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The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?

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User: darkgreenydarkgreeny but you can call me greeny

Membership history: Joined the site some time in late December, 2014, but was already aware of the wiki as far as 2012. Started actual writing in mid June, 2017. yeah i procrastinated for almost two three years

Activity: Randomly fluctuating, otherwise active daily every once in a week month while.

Additional Information

Native Language: [REDACTED] it's not English, obviously

About me: Born on April 16, 1997. Eldest sibling. Studying the course BS in Computer Science. Physically and mentally uninteresting. One of those people who likes people and solitude simultaneously. Avid reader. Passionate thinker. Deep dweller. Silent observer. Sta- Okay, you get the point

Interests: Scienc-y, mysterious, and cute stuff! Also creepy stuff! Dinosaurs… and just about anything with monster-like qualities. Drawing, apparently. Not a good writer yet, though. I really should've taken those English subjects seriously during highschool, not just now while I'm already in college. Lazy reader.. and writer. I don't usually finish something in one seat. If I do like something, and that something isn't demanding, I tend to do it more slowly, piece by piece. It's like, I been reading this 68-chapter novel for five months now and I'm still stuck somewhere chapter 15. So, yeah, I'm lazy. And it gets worse in writing: If I'm not focused enough, I would immediately lose myself over thinking while writing, up to the point that I would forget what I actually want to write ten minutes ago. I guess, I just think too much.. and too deep that it becomes something useless. Anyways, I like thinking very much. So, if you want discuss a subject and nobody seems to have time, PM me or something. Maybe I have the time to think with you. shit i talk too much

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Sandbox status: Ongoing, awaiting conceptualisationIf you're a new writer and been struggling recently, you should check my first sandbox created on December 28, 2014 and see how bad I was before. really bad shit

Artwork: yeah, i think i might do an artwork page

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