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Subject's dog.

Name: ███ ███ ███

Security Clearance: [REDACTED]

Location: Site-48, Site-56

Description: Subject is a proud graduate of Brighton High School in Positano, California. Subject frequents convenience stores on a daily basis. It is of note that this individual prefers Site-48, and only visits Site-56 as a requirement of his employment.

Subject claims to be an expert regarding trombones and euphoniums, but this has not been confirmed.

Documents: The following is a complete list of all documents written by this subject.


A Piece of Him is Still Around

"My dad liked to keep secrets, especially around my mom…"


Audition Interference

No more warnings will be given.


SUV Sales Pitch

Only 97,223 miles!


Thalbrum Vehicle Security System

We have a lot of work to do and a lot of money to make.

Testimonials: The following is a complete list of all testimonials regarding the subject.

I don't know him very well, so I really can't say anything about him.

-Dr. Victoria Vomac

Oh, him? Honestly, the less you know, the better.

-Dr. Franklin Ficarra

Back when I used to work at Site-48, he was known as "that guy", you know? He didn't do much, but when he did anything, he did it right the first time.

-Dr. Bradson Boudames

Guy's not good at decisions. I saw him look at my SUV, and I offered to sell it to him. He said that he would think about it, so I was surprised when I saw him drive up in this economy sedan a few days later. He bragged to me about how cheap he got his Hyundai Excel, when he could've bought my Explorer for two-thirds of the price! Some people just don't know how to decide for themselves.

-Dr. Gary Gleason

I don't know what he does here. I've never seen his credentials, but he seems to have a high enough clearance to access anything in Site-56. He can't be the Site Director, that's Palermo, but he can't be a janitor, either.

-Researcher Sharon Sheffield

He sleeps at his desk all day. I've never seen him do any sort of work around here. I think he hires a D-Class to do his paperwork for him. We may not deal with the most dangerous anomalies around here, but his work "ethic" is still unprofessional.

-Researcher Terrance Tsai

To ███ ███,

Your audition is complete.

Please do not come again. Please. We beg you.

- Keep Brighton Functioning Committee

I love when he's around! Every day he comes by, he puts Researcher Donahue in his place, which is hard to do, cause Donahue is an irresponsible party animal. I know that this level of unprofessionalism is frowned upon these days, but ███'s still good at breaking the ice.

-Agent Caesar Spago


-Agent Gregory Glines

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