Item #:

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Forces must keep an 80 meter perimeter around SCP-3975-A. Any organism or object to come out of SCP-3975-A is to be terminated or apprehended if possible. All anomalous objects that come out of SCP-3975-A are to be incinerated unless deemed safe by level 4 staff.

Description: SCP-3975-A is a traversable wormhole located in ██████, Florida. SCP was discovered by Agent ███████ on a camping trip on 12/31/██.The object is hovering 1 ft off the ground. It's 5 meters tall and 5 meter wide. The object is spherical in appearance. If a subject traverses SCP-3975-A they will end up on SCP-3975-B.

SCP-3975-B is a planet in the MACS0647-JD galaxy. SCP-3975-B is estimated to be 13.4 light-years away from Earth. When exiting at the end of the wormhole also known as SCP-3975-B/A, any subject will find themselves in a large open area surrounded by strange structures.
SCP-3975-B is an Earth like planet. It rotates a singular star and appears to have 3 moons orbiting the planet. The planet's atmosphere is similar to Earth. The planet is 60% water with all land on the planet coming together to make one giant continent. SCP-3975-B supports a variety of life, including SCP-3975-B1.

SCP-3975-B1 is a society of semi-humanoid organism with four hind legs and two arms with multiple tentacle like appendages coming out of each arm. SCP-3975-B1 are not technologically advance and their civilization is comparable to that of the human dark ages, but many
SCP-3975-B1 have many thaumological, spiritual, and demonic items and abilities. SCP-3975-B1 is hostile to any form of sentience. The reason for this is that SCP-3975-B1 views all sentient life other than itself as being lower than them. Though SCP-3975-B1 is significantly less advance than us, they still pose a major threat due to their anomalous nature.

*Below is a list of documented anomalous items discovered on SCP-3975-B

Item Description: A spear like object.
Anomaly: If thrown the object will not stop until it hits a physical barrier.

Item Description: A metallic sphere with a type of inscription surrounding the object.
Anomaly: If inscription around the sphere is observed for more than a minute, subject will be able to understand SCP-3975-B1’s language and writing.

Item Description: [REDACTED]
Anomaly: [REDACTED]

Item Description: A long staff made of an unknown composition.
Anomaly: When pointed at any living organism, that organism can be converted into anything the subject desires.

Item Description: Scroll in native language of SCP-3975-B1
Anomaly: After being read out loud, a black skeletal humanoid entity will appear to materialize, after being summoned it will proceed to ████████████ and proceed with this course of actions until the scroll is read out loud again to which then the entity will start to dematerialize.

Item Description: 1 corpse of an SCP-3975-B1
Anomaly: Any organism within 1 meter of the anomaly will instantaneously burst into flames.
Culture: SCP-3975-B1’s society is tribal in nature. Most live in small communities ranging in 50 instances to 100 instances. When a group of a SCP-3975-B1 comes into contact with another group of SCP-3975-B1, they will seem to begin to trade items. The items traded can range from non-anomalous supplies and item to anomalous items and weapons. SCP-3975-B1 hunt in groups and will hunt anything on SCP-3975-B.

*The following list is a list of some organisms and entities SCP-3975-B1 hunts
Designation: SCP-3975-B2
Description: A species of hairy predatory deer-like organism. They stand at 9 feet tall and at top speeds can run up to 70mph. They are very carnivorous and if left without food will proceed to cannibalize each other. The species comes in a variety of black and red, black, and black, and black and white.

Designation: SCP-3975-B3
Description: It is believed that SCP-3975-B3 does not in fact originate from
SCP-3975-B. humanoid life form with similarities between it and SCP-███. All instances of
SCP-3975-B3 are white in pigmentation and are usually passive until provoke. SCP-3975-B3 is not believe to be sentient, but has the ability to mimic sounds.

Designation: SCP-3975-B4
Description: SCP-3975-B4 are arial creatures. The main body of SCP-3975-B4 is ball like with many tentacle like appendages coming from around the organisms main body. The organism uses its tentacle like appendages to both glide and presumably collect food. It is currently unknown how SCP-3975-B4 consumes food or reproduces. SCP-3975-B4 instances usually are 4 feet in height and 3 feet in length, but it has been reported that anomalous instances can grow up to 30 meters in height and 20 in length.
Note: It has been documented that SCP-3975-B4 is used by SCP-3975-B4 for ritualistic purposes.

Designation: SCP-3975-B5
Description: SCP-3975-B5 are extremely hostile demonic entities. Entities are corporeal and can be killed by incineration. Examination of partially intact body reveals entities are sulfur-based organisms. It is unknown where SCP-3975-B5 originally originates from.

This might be the first documented instance of extraterrestrial entities using thaumological and anomalous objects. -Researcher Carl

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