Dr. John H. Pepper's Personnel File

Codename: PeppersGhost

When I came home last night at 3
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn't see him there at all

SCP documents:

  • SCP-666½-J - The Roaring Flames of Hell
    • "I have stared death in the face, and he is garnished with parsley."
  • SCP-1293 - Squeedle Deedle Dee!
    • "Do you want to see me do a merry jig?"
  • SCP-1459 - The Puppy Machine
    • "Yeah, you're totally going to hell for this. Play again?"
  • SCP-1578 - Standers
    • "We apologize for the inconvenience this will inevitably cause many of you…"
  • SCP-1602 - A Shower Curtain
    • "A faint light will appear, casting a silhouette on the back of the curtain."
  • SCP-1695 - Circus Contraption
    • "I thought it was just a circus."
  • SCP-1715 - Online Friend
    • "Real life just kept getting in the way for them."
  • SCP-1808 - Spongebob Watches
    • "I think it was… I think it was quality assurance."
  • SCP-1861 - The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer
    • "You could still tell they were there, shapeless and floating."
  • SCP-1884 - Madame Rezarta and Her Amazing Palm Reader
    • "That night, a man with an upside-down face came to my room."
  • SCP-1921 - Black Cotton Candy
    • "Individuals have reported feeling a slight tickling sensation."
  • SCP-1931 - The Bite of Flight
    • "It's a tad macabre for my tastes, but our patrons seem to love it."
  • SCP-1975 - Vindictive Hula Girl
    • "Have fun on the road!"
  • SCP-2030 - LA U GH IS F UN
    • "Mrs. Carter smiles, the creature's tongue still extended down her throat."
  • SCP-2094 - Motormouth
    • "Wouldn't you rather hear my impression of Jane Fonda?"
  • SCP-2190 - Phone calls from Mom
    • "She never tried to contact me until I was 19."
  • SCP-2200 - Soulberg
    • "Your life will only end when you willingly cross the city limits."


  • Opening Night
    • "He comes into focus and you see that his face is upside-down"


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