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SCP - 3279 - A/B/C
Classification: Euclid .

3279 - A is a double-edged sword that is 3ft (1 meter) long and 1/2 foot wide, and the handle is 3/4 foot long. The middle of the blade is cobalt blue and the cutting edges are dark grey. It has a dark brown cow leather wrapped handle and seems to be indestructible. It has Runic going right but both sides of the blade. On it there are 12 aqua blue stones going right down the middle, the Runes say the stones contain the spirits of 12 dead Viking berserkers. SCP - 3279 - B is a dark grey sheath, it has runic etched all over it. This objects runic says how the sword will curse all who unsheath it in daylight or in the presence of a woman. The curse is that the sword will make the user will dissolve into a blue mist. When unsheathed 3279 - A will glow with a blue aura around it, 3279 - A can only be sheathed into 3279 - B after 3279-A has made a wound, that bleeds, on any living thing. SCP - 3279 - C is a small grey stone with blue flecks, this SCP has the ability to infinitely sharpen SCP - 3279 - A. When 3279 - A makes a wound on any living thing, the wound will never heal, unless SCP - 3279 - C is placed on the wound, and the injured will bleed to death unless they die in another manner. SCP 3279 - C has the ability to heal wounds by 3279-A, just touch the stone to the wound and it will rapidly heal leaving only a small white scar. The Sword was first discovered by the Norse and was used by them, the sword was buried in the tomb of a king when he died. It was rediscovered in 19— when the foundation, on a hunt for rumors about SCP - in Norway, discovered a hatch in the grass that led to the tomb, there was a male and female, when the male unsheathed the sword, the man started to “evaporate” into a blue gassy substance. The woman instantly contacted command, the command sent an MTF team consisting of no females to retrieve the sword and secure it in a 5x1 meter box with 1 inch thick walls made of iron, iron was chosen as it is a strong material. The SCP is to only be taken out in a secured room underground and handled by a team consisting of no females. 1 Class - D is to be with the researchers so once they are done looking at the sword they will cause a deadly wound to the Class- D with 3279 - A so the sword may go in 3279 - B. They will then proceed to heal the wound with 3279 - C and proceed to secure the SCP(s) in its containment box.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP 3279 - A, B, and C are contained at Site-01. In a 5x1 meter box with 1 inch thick walls made out of Iron. As SCP-3279 A, B, C are inanimate objects they cannot breach, only be taken out of the base by a living being. If someone or something takes them, MTF guards are to go track the SCP objects using a small tracker implanted in the leather of SCP-3279-B. Once recaptured the MTF guards will see if A is out of B, if so then once the MTF guards get back to site-01 they will wound a Class-D, heal the Class-D with 3279-C, and put 3279-A back into 3279-B. They will proceed to place 3279 A, B, and C back into containment.

SCP-3279 Incident Log 1

On Site-01 a group of Class-D escape and head for the nearest exit. They take a wrong turn and end up in the room of SCP 3279 - A, B, C. They got in using a level 3 access card they stole from a researcher they killed by snapping the neck. One Class-D takes the sword out of the sheath and uses it to wound the guard who came in. While the wound isn't fatal on its own, the effect of 3278-A caused the wound to constantly bleed causing the guard to die. The Class-D were executed by guards and SCP-3279-A, B, and C was re-contained.

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