djkaktus' Guide to Article Formatting

djkaktus' Guide to Article Formatting
1st Edition

Well hello there, my boy. I didn't see you come in. No, no, please, have a seat - this won't take long, I promise. Yes, feel free to pour yourself a drink. That's what it's there for. Me? No, I'm more of a tequila man myself.

See, the reason I asked you here today is that I know you've been asking about the formatting styles and image templates used by critically acclaimed and universally distrusted SCP Foundation Wiki author djkaktus. You're certainly not the first - the translators have been asking about it for years. How do I know that? Well, you see, I am djkaktus. Strange, I know. You probably thought I would've been more well adjusted than I am. Well, jokes on you.

Anyway, I've decided to put together a guide to article formatting - at least, article formatting in the djkaktus style. I don't know how much I have left to give around here, but I wanted to at least be sure that these tools everyone has asked about for so long are turned over to the userbase. I'll continue to add things here until such time that I have nothing left to add.

Use them well. May these tools and your time here bring you greater joy than they ever brought me.

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This first section contains a few important pieces of that set up what I'm calling the header of the article. The code for these is shown below:

What this does is 1) fix the Wikidot footnote spacing issue, 2) set up the first two header images: warning.png and classified.png, and 3) set up the main header panoramic, header.png. Templates will be available in the files to this page for the first two images, while the third image (header.png) is simply a 700x185px image of your choice.




This image is 700x185px.

warning.png is pretty straightforward - if you've got a good reason something should be classified a certain way, you can list it there. classified.png has six possible chevrons you can hide or unhide, depending on what you're going for there.

The fonts you'll need are HELVETICA NEUE LT PRO and LIBERATION SANS. I'll include both of those in the files on this page, as well.

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This is a good place for a secondary image at the top of the page, like you'd see on many articles. Strongly recommended.

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Addendum 0001.1: Discovery

Your mileage may vary, but tend to structure my addenda in the following pattern:

  1. Discovery
  2. Initial Interview
  3. Collected Texts
  4. Test Logs
  5. Exploration Logs
  6. Exploration Logs
  7. Exploration Logs
  8. Exploration Logs
  9. Additional Interviews/Collected Texts

Additionally, if you want to keep using carrots (>) to begin your quoted sections, that's fine. However, I've found that the following div block is just as good (if not better, because you can insert images into it without breaking the block):

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum quis nulla neque. Pellentesque non rutrum ante, condimentum congue nisl. Etiam scelerisque nulla et ex vulputate, at eleifend velit pharetra. Donec ac lacinia turpis, vel blandit mi. Nulla efficitur magna eu leo viverra blandit. Morbi sit amet leo fringilla, interdum felis nec, tincidunt magna. Ut finibus enim nec orci egestas, aliquet semper erat ultrices. Pellentesque consectetur felis vel erat rutrum consectetur. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. In fermentum ante et tellus interdum, mollis sagittis urna efficitur. Morbi rutrum imperdiet ultrices. Maecenas semper massa gravida, feugiat lacus eget, porttitor risus. Aenean condimentum velit eu nibh venenatis, in aliquam nibh bibendum.

Addendum 0001.2: Initial Interview

If you liked the interview format in articles like SCP-4444, then you'll love this next section. The code for this is in the block below.

Internal Audio Recording Transcript

In Attendance:

  • SCP Foundation Regional Director Dr. Carlos Kalinin
  • SCP Foundation Regional Director Dr. Armen Day
  • SCP Foundation Regional Director Dr. Tilda Moose
  • SCP Foundation Regional Director Dr. Jacob Conwell
  • SCP Foundation Regional Director Dr. Karlyle Aktus

[SCP] Director Day: dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks.

[SCP] Director Conwell: Indeed.

This is all for now. Like I said earlier, I'll continue to add things as they get requested and create new addenda down here to address those things. Additionally, all of the images and .pdfs you'll need to create this page will be included in the files below, so be sure to go check those out.

Lastly, this formatting style has served me well over the last few years - but it's mine, built over time through trial and error. It's useful, but you might come up with something tomorrow that'll knock this one out of the water. I've already seen formatting tricks and stylistic choices that I wish I would've thought of first. So take this information, and go out there and make it yours.

You're going to be great.

All the best,

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