Cliché-Con 2019

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The SCP Foundation Cliché Contest

Come one, come all, and get your common pitfalls ready!

The Cliché Contest is here! What does that mean?

Create an article (tale, SCP, or otherwise) that contains at least one (1) of the common clichés associated with the SCP-universe.

This contest is meant to be a challenge - there is a reason that clichés are common pitfalls. However, we want to see you take these clichés and make them good, make them work. We're going to have a forum thread right here for users to suggest common clichés and pitfalls, and 10 will be chosen on December 21, 2018, before the posting period begins. Some good cliché ideas can be found here, here, and here.

There will be 3 categories for this contest:

  • Category 1 - Article features a cliché anomaly.
  • Category 2 - Article features a cliché story element.
  • Category 3 - Article features both a cliché anomaly and story element.

5 Chosen Anomaly Clichés:

  • Compulsion effect that makes you do bad things/kills you.1
  • Spooky scary murder monster(s)!2
  • An anomaly so helpful/harmless, the Foundation lets it roam the Site and has minimal containment procedures. Being helpful/harmless is optional.3
  • A doorway of any shape to a different dimension/timeline/world.4
  • An item that is very good at doing the thing its supposed to do — too good, in fact.5

5 Chosen Story Element Clichés:

  • A highly skilled Mobile Task Force gets steamrolled.6
  • An interview in which the anomaly is overly cryptic, followed by the interviewer suffering.7
  • (GoI/PoI here) gets one over the Foundation, making them look like fools in the process.8
  • Termination attempts.9
  • D-Class = Disposable Class10

Contest Rules:

1) Your article must contain at least11 one (1) of the chosen clichés. It must be featured prominently in the article.

2) Entries are subject to the usual deletion process.

3) Minor edits are allowed - grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. Try not to change the article fundamentally.

4) Your article must maintain at least a +20 rating by the end to be considered for the prize. If none maintain this rating, none win. This is a challenge - put your best effort in!

5) Articles must be new - please write something new and original for this contest, don't take already in-progress drafts and finish them. We want everyone to start on an even playing field.

6) Once you post your article, please make an author post stating what cliché(s) you utilized.

7) Posting will begin on January 1, 2019 and end on January 31, 2019, and the winners will be announced on February 15, 2019.

8) You are limited to one (1) entry for the contest.

9) You are allowed to collaborate on your entries. Collaborative parties can’t contain more than 3 people, and any collaborative entry counts as the only entry eligible for all participants. Please pm either taylor_itkintaylor_itkin or Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini with a link to your collab entries and the usernames of your co-authors.

10) Tag your entries with "cliche2019" once you post!

Winning entries will be featured on the front page!

No article will be eligible to win more than one category.

Cliché-Con 2019 Entries



Title Author
SCP-4975 Scented_Shadow
SCP-4073 ghosthorses
SCP-4699 Tufto
SCP-4636 440 Hertz
SCP-4616 DrChandra
SCP-4650 ShoesMafia
SCP-4403 LifeBot
SCP-4750 WrongJohnSilver
SCP-4205 Woedenaz
SCP-4266 gishface
SCP-4441 H0dari
Foundation Internal Examinations Division, Casefile YYKP-OYZZ Jack Ike
SCP-4955 DolphinSlugchugger
SCP-4063 ViaNegativa
SCP-1322-J DrLycus
SCP-3634 Ihp
SCP-3631 Attila the Pun
SCP-3597 aismallard
Fifthdation Elogee FishTruck
SCP-4434 Cyantreuse
SCP-4719 ThatTrafficCone
Cheers, Kiddo! Decibelles
SCP-4801 KindlyTurtleClem
SCP-4104 KrySalems


Title Authors
SCP-4450 Dr Aers, Gabriel Jade
SCP-4511 DrAnnoyingDog, Rounderhouse
SCP-4479 Captain Kirby, Weryllium
SCP-4480 Roget, not_a_seagull
SCP-4310 A Random Day, The Great Hippo

Questions? Concerns? Sandwiches you made to bribe the hosts?
Contact the contest hosts, taylor_itkintaylor_itkin and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini via wikidot pm or IRC!

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