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The D doesn’t stand for Disposable…

…but it might as well. The general consensus is that D-Class are a plot device. They're a part of the site that is rarely looked at too deeply. While some D-class canon does exist, there is always room for more expansion. Readers know practically nothing about these key cogs in the Foundation machine.

Entries should be either tales (in any format) or SCP documents.

The Contest

The goal is to shed some light on the D-Class. You may be interested in discussing the origins of the classification, the everyday lives of personnel who are assigned to it, or the attitudes towards them held by the rest of the Foundation. There is an endless wealth of possible perspectives and concepts to explore.

You will produce a Tale or an SCP article involving your interpretation of D-Class personnel as the focus. GoI pages are inappropriate in this contest. Your submission must examine some part of D-Class mythos and their place in the Foundation universe. Do everything you can to show what their lives are like. You may enter this contest as many times as you want with as many entries as you want. However, you many only be declared a winner once, regardless of your overall success.

To be completely clear, there will be separate winners for the Tale and SCP categories.

You are strongly encouraged to avoid current Class-D cliches (such as the 'death row recruitment' cliche or 'monthly termination' cliche). New inventions, thoughts, and ideas concerning how this 'system' works are rewarded.


A Tale may involve:

  • D-Class interaction with one or more SCP objects.
  • Meaningful interaction of D-Class Personnel with other Foundation characters.1
  • The origin/recruitment of D-Class personnel.

If you do choose to write a tale series, only the top rated submission will be put against others in the standings.

SCPs Articles

An SCP Article should involve:

  • A narrative in which D-Class personnel have a serious, important role integral to the function, explanation, exploration, or story of the object. (For example, the experiment log for SCP-318, the implications found in SCP-479, or incident log for SCP-555).2

If you write a multi-part SCP Article (with additional logs, reports, etc.), only the top rated submission will be put against others in the standings.


  1. Authors may post any number of entries.
  2. Entries can be as long or as short as you want, stretching over multiple articles or centered on a single page.
  3. Contest judges reserve the right to deem whether an SCP article is D-Class centric enough to be properly counted for this contest. If there's a serious reason to doubt that it is, it probably isn't. Make things D-Class oriented.
  4. No significant edits after the entry has been posted. If you wouldn't do it to someone else's work, don't do it to your own until the contest ends.
  5. Contest entries will go through the normal deletion process. As there is no limit on the number of entries you may post, you may always reenter. However, you may not repost a new version of a previously deleted entry in the contest. You can always submit these documents to the site again, but they cannot reenter the contest.
    • Reposting Exception: You may appeal to a judge if you approach the same concept of a previously deleted entry in a different way (by changing format, incorporating new content and rewriting the old to the extent that it has entirely been altered, etc). Judges will determine if the change is significant enough and reserve the right to deny entry to any writing they feel violated this rule. This is not an invitation to post mediocre entries then rewrite, and attempts to do so will be disqualified.3
  6. Entries must be new. You cannot edit or suggest an existing document for this contest.
  7. Entries are closed. Good luck! may be submitted 12:01 AM EST (just past midnight, or 00:01) on Sunday September 18th, and submissions will be open until 11:59 PM EST on Monday September 26th. Submissions may not be submitted before or after these times and dates.
  8. Tag your entries with 'd-con2016'.

Winners will be announced at midnight bridging Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st. Winners will be chosen through total upvotes. At the conclusion of the contest, a post will be made by the judges announcing both winners and calling attention to the entries the judges felt have earned some special recognition for especially well executed theme, narrative, character development, or other element.

The current judges for this contest are Decibelle and Dexanote. Please forward any question to the judges via Wikidot PM or IRC.

FAQ Questions

  • "What about co-authoring?"

Co-authoring is alright, though this was intended as a solo contest; please think of it as such. No groups of 3+, no exceptions.

  • "What about alternate canons?"

Tales set in alternate canons (For example, Broken Masquerade) are allowable, but should still focus on D-Class as that's the theme of the contest. If you set a Tale in an alternate canon, make a line at the top of the story clearly stating that "This tale is set in [X Canon]." and tag it properly.

  • "What about [insert format screw]?"

You're welcome to create and submit format screws like songs, games, text adventures, videos, or whatever else to be judged, but we cannot guarantee they'll necessarily 'place'. This is not a format-screw focused contest, nor is it a medium-based contest. It is a narrative-focused contest.

EDIT: Non-SCP format screws should be tagged somehow as "tale", whether they're a Tale or something else.

  • "Are -Joke SCPs eligi-"

Yes you can make Joke SCP entries, so long as they fulfill contest requirements.

Dexanote reserves the ability to judge whether a piece can be counted for the contest. Please PM him directly with any questions you have.

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