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Item #: SCP-3945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3945 entrances are to guarded by four (4) armed personnel on each side. Any reports of visual or auditory hallucinations are to be reported to the SCP-3945 project lead.

Description: SCP-3945 is a large spherical object located in [Redacted] National Preserve in the United States. SCP-3945 is measured to be ten (10) Kilometers in height and ten (10) kilometers in length and made of 60% iron, 20% tungsten, and 20% unidentifiable organic matter hypothesized to be the source of SCP-3945 anomalous properties. SCP-3945 has been dated to be 12.4 billion years old. Half of SCP-3945 is buried underground while the top half is seen above the ground and is shown to have 4 entrances located on adjacent sides of the object. When any organism reaches the center of SCP-3945 and is also sentient they will find themselves in a large triangular room with SCP-3945-1 in the center of the room. Any non-sentient organism entering SCP-3945 will immediately reappear outside five (5) meters north of were SCP-3945 is located. Any subject who enters SCP-3945 and decides to exit SCP-3945 can do so without incident.

SCP-3945-1 is a spherical metallic entity levitating two (2) meters off the floor of SCP-3945. SCP-3945-1 will communicate with any subject telepathically. SCP-3945-1 has claimed to be an entity known as, “Nero Gáth, watcher of all events”. SCP-3945-1 has predicted future events with 100% accuracy and also has accurate knowledge of many past events. All things said by SCP-3945-1 must be recorded and any personnel discovered to be falsifying information said by SCP-3945-1 will be met with punishment by order of 05-██

Below is a list of things SCP-3945-1 has said or predicted.

Subject Prediction Recorded Events
D-1875 "Bogath has risen" Large spectral entity appeared 80 light years away from Earth.
D-1976 "The Star Fish has spoken" A rise in Fifthist church activities was noticed 7 days after prediction was made.
Researcher ███ "Xyava and is army has destroyed the great race of the Yagon" None.
Doctor Yang "Zox the Collector is coming to Earth" All civilians in the town of [REDACTED], Brazil vanished two (2) hours after SCP-3945-1 prediction.
Researcher Young "The ones who praise the metal god reap the ones who praise the flesh" A skirmish was found between a group of Karcist and a group of people belonging to The Church of the broken God in [Redacted], Russia.
Researcher █████ "My name is Nero Gáth, watcher of all events" None (Note: First time SCP-3945-1 was recorded referring to itself.)
Doctor Pojoulle "The Great Devourer is near" See SCP-████
Agent Mauricio "A God of flesh will be constructed on a world far away by a species of metallic organisms" None
Agent Llano "Once when I was traveling across the cosmos I encountered a tear in space. Inside this tear was a realm inhabited by demons. Though not yet sentient because they have not evolved to that point yet I saw their future. They will learn to escape their realm into ours and begin to hunt the life of the worlds surrounding the tear" None
Doctor █████ "█████████ has entered the universe" A large entity is seen devouring the [Redacted] galaxy whole, afterwards the entity immediately began collapsing in on itself and disappeared. Most observers who observed the entity or heard SCP-3945-1 say its name committed suicide ten (10) to twenty four (24) hours after observing it. All surviving personnel were administered Class-B amnestics. Entity appeared the exact moment SCP-3945-1 made its prediction.
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