Calibri Bold's Mega Cool Office
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You approach the door and read the two signs on it. The first is a plaque; not terribly large or ostentatious, but noticeable.

Office of Dr. C. Bold

Scientific Department

Decommissioning Department

Beneath the plaque is a sheet of paper, taped to the door:

Hey there! I'm not here right now, but if you need to drop off something, or you need anything in my office, just walk right in! Oh, and feel free to take some candy corn!

You shrug your shoulders and walk in. You only need to drop off a proposal, and you won't need to stay long.

The office is large, and you might even say grand, if it isn't for the fact that the it's totally cluttered. The desk at the far end of the room is covered in papers, and the only other space is reserved for a hefty computer setup, a game of Monopoly, a small bust of what appears to be Morgan Freeman, and a stuffed frog.

The space around the desk is less messy, but still a bit of a hodgepodge. A couple of filing cabinets flanks the it, and an immense bulletin board, as covered as the desk, hangs on the wall to your right. A chair rests in the center of the room.

The walls of the rest of the office seem to be where its grandeur lies. Bookshelves stretch to the far end of the room, where a floor-to-ceiling window lets the sun illuminate the space. Behind the desk is a massive portrait, presumedly of Dr. Bold himself.

You set the paper on the desk. It doesn't seem to matter where, and if Dr. Bold wanted his papers somewhere specific, he would have either told someone who would have told you, or he would have made his desk look nicer.

As you turn to leave, you notice something else on the desk: a large bowl of candy corn. You remember the invitation on the door and decide to take one.

It's good; you feel like having another.

You turn to leave.

"Not even going to say hello?"

You stop in your tracks. You swear you just heard Morgan Freeman ask you to greet him.

You turn to the most obvious source of the sound - the bust - and shout, "Hello?"

"Look to your right," said the voice.

You turn to your right; you're staring at the bookshelf now.

"Not that far right."

You slowly start turning left, until you hear Morgan Freeman say "Stop right there." You can tell the voice is coming from somewhere near the desk, at least.

"Now tilt your head just a little bit downwards."

You lower your head slowly until your eyes rest on the stuffed frog. "Attaboy," says the voice, now obviously originating from the frog.


What a strange toy, a frog with such buttery tones.

"Um… hello," you say nervously.

"Well?" the frog asks. His Morgan Freeman voice sounds a little impatient, but the toy itself (well, himself, you guess) hasn't budged at all since you entered the room. It didn't even have a mouth to open. The voice just emanated. After you remain silent, the frog continues, "I mean, you could have a seat. Introduce yourself."

You hesitate a moment, then pull up a chair and sit down. "Um… nice to meet you."

"A pleasure to meet you as well," says the frog, "My name is Floppy."

You can see where he got the name. Instead of being plumped and full to bursting, like most stuffed animals, Floppy looked a little saggy.

"You can take a look around, if you'd like," says Floppy, "Cal won't mind, he loves it when people check out the stuff he's done."

You have a break right now, and the office looks interesting, but you're hesitant. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, he loves to show off a bit. Even the unlocked files are open to visitors. Go on."

You stand up and take a look around. There are a lot of interesting-looking things to explore in here, the only question is where to start.

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