Chat Guide

This guide outlines the SCP Foundation IRC chatrooms, and the rules and expectations therein. All of our chatrooms are IRC channels in the SynIRC irc network. If you don't know what anything I just said means, you can find some help here:

For further information: Google is a lovely and welcoming friend.

For the purposes of this guide, we'll be focusing only on #Site19, General Chat. The other IRC channels have their own rules and administration, talk with an operator there if you have any questions.

Introduction to #Site19

#site19 is open to all: you don't have to be a site member to join. It's a great place to talk about SCPs, get advice about your article, and the like. It's an even better place to socialize with members of the site from around the world, including some of our oldest and most involved members. The chat, like the wiki, has a variety of rules that you will be expected to follow. Claiming ignorance of a rule is never a proper defense, so read these rules and take them to heart.



You must have a registered nick to join #Site19. For those unfamiliar with registering a nick, here's how to do it:

Type the following: /msg NickServ register [password] [email]

Substitute the stuff in brackets with your desired password and email. (And remember to not leave in the brackets!) Once this is done, you should get a confirmation email. Follow the directions in the email. Once that's all taken care of, to identify, you simply type "/msg nickserv identify [password]" without the quotes. Alternatively, "/ns identify [password]" works as well on some clients. (Again, no brackets.)

Congratulations, you have now registered and identified and can join the channel. Some chat clients can ID automatically once you've registered. It is highly recommended that if you don't ID automatically, you don't type out the command in a public channel. If you screw up and, say, forget the / or type a space in front of it, you just announced your password to everyone. In addition, you'll want to type "/ns set secure on" once you get in the channel, so nobody else can use your nick when you aren't around.


Here are some common free IRC clients:

Instructions for mIRC

  1. Set up mIRC for your computer.
  2. Copy paste this (without quotations) "irc://" into your browser and hit enter.
  3. Type "/join #site19"

Instructions for Chatzilla

  1. Set up Chatzilla for your computer.
  2. Copy this into the text bar: /attach (or just click here: irc://
  3. Type /join #site19

If you still want to use a brower based client:

Instructions For Mibbit

  1. Go to
  2. Select "SynIRC webirc" from the drop down menu.
  3. Pick an appropriate handle and click "Connect"
  4. Identify your nick as listed above, then type "/join #site19" and press enter.
  5. Enjoy your pie.

Instructions For XChat

  1. Set up XChat for your computer.
  2. Go to the Network List and set your name.
  3. Click the "Add" button in that window and give "New Network" a name.
  4. With that network highlighted, click "Edit…" and in that new window rename where it says newserver/6667 to
  5. Close this window and click "Connect" in the previous window.
  6. After you are connected to synirc, in the area next to your name type /msg NickServ register [your password here] [your email here]
  7. Go to your email and follow those instructions to confirm your registration.
  8. Now that you are registered, type /join #site19
  9. Yippee! You're done!

To get to the other rules for #site19, click on the other tabs. Read all of them. Not skim, read.

Got all that? Awesome, go read it again.

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