Chat Guide

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Welcome to the SCP Foundation Chat Guide!

This guide outlines what is and isn't allowed in chat, what to expect, and some basic instructions on joining.

All of our chatrooms are IRC channels on the SynIRC IRC network. If you don't know anything about IRC, this link (click!) is a good place to start.

This guide covers #Site19, the general chat channel for the SCP Foundation. For #Site17, the Help channel, click here.

Dog Fact: You are not alone.

Introduction to #Site19

#Site19 is the general chat channel for the SCP Foundation.

  • Talking about SCPs.
  • Getting advice about your article draft.
  • Socializing with members of the site from around the world, including site veterans and other new members.
  • Shenanigans.

Chat is open to anyone. You don't have to be a site member to join.

To join our chat, you must read and understand our rules and guidelines. To find these, go to the tab titled, "Guidelines".

If, after reading this guide, you have more questions, please feel free to ask chat operators for assistance.

Remember, to join chat, you must have read and understood the guide!

Type /nick to change your Nick name, /help, /cs help, /ns help, or /ms help for available commands.

Please do not use a name that has "SCP" or "D-" or "O5" in it, or that is actually the name of a popular character or person.

By joining this chat, you agree that you are 15 years of age or older, and that you can act like an adult.

Our channel currently does require you to undergo REGISTRATION for your nick, and it makes sure other people can't use your nick. To register, type this, in the place where you type things to chat:

/msg nickserv Register YourPassword Your@Email

  • Type the above on its own line by itself.
  • Make sure you don't have a space in front of "/msg".
  • Replace YourPassword and YourEmail with… your password and email.

Once you follow the instructions that appear (you'll need to confirm your email), you can type this:

/msg nickserv Identify YourPassword

Then type this:

/join #site19

…and that should let you into #site19. If you are having problems with your password and need to reset it, type this:

/msg nickserv sendpass name

You can then reset your password and re-identify.

If you have further problems, please go to this link to ask for help.

If this app does not connect you to #site19, click here to ask why. (Link goes to the help channel, #Site17, which should always be open.)

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