Bigfoot's Eulogy
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In Remembrance of Those Lost

The Kings of Old have been reclaimed.
Our cities ruined, people maimed.
Now thrust into a world of hate,
Our cherished lives are ripped from fate.

The faerie race is brimmed with woe,
All 'round a fear and sorrow grows.
So while we both are flesh and bone
The faeries loathe all things unknown.

A single day, a single night
Was all it took to bring the Blight.
The Crimson God gave faeries tools
And turned the pure into the cruel.

Marching, marching single file
Faeries came with faces vile.
Shrieking with demonic cries,
The fabled faeries turned the tide.

The sky itself was cracked and shattered.
Clouds of blood fell down and splattered.
Scarlet blooms came down in showers.
Dusk of Death, and Day of Flowers.

Faeries came, and demons went.
And through their work our lives were spent.
They threw us through a rift in time,
And seared our thought with light sublime.

Tumbling through that wretched place,
All minds and souls would be defaced.
And while they burned us with our craft,
The demons leered at us and laughed.

The Moon would rise a brilliant red,
And Night would weep for all our dead.
A lone cry broke the silent lock,
And demons then would fall to Shock.

So one by one they were consumed
As grief, regret, and madness loomed.
The demons took our final gun
And with it made their memories numb.

Time went by and demons settled,
Switched the flesh with smoke and metal.
The Reign of Men would now be birthed.
As roles of kings and myths reversed.

The humans have since long forgot,
So now we'll see the humans rot.
And while they laugh, and while they gloat,
We'll wield the Knife and slit their Throat.

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