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This is a template page used internally by the SCP Wiki.



[{$previous-url} {$previous-title}]

[{$hub-url} {$hub-title}]


[{$next-url} {$next-title}]

[[iftags +template]]

What this is

A bunch of miscellaneous CSS improvements. "Improvements" is subjective. I do not care.

If you're not me, which you're not (I think), then you definitely shouldn't use this component because it may break, disappear, or change in a way that you don't like at any time; and I promise you that if I want to add something to this I will without asking your permission or checking whether or not it breaks your article. There's a reason this isn't on the main wiki. But other than that go wild.


[[include :topia:cqb:css]]

Using this on a page tagged 'template'? You'll need to manually stop all these usage instructions from appearing:

[[div style="display: none;"]]
[[include :topia:cqb:css]]


Reasonably-sized footnotes

Stops footnotes from being a million miles wide, so that you can actually read them.

.hovertip { max-width: 400px; }

I'd add a demonstration, but I've included this component to a bunch of other template pages and it messes them up. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

Monospace edit/code

Makes the edit textbox monospace, and also changes all monospace text to Fira Code, the obviously superior monospace font.

    font-family: 'Fira Code';
    src: url('') format('embedded-opentype'),
    url('') format('woff2'),
    url('') format('woff'),
    url('') format('truetype');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;
#edit-page-textarea, .code pre, .code p, .code, tt, .page-source { font-family: "Fira Code",Cousine,monospace; }
.code pre *, { white-space: pre; }

Fuck off bigfaces

Stops big pictures from appearing when you hover over someone's avatar image, because they're stupid and I hate them.

.avatar-hover { display: none !important; }

Breaky breaky

Break links if I want them to

.nobreak { word-break: break-all; }


What this is

A visually improved navigator for any series of articles.

Created by CroquemboucheCroquembouche for the purposes of the 2018 Doomsday contest, though of course anyone is free to use it.


On any wiki:

[[include :scp-wiki:component:earthworm
| first=false | last=false | hub=yes
| previous-url=URL_OF_PREVIOUS | previous-title=TITLE OF PREVIOUS
| next-url=URL_OF_NEXT | next-title=TITLE OF NEXT
| hub-url=URL_OF_HUB | hub-title=TITLE OF HUB

Don't remove any of the pipe symbols! (|)

You should have 3 articles that you need to link to:

  1. The previous article in the series.
  2. The next article in the series.
  3. The hub page for the series.

Previous article

Replace URL_OF_PREVIOUS with the URL for the previous page in the series. For example, or /scp-001.
Replace TITLE OF PREVIOUS with the name of the previous page.

If the current page is the first page in the series, then there is no previous page. Leave both of the above fields blank by setting them to / (e.g. previous-url=/), and set first to true.

Next article

Replace URL_OF_NEXT with the URL for the next page in the series. For example, or /scp-003.
Replace TITLE OF NEXT with the name of that page.

If the current page is the last page in the series, then there is no next page. Leave both of the above fields blank by setting them to / (e.g. next-url=/), and set last to true.

Hub page

Replace URL_OF_HUB with the URL for the series' hub page. For example, or /scp-series.
Replace TITLE OF HUB with the name of that page.

If your series does not currently have a hub page, then set the parameter named hub to no. Replace TITLE OF HUB with whatever you want your series to be called, and set hub-url to /. If you make a hub page later, just change hub to yes and fill in the URL.

To see what other pages use Earthworm, head to the bottom of the this page, open "+ Options" and then "Backlinks".

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License