CirclesAndSquares Author Page

Internal Investigations Employee Dossier


Dr. Randall Bessette displaying inappropriate emotions during Incident SCP-███-3a

Name: Randall Bessette
Position: Researcher
Security Clearance: Level 4
Employee Number: 381-0127-41336
SCP Database Designation: CirclesAndSquares
Post: Site 2289

Projects: SCP-1404, SCP-2119, SCP-2509, SCP-2646
Additional Files: Cakework, His Name, Excitement

Investigation Notes: Dr. Randall Bessette has come under investigation for questionable emotional responses to various recent events. Colleagues have noted that Bessette has expressed elation, glee, and excitement when made aware of a developing emergency situation. Coworkers report inappropriate grinning, laughter, and hand clapping during recent containment breaches, Site incursions, and at the destruction of D-Class personnel during testing. While pleasure in one's work is encouraged by the Foundation, Bessette's attitudes are possibly symptomatic of post-traumatic stress, a sociopathic nature, or a hostility towards the Foundation and its mission.

Official response is pending a full psychological evaluation.

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