Dr. Balthazaar's Personnel File
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Photo of Dr. Balthazaar during the containment of SCP-████ in 2015.

Name: Dr. Harrison W. Balthazaar

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Carnivorous anomaly specialist

Current Location: Has offices in Sites 40 and 27

History: Dr.Balthazaar joined the Foundation Several years ago following a career in zoology in his native Australia, and quickly went on to earn a reputation for being a reckless individual fascinated with anomalous wildlife. There are multiple documents showing Dr. Balthazaar bodily tackling such anomalies in the efforts of relocating them to containment suites for further study. He has a marked tendency towards supporting the Ethics Committee, and towards empathising with animalistic anomalies. Enthusiastic and boisterous, Dr. Balthazaar has very good professional and personal relationships with most of his coworkers. In his spare time, Dr. Balthazaar enjoys photography, surfing, shooting, eating, wildlife documentaries, weightlifting and visiting zoos. He is a dedicated Essendon Football Club supporter, and has received 40 reprimands for reckless behaviour regarding animalistic anomalies. These have generally not been followed up on due to his uncommon intuition and connection with wildlife both anomalous and mundane.

NOTE: Can we not refer to the carnivorous anomalies as monsters? Really most of them are just misunderstood animals. Sure, 682 has a bit of a temper, but I'm sure this is perfectly natural for its species. Crikey, it's like you don't understand him (her?) at all.

SCP Documents Researched

  1. SCP-2467 A Sum Greater Than Its Parts
  2. SCP-3019 Soylent Nursery
  3. SCP-4159 Oh God Something Touched My Leg
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