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Doctor Garza sprinted through the halls of Site-19, almost bowling over Daniels (or was it Smith?) in his haste. Overhead, the damned sirens blared away, signaling what everyone in the facility already knew: Site-19 was being breached.

He had to get to his office. His work was too important to fall into the hands of… whoever was attacking the site. Really, that was immaterial. He just needed to get to his reports before they did.

Stopping at his office, he fumbled with the doorknob for a few seconds. Shit, was that footsteps? Focus, Garza, just get to the work.

Running over to his desk, he quickly logged in. C'mon, load, they're almost here, just click on the files, faster, faster, they're right behind you, just keep going—

Arrest Report
Sheriff's Office of Wells, Nevada
Arrested: Kyle Garza
Charge: Aggravated assault and battery
Notes: Determined to be mentally unstable; transferred to local mental hospital and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Treatment ongoing.
Partial list of items recovered:

  • One bottle of antipsychotics. Bottle is mostly full.
  • One super ball
  • Shoebox containing one action figure of an unknown type
  • One bus ticket
  • One lizard. Was found submerged in hydrochloric acid at time of retrieval.
  • One multitool
  • Several snails of varying species
  • One rice bowl
  • Several VHS and Betamax tape recordings of presidential speeches
  • Several play scripts
  • One toothbrush
  • One external hard drive, heavily encrypted

Notes: We're still pulling items out of that mountain of junk that was in his house. We've spent a week pulling and cataloging items, and there's no end in sight.

Officer O'Malley

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