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Autopsy Report of SCP-1026-B

After the accidental neutralization of SCP-1026-B, its body lost its anomalous properties, appearing to be a normal human cadaver (identified as D-5582). Dr. ███████ requested permission to perform an autopsy on the entity. The following report is an audio log recorded during the autopsy.

Dr. ███████: The date is ██/██/██. This is Dr. ███████, performing an autopsy on the body of SCP-1026-B, which was killed [DATA EXPUNGED]. I will begin by making an incision in the subject's abdomen.
*15-second gap*
Dr. ███████: I have just completed the first incision into the subject's abdomen. I can see no internal organs aside from a single large sac attached to the subject's vertebrae. I am attempting to open it…
*9-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The sac is full of… fog, for lack of a better word. It appears to be much denser than air, as it's not flowing upwards. I'm taking a sample of it for later analysis.
*11-second gap*
Dr. ███████: I am now attempting to open the subject's thoracic cavity.
*34-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Subject does not appear to possess a normal thoracic cage… Instead, there are two curved plates attached to the spinal column in its place. There appears to be a pair of organs beneath these. I will attempt to remove them.
*69-second gap*
Dr. ███████: The organs appear to be solid; I see no sign of any fluid or gas inside. I'm taking a sample for later analysis, and will then attempt to examine the skull.
*176-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Sorry about that. When I attempted take a sample, the "fog" began glowing… I'm going to try again.
*6-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Just a minute… I've got a headache all of the sudden…
*12-second gap*
Dr. ███████: Jesus Christ, this hurts… What the-?

The log was ended due to an unexpected loss of power in the autopsy room. When a security team entered, they saw no sign that an autopsy had taken place. SCP-1026-B's body was intact, and Dr. ███████ claimed to have no memory of what had happened. A subsequent autopsy revealed that SCP-1026-B possessed normal human physiology and no anomalous properties whatsoever.

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