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Event #: EE-00059

Due to the nature of EE-00059, designation as a proper SCP is unnecessary. Knowledge of the existence of EE-00059 is largely credited as non-anomalous and therefore no containment measures are required at this point. Any transmissions or activity arising from EE-00059's vicinity are to be reported and purged of all public knowledge if possible.

Event Description: Extranormal Event 00059 was observed on January 4th, 2006, in a region of space roughly 1.6 million light years from Earth.1 It was detected via the NASA Deep Space Network satellite system over a period of three hours.

EE-00059-1 are a series of low-frequency transmissions that originated from the direction of EE-00059 during the event. Due to the range and speed of radio waves it is likely that anomalous broadcasting equipment may have been used to transmit the messages (See EE-00059-1 Transcript Logs for more information.)

EE-00059-2 is an emergent Class-E "Momentary Lapse of Reason" Wormhole (S-CSMWAUC2-T).2 EE-00059-2 was observed for approximately 102 seconds during transmission EE-00059-1-3, exhibiting properties of both wormholes and white holes, emitting matter and light but otherwise resisting the flow of materials that would occur naturally on Earth. This caused the anomaly to be several orders of magnitude more visible than it would be otherwise. Upon closer observation, EE-00059-2 appeared to display no apparent effect on the gravity surrounding its location. This is more consistent with Ellis Wormholes, which are fully-transferable points between non-flat three dimensional regions of spacetime.

This paradoxical behavior implies that EE-00059-2 was created in a manner not possible within our own reality and the region warrants further Foundation investigation.

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The Altruist-9 Probe located in the Site-88 Aerospace hangar.

On May 18th, 2027, the Foundation proposed the construction of the Altruist-9 deep space probe in order to observe the status of the location of EE-00059, which was approved by a majority vote of the O5 council.

In order to reach the location within a reasonable amount of time, the Altruist-9 was constructed with a faster-than-light (FTL) drive and high efficiency solar sails. However, due to the sensitivity and unpredictability of the exotic matter inside the probe, its FTL drive will not be used at full capacity. Thus, the Altruist-9 is scheduled to complete its journey in the year ████.

In the event of the reemergence of EE-00059-2, the Altruist-9's inner core, containing a small solar-powered drone and atmospheric measuring equipment, is kept encased in an exotic polypeptide oligomer weave derived from the wreckage of [REDACTED, SEE BELOW]. This matter is suspected to survive traversal through EE-00059-2. The Altruist-9 was launched on Jan 8th, 2038.


On February 26th, ████, the date of the Altruist-9's arrival into EE-00059's location, initial readings were recorded and proven to be non-anomalous. However, shortly afterward, activity from the region was detected. EE-00059-2 appeared to reopen, adjacent to the probe, which was piloted inside. The anomaly then closed after 102 seconds.

Due to the atypical and intense nature of white holes, the Altruist-9 is likely to not be recovered from contact with EE-00059-2. However, functional capabilities of the probe's inner core are assumed to have survived traversal and continues to make observations on EE-00059-2's opposite side until contact is reestablished on an unspecified date.

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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Netzach

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-001 is the designation for the planetary body known as Earth. Given that SCP-001 has existed for the entirety of the human race, the anomalous improbability of Earth's nature as compared to all other planets in the observable universe investigated by the Foundation Deep Space Program is widely regarded as "normal" by the public eye.

SCP-001-E1 is the designation for the wreckage of a spacecraft recovered during an archeological expedition in the Atacama Desert in the Antofagasta Region of Chile in 1956, which appeared to have been converted into makeshift living space. The remains of the ship were comprised of a highly durable exotic alloy of unknown composition and dating of the material yields inconsistent results. Despite this, recovered materials suggest the vessel was several million years old.

Remnants of effects such as clothing, electronics and furniture have been recovered as well, all possessing anomalous materials that resisted normal wear to varying degrees. The full size of the vessel is unknown but is considered to be large enough to contain a moderate population of humans, the remains of which decomposed naturally, aside from POI-001, who was recovered from within SCP-001-E2.

SCP-001-E2 is a set of 32 36 highly advanced cryogenic stasis pods that were discovered among the wreckage in a partially powered 'hibernation' mode when SCP-001-E2 was excavated. Of all the pods discovered, only one was still functional and contained [REDACTED PER REQUEST OF THE ADMINISTRATOR], whose tenets would go on to establish the Foundation's presence on Earth.


Wreckage being transported off the west coast of Chile, c. 1957.

Among the rubble were several data storage devices that were completely destroyed, thus the only recoverable piece of information is a 1cm x 1cm fragment of a disk of anomalous makeup. The material was found to be a highly compressed form of multilayered information medium, presented as a set of thin layers of vertically stacked sets of data. The documents recovered from the interpreted data can be found below, translated from their original language, which was a set of Class I cognitohazardous glyphs that caused 100% comprehension of the material despite previously known languages and reading level. Analysis of the language is ongoing.

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