Dr. Bond's Personnel File

A recreation of the front of Dr. Bond's current memetic effect.

Name: Dr. ██████ Bond

Security Clearance: Level 4

Personnel Class: B

Profile: Dr. ██████ Bond is a male 3█ year old researcher currently working for the Foundation. In the ██ years of working for the Foundation, Bond has been involved in the containment and research of a multitude of SCPs, and has served in multiple divisions. He is currently serving in the Foundation Area-08 Space Division. When not performing research, Dr. Bond is an avid writer, artist, and gamer. He also has a fondness for science fiction and fantasy.

Dr. Bond's research style is characterized by a cautious approach, spending hours considering what could go wrong in an experiment and only using only what is exactly required. However, he will at times use additional security precautions in case of unexpected results. Outside of his job Bond has been described as relaxed an fun loving, but mostly enjoying time to himself.

Dr. Bond has had a degree of cross contamination from other anomalies, including a resistence to Class A-D amnestics. After a notable incident involving SCP-████, Dr. Bond gained a permanent memetic effect on his head region, appearing as a black cube with a depiction of a face on the front of it. This is seen by anyone looking at Bond, and is also seen in video or images of him. Objects being worn on his head will be obscured entirely, even if they are larger than the box appears to be. Objects being moved to his head will also be obscured if brought close enough. The eyes and "teeth" of the face will change shape, correlating to Bond's facial expressions. Attempts at reversing this have been attempted, though none have succeeded. This does not hinder his research, though careful attention has been payed for any unusual behavior and possible side-effects.

History: Prior to joining the Foundation in 19██, Dr. Bond was originally labelled as POI #4377. In 19██ Bond had been involved in experimentation with anomalous objects at the University of Calgary at the age of 21, having gotten several fellow students to join him. He was discovered when one of the anomalies, an extradimensional safe, released several humanoid entities composed of plasma onto the campus. Undercover Foundation operatives in the area witnessed this, and an MTF unit was dispatched to the location. After securing the anomalies Bond barricaded himself into his dorm room, using several pieces of [REDACTED] to block the door and windows. Later interviews stated that this done because he was worried he would be killed. Upon breaching the room Bond willingly surrendered and turned himself in. Interrogation revealed that he had found the objects at [REDACTED], which he had been visiting for roughly a year.

Bond was brought along for an investigation of the area, as he had familiarity with it. With his aid several anomalies were contained, along with a space-time anomaly believed to be the primary source of these. Bond requested to join the Foundation, stating that it was the best way he could make up for the incident at the University. After consideration he was administered Class A amnestics, though these had surprisingly no effect on him1. After attempted use of other amnestics, Bond was made a Junior Researcher, with careful supervision to look for any suspicious activity. Since then Dr. Bond has become a Level 4 Researcher after proving to be adept in handling anomalies. For a brief period he served as an MTF agent in MTF-Eta-82, but left following Incident ████-1, where SCP-████ killed all agents deployed but Bond. After psychiatric counseling he returned to his researching duties.

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