Deletions Guide

In order to maintain our standards of quality, pages found to be substandard by the community through the voting system are removed by Staff. There are exceptions for submissions that are found to be in violation of site policy. No matter the reason for deletion, deletions are always announced on the forum, with reasons clearly given.

Grace Period

Pages are typically afforded a grace period of 24 hours after posting, during which time they are not eligible either for removal from the site, regardless of rating.

Standard Process

After 24 hours, if a page’s rating falls to -10 or lower, that page becomes eligible for deletion. A member of Senior Staff will make a post in its discussion thread, titled Staff Post, suggesting deletion. When a page reaches four Staff votes for deletion, it is removed.

If a page’s rating rises above -10, all Staff votes for deletion prior to this are voided. Should it fall again, voting for deletion must begin anew.

If an author requests a stay of deletion to make edits or rewrite a page, these may be granted. Consideration of these requests is on a case-by-case basis, as oftentimes, the best thing is to start again from a clean slate. Supplementary pages will be automatically deleted when their parent page is. Authors may repost supplements as standalone works to be judged separately as they see fit.

Early Vote

If a page’s rating falls to -25 or lower, Staff may begin a deletion vote before the end of the 24 hour grace period. However, the page will still not be deleted until the grace period expires. Aside from beginning early, this is identical to the standard process.

Reasons for Summary Deletion

There are instances when Staff will waive the 24 hours grace period and delete the article. These situations are:

  • Articles with malicious intent, such as: links to viruses, sexually explicit material, spam, advertising, trolling, and illegal content;
  • Pages that are clearly unfinished (e.g. articles with blank sections or [insert text here] notes);
  • Attempts to "game" site procedure, such as re-posting an un-rewritten article in an attempt to get around downvotes;
  • Blatantly plagiarized1 material;
  • An article posted outside of the current range2. Authors may repost their articles within the acceptable range as they see fit.


If an author should request their material be removed, and be able to prove authorship beyond a reasonable doubt, these requests are granted.

Authors have the ability to delete their own work at any time. This is accomplished by clicking “Options” at the bottom of the page, clicking “Delete”, and selecting checkbox for, “Delete Completely.” Be sure to select “Delete Completely,” as a failure to do this does not remove the page, it simply renames it. After doing so, announce your choice to delete.

If an author attempts to self-delete their work and fails to do so properly, either by blanking the page or renaming it, it will be deleted fully by Staff.

More Information

Staff have a more detailed and thorough version of the deletions guide when specifies exactly how these process take place and the policies they follow. If you're interested, take a look at the Staff Deletions Guide on the administrative site.

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