Dr. Berggren's Personnel File
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"""Give me a long enough lever and a place to rest it, or I will kill one hostage every hour." - Archimedes" - Dr. Munroe" - Dr. Berggren


File photo.

Name: Dr. Mannis Berggren

Clearance: Level 2

Position: Researcher

Current Assignment: Site-19

Terminal: ZZ9PZα-BGRN

History: Born with a caul on 1972-02-29 in northeastern Sweden. Attacked a foreign celebrity in 1988 for "swiping" his Rubik's Magic; no charges were pressed. Stepped on a newt in 1992 and never forgave himself. Fell in a lake in 1994 shortly after obtaining his doctorate in biomythology. Finally learned to whistle on his 6th birthday. Joined the Foundation on 1996-07-32. Grew a beard and then shaved it off.

That was a dank, dank beard. - Dr. Berggren



Dr. Berggren at age 3.

Perpetually upbeat, Dr. Berggren's disposition is a stark and discordant contrast to the nature of the work he performs under the employ of the Foundation. It has become apparent that he cannot refer to the United States of America as anything but the "Foroned Rikes of Markland;" similar (though inconsistently applied) patterns of speech derived from pre-Norman English are common for him. These mannerisms are ultimately harmless in non-emergency situations. However, Dr. Berggren is almost certainly the person stealing missteading appropriating all a few the majority of the ballpoint pens in the northeast wing of Site-19. Although his hair is always unkempt and he has poor taste in neckties, he can hold a tune fairly well and readily demonstrates so. Dr. Berggren enjoys:

  • jazz
  • ink blots
  • the color beige
  • salad
  • balloons
  • extraneous marks
  • creating containment procedures for his personal effects
  • logging the dreams of colleagues

as well as various foreign television shows.

Since exposure to SCP-████ in 2006, the growth of Dr. Berggren's nails has become directly linked to the motion of the tectonic plate upon which he has most recently set foot, a fact which only became evident during his first and last undercover assignment on 2011-08-23. This appears to be unrelated to his liminality. Dr. Berggren is allowed one (1) aluminium nail trimmer on his person at all times. Procedure 9909-43-Acorn has been formulated to prevent him from causing injury to himself or others in the event of local seismic activity.

Dr. Berggren is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. (Consult Incident Report S19-80P-MBERG "Probably Emetic Or Something.")

Document BGRN-1: SCPs Researched

Document BGRN-2: SCP-Js Researched

Document BGRN-3: Documents Filed

  • Doublehorses — The house of inconstant horses has a secondary effect.
  • Little Ones — Stitching it together.
  • Bronze — Some places are eternal.

Document BGRN-4: File Notes

Dr. Berggren, please do not edit your own profile. - S.D. ███ █████████

Manny, remember to put the ranch back in the fridge when you're done with it. - Researcher █████ ███

Dr. Berggren, neither the "N████ N███" nor the "P████ P███" are anomalous entities. We're not going to raid ███████ ███████████. - S.D. ███ █████████

Your entry in the Site-19 northeast wing poetry contest has been selected to proceed to the next round of judgment. - Drs. █ and ███████

Manny, the whole fridge was filled with ranch. That's not what I meant. - Researcher █████ ███

MANNY THAT IS TOO MUCH RANCH - Researcher █████ ███

Researcher █████ ███ has been reassigned following a ranch dressing-related injury. Dr. Berggren has been given an informal reprimand. - S.D. ███ █████████

Dr. Berggren's informal reprimand has been revised to an informal "pat on the back" following the Euclid classification of SCP-████, an ectoentropic bottle of ranch dressing. - S.D. ███ █████████

My extension's been changed, it's (███) now. Call me. - Research Assistant ██████

Dammit Manny, at least give me my pens back. - Researcher █████ ███

Finns det ingen svamp kvar, min bror? - [REDACTED]

Varken svamp eller paddor, min bror. - Dr. Berggren

Vi ses snart. - [REDACTED]

Försvinn härifrån. Det är inte en hund, det är något sånt! Den imiterar en hund, är det inte riktigt! FÅ BORT DU IDIOTER! - Dr. Snickare

John, du är full, gå hem. - Dr. Berggren

We regret to inform you that your entry in the Site-19 northeast wing poetry contest did not proceed to the finalists round. This was due to its title and entire body being composed of non-printing whitespace characters. You are welcome to submit a poem again next year. - Drs. █ and ███████

Document BGRN-5: Partial Transcript of Incident-███-"SHETHOTOS"-Iota-█

<Begin Log>

Dr. Berggren: Quack you fools, quack!

████-8: But the raspberry prophet said—

Dr. Berggren: That was [DATA EXPUNGED] and a long time ago! We need to keep this thing contained!

████-3: Uh, quack?

Dr. Berggren: WITH GUSTO!

(████-1 through ████-9 all imitate various waterfowl)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: No casualties were sustained. ████-4 relocated to Ipswich after conclusive timbrological analysis of the region.

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