending machine.

Age:16 Gender:Male Location:PA, USA Reason:Create SCPs '

Brief and denied.

I'm 14. I live in Illinois. I'm a male. I'm single ;). I have read the six pages and understand them. I've read almost a thousand SCPs. I really like the site and have some good ideas. P.S: Ponies

So, posting the one thing it specifically tells you not to post is a grand idea, ain't it?

You should let me join the site because I've read many of the SCPs and have experienced events in my life that will inspire me to write a SCP that will be memorable and good.

Somehow, I doubt it.

well, shoes on the table enjoy pink magnet rings so peppers can exterminate baby giraffes potato. i like SPCss. their nice like.

Purple monkey dishwasher, felt tables dance.

Age : 20 Gender : Male Location : Indonesia there is some Scp That actualy real for example Scp -105 SCP - 896 and Scp - 053 i got a lot of place in my country that full of unexplained.Please accept.

No, sorry.

Hello, my name is Evan i'm 9 years old. I live in Las Vegas, NV I am a male. The reason I want to join this site it's because I want to show everyone how creative I am and just let it shine. Evan

You are nine and what is this?

scp is cool and those creatures are epic and i want to know more so i want to join this Foundation and it well be nice if you say yes.


yellow snow my ass GAAAHHHDÄÄÄMMIDD

Why, oh why, do people think this is a good way to get accepted?

the reason i like to apply is that i like to write articals on the internet and i also like looking at the scp storys and i have a couple of good ideas to make into scp's

I have great Creativity and I Love Imagination and I'm very Intrested in Using it to Create SCPs. Because of this I think that I Might Offer alot to the Site with all the freash Ideas I come up with.

And I Think that you need To Take some more Writing Classes.

I'm the lord… a creepy lord. Relase the keter object or you'll be murdered… ALL.


dont really care about being accepted i would just like to know if all of these discoveries or "SPC" are real findings. or are they just creative ideas from site members. please message me if you can

Yup, sensitive documents show up on wikidot, all the time. Seriously, aren't the stories a tip off? or the ratings?

hello i will like to join you guys because im a big fan and i think it will be fun tell about all scp i see in real life

Just a note. If you see SCPs in real life, the next thing you see should be a doctor.

I SA A REAL SBC! it was [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] my nam is johny my usrname s thejiggybassman i rly lov ponies and creatuvness pls except my app to join the site pppplllllzzzzzzzzz btw i rly li-

Troll, in the applications. Thought you should know.

The resin I whont to be a member is to help and find out stuf I did not know and I think this cold help. 2 it has been a live long thang for my.3 I love ghost and arecibes scp sine I was4 all my live

Dr. Bright cannot be reached for comment, as he no longer lives on this Planet.

Don't worry kids, they'll just get worse as this list grows.

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