Carporate Sabotage (S-14919)
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(EST. 1835)

Southeastern Ohio Manufacturing Center1
April 22nd, 2017
  • Unknown Saboteurs
  • Worker Walter Pesek2
  • Worker Henrik Darby3
  • Security Officer Dianne Ainsworth4
  • Security Officer Erika Payne5
  • Factory Customers in Southeastern Ohio
  • Factory Stockholders
Pipe had been inaccessible for some time due to heightened activity of invasive Asian carp species.
Unknown saboteurs blocked an important drainage pipe, causing setbacks in the form of monetary and efficiency loss due to damage. This was not immediately apparent due to the agitated state of an invasive species that has colonized the drainage area in the Ohio River Basin. By the time proper assessment took place, the pipe had become irreparably damaged, and needed to be completely shut off for repairs. This resulted in monetary loss as orders were unable to be wholly filled during repairs.
An unknown number of saboteurs accessed the primary wastewater piping in the middle of the night and blocked it using a combination of mud, rebar, and water plants.
Actor Action Factory Response
As a result of the sabotage, piping efficiency fell to below expected parameters. Worker Walter Pesek was sent to inspect the piping and determine the cause of efficiency loss.

Invasive Asian carp were swarming near the pipe, and their leaping interfered with Worker Walter Pesek's ability to perform a proper inspection.6

Worker Walter Pesek was unable to inspect the pipe for the cause of efficiency reduction, and retreated after sustaining critical damage to the head and hands.
Worker Henrik Darby was sent to inspect the piping after being furnished with safety accommodations in light of the agitated wildlife.
The invasive wildlife continued to be agitated. After being repelled by the safety accommodations, the wildlife ceased their activities. After a few moments, the wildlife became further agitated, and proceeded to leap again, this time with sharp objects attached to their bodies by way of a native water weed. Due to the inappropriate usage of safety accommodations, Worker Henrik Darby was severely damaged, and unable to properly assess the piping.78
After being repaired, Worker Walter Pesek was sent back to the pipe to assess the damage. Security Officer Dianne Ainsworth and Security Officer Erika Payne accompanied Worker Walter Pesek to prevent further damage.
The wildlife immediately began leaping as soon as Worker Walter Pesek entered the vicinity. All leaping carp sported a mixture of mud, water weed, and assorted sharp or sharpened objects. Upon arrival at the pipe, Security Officer Erika Payne opened fire on the carp. Leaping immediately ceased, and Worker Walter Pesek was able to perform an appropriate inspection of the pipe. The blockage was unremovable in Worker Walter Pesek's unaccommodated state. However, this was irrelevant due to severe corrosion and water damage in the piping. Worker Walter Pesek confirmed that the piping would need to be shut off and repaired as soon as possible to minimize the chances of a burst. The Factory agreed, and committed the nearest worker to the repair process.
Before Worker Walter Pesek could finish merging with the pipe, the wildlife resumed their activity. An unusually colored invasive Asian carp attacked Security Officer Erika Payne with a harpoon. The resulting damage was prevented from negatively impacting Security Officer Erika Payne's employment by The Factory's intervention. However, The Factory could not prevent Security Officer Erika Payne from falling into the water.910 Security Officer Dianne Ainsworth attempted to prevent the agitated wildlife from interfering with repairs. However, after multiple carp with attached arrows struck her, she too fell into the water.11 Despite equipped safety and peacekeeping equipment,12 Security Officer Dianne Ainsworth and Security Officer Erika Payne sustained severe damage from the attacking carp once in the water. Worker Walter Pesek could not complete repairs before being critically interfered with by agitated carp.13
Due to the current difficulty in repairing the damaged piping, it has been deemed most monetarily efficient to reroute the wastewater piping to a new area. The Factory is currently working with the Ohio State Government to ensure that the new piping is most satisfactory and efficient to all members of the company, and also updated with the most recent anti-saboteur technology.
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