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Security Credentials Recognized, Welcome to the Foundation's Internal Database systems

Welcome to Site 234's Internal database. Credentials recognized, Access Approved.

Current Site Director: Co-Directors Dr. and Dr. Andrews

Head of Security: Agent ██████

Head of Research: Dr. Regina ██████

Resident MTF: Chi-7 "Plague Tamers"

Description Site 234 is one of the Foundations youngest facilities, having been constructed in the fall of 1983. Site 234 serves as a center for research and containment of Micro, Molecular, and Biochemical anomalies, and was constructed with 13 separate BSL-4 and 26 BSL-3 laboratories, as well as more than 200 BSL-2 facilities. Site 234 currently houses more than 200 contained anomalies, 1000 personnel that live on site, and another 8000 that commute to site 234 from the major city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Site 234 serves as a leading source of biomedical research for the Foundation, pioneering medicinal compounds in use by many Foundation medical personnel which have yet to be leaked to the public. Next to site 19, site 234 is one of the foundation's largest facilities, and is expected to grow larger in the near future as the number of small scale biological anomalies increases. For further information on wings, site layout, and topography please consult our secure facility dossier.

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