Caterer Tim "Tanhony" Hyne's Personnel File

Caterer Hyne preparing a 'Data Ex-Sponge Cake'.

Name: Caterer Tim "Tanhony" Hyne

Occupation: Preparation of consumables.

Location: Caterer Hyne is currently located at the food preparation area at Site ██.

History: Timothy A. Hyne graduated from Oxford University with degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy. Inexplicably, he then decided to become a chef. Caterer Hyne was the head chef at the [DATA EXPUNGED], Paris for seven years before the restaurant was destroyed during a containment breach of SCP-███.
He then became a cook at the '██████ Spoon' diner in Florida for two years until it was evacuated after becoming host to SCP-███.
Caterer Hyne remained homeless for two years until he encountered SCP-███. At this point, [DATA EXPUNGED] despite his grievous injuries, was brought onto Site ██ staff.
Over the next three years, he made a healthy recovery.

Caterer Hyne has provided food for those working with these SCP's:

SCP-670 - Family of Cotton
SCP-737 - Hungry Train
SCP-753 - Automatic Artist
SCP-777 - Kingdom of Sand
SCP-779 - Brownies
SCP-844 - Crybaby
SCP-846 - Robo-Dude
SCP-849 - A Perfect Day
SCP-855 - The Film Hall
SCP-857 - Human-Based Ecosystem
SCP-862 - Rats
SCP-863 - Patchwork Crabs
SCP-870 - The Maybe There Monsters
SCP-872 - The Tattered Farmer
SCP-875 - War Criminals
SCP-918 - Baby Mill
SCP-927 - Contagious House
SCP-929 - The Cuckoo
SCP-949 - Wondertainment Land
SCP-958 - General-Beep (since amended by Agent D. Navarro)
SCP-993 - Bobble the Clown
SCP-1002 - Demisers
SCP-1018 - The Thirst
SCP-1151 - A Handy Marker
SCP-1154 - Conceptual Dragon
SCP-1279 - People Dogs
SCP-1312 - Site 41
SCP-1319 - The Split-Up
SCP-1437 - A Hole to Another Place
SCP-1592 - Paradise Television
SCP-1593 - The Dragging Finger
SCP-1603 - The Murder of █████ ███████
SCP-1607 - Culture Generator
SCP-1891 - Constructeur
SCP-1944 - Ascension Burger
SCP-2384 - The Biggest Duck of All
SCP-2391 - Bimmy Plays
SCP-2452 - A Collection Of Photographs
SCP-2536 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving
SCP-2874 - Don-Burten Explosive Dev13e

Caterer Hyne has found these documents under the ovens in the food preparation area:

Caterer Hyne's Recipes:

Saturday Surprise

  • Twenty-seven (27) red apples, fifteen (15) of which must be bruised
  • One (1) green apple, no bruising
  • Two (2) slices of pepperoni pizza
  • Excretions from SCP-███ 'The Secret Ingredient'

Data Ex-Sponge Cake

  • One (1) sponge cake
  • One (1) marker pen
  • Write the words 'data expunged' onto the sponge cake.

Tele-Kill Takeaway

  • One (1) sheet of metal painted blue
  • Two (2) tomatoes
  • One (1) carrot
  • Three (3) eggs


  • Whatever's left from the Saturday Surprise
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