Dr. Roget's Personnel File
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Photo of Dr. Roget at play at work.

Name: Dr. Ralph J. Roget

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Deputy Site Director

Current Location: Site-77

History: Dr. Roget has been a respected asset to Site-77 ever since he began working there, at the ripe old age of 16. For half a decade, he worked in clerical positions, until Director Gillespie felt he had proven himself, and promoted him. His new job involved the documentation of large numbers of Safe and Euclid objects, which he excelled at. Despite a reputation for immaturity, and rumors of nepotism, his position at Site-77 is very secure.

Known Relations: Director Gillespie(Grandmother), Stanley Gillespie(Grandfather, deceased), Agent Lis Boyd(Half-Sister), Dr. Robert J. Boyd(Half-Brother).

NOTE: Dr. Roget's name is not pronounced Rogay, Rogat, Rogain, Roggers, Reject, Ragazzo, Regret, rigrog, Rogizzle, Roger, Roarg, Riggy?, roy get, rogit, Rojét, torgeti, dodget, cocaine or Rights. Please do not use these pronounciations when referring to Dr. Roget
c'mon guys it isn't that hard

SCP Documents Researched

  1. SCP-001 Keter Duty
  2. SCP-031 What is Love?
  3. SCP-039 Proboscis Buttgineers(Collaboration with Mr. Wilt)
  4. SCP-122 No More Monsters(Rewrite of "Lucid Nightlight" by Dr. Kondraki)
  5. SCP-213 AntiMatter Parasite(Rewrite of "Anti-Matter Parasite by DaydreaminDaydreamin, Dr. Blast, and Agent NekoChris)
  6. SCP-240 Breath-Powered Flying Machine(Rewrite of an article by the same name, written by Agent Spoon Of Evil)
  7. SCP-332 The 1976 Kirk Lonwood High School Marching Band
  8. SCP-375 Forever A-Loan(Rewrite of "Hungry Bank" by Dr. Kondraki)
  9. SCP-396 And Suddenly, Chair(Rewrite of "Displacer Chair" by Dr. Kondraki)
  10. SCP-474 ℞FM(Collaboration with jinjjajinjja)
  11. SCP-496 A Sunken Relic(Rewrite of "A Sunken Statue" by Dr_AdamsDr_Adams)
  12. SCP-512 Anti-Gravity Umbrella(Rewrite of "Anti-Gravity Umbrella" by HK-016 in collaboration with Django Bridge)
  13. SCP-570 Puppet Show Gloves!!!(Rewrite of "Puppeteer Gloves" by Dr. Kondraki)
  14. SCP-574 The Dropera House(Rewrite of "The Drophouse" by Kurt TodlichKurt Todlich)
  15. SCP-629 Mr. Brass
  16. SCP-633 Ghost In The Machine (Rewrite of Ghost In The Machine by Syka BeeSyka Bee)
  17. SCP-643 Delicious Chocolates
  18. SCP-649 A Matchbox Full of Winter(Rewrite of "A Matchbox Full of Winter" by AsmodeusDarkAsmodeusDark)
  19. SCP-703 Into The Closet(Rewrite of "Random Item Generator" by BrucyBrucy)
  20. SCP-744 Assembly Required
  21. SCP-761 Slightly Less Dangerous Trampoline(Rewrite of "Slightly More Dangerous Trampoline" by HK-016)
  22. SCP-814 Sound of '76(Rewrite of "Antique Phonograph" by kabukabu, re-rewritten by Mr. Carbon as "Pure Tones")
  23. SCP-821 Dixie Funland
  24. SCP-864 Efficient Washbin(Rewrite of "Man-eating Washbin" by Agent Carriontrooper)
  25. SCP-935 Ancient Playing Cards(Rewrite of Ancient Playing Cards by Bijhan)
  26. SCP-941 Sick of Motion(Rewrite of Carsickness by Dr. Leicontis)
  27. SCP-992 Gaia's Emissary(Rewrite of "Gaia's Emissary", written by an unknown author. Transferred to WikiDot from EditThis by far2far2 on July 26th, 2008)
  28. SCP-1046 A House Without a Bedroom
  29. SCP-1070 Re-Educational Software(Rewrite of "The Educational Game" by VWXYZVWXYZ)
  30. SCP-1178 Floating ICBM
  31. SCP-1204 The Social Disease(Rewrite of "Clingy Transient" by Dr. Mayreder)
  32. SCP-1277 Thirsty Cactus
  33. SCP-1282 Reverse Were-Rabbit
  34. SCP-1305 Cat Lure
  35. SCP-1317 Factory Makeup
  36. SCP-1328 51st State of Mind
  37. SCP-1341 Jungle In a Jar
  38. SCP-1362 The Cartographers' Guild
  39. SCP-1407 DJ's Headphones
  40. SCP-1413 Sportsball
  41. SCP-1423 Summer of '76
  42. SCP-1452 Terrible Home Additions
  43. SCP-1494 Terminal Castaway
  44. SCP-1498 Dial-A-Dream
  45. SCP-1501 Every Penny Counts
  46. SCP-1507 The Pink Flamingos
  47. SCP-1508 Mikey's Chore
  48. SCP-1513 Potted Pets
  49. SCP-1526 Papers, Please
  50. SCP-1528 Finished With Lies(Collaboration with Raymond Llama) with Experiment Log 1528
  51. SCP-1559 Birdsoul In Your House
  52. SCP-1571 Keeper of Treasures(Collaboration with Researcher Zyn)
  53. SCP-1572 Root Map
  54. SCP-1573 Kids These Days
  55. SCP-1574 Searching…
  56. SCP-1576 Edisonian Afterlife Communicator
  57. SCP-1583 It Only Makes Us Stronger
  58. SCP-1591 Fallen Star
  59. SCP-1608 Yu-Kaing
  60. SCP-1611 Guarded Apartment
  61. SCP-1613 The Spoken Fool
  62. SCP-1624 Heartworms
  63. SCP-1628 Storage Tunnel #1812
  64. SCP-1630 Human Food Pyramid
  65. SCP-1636 The Principal Skinner
  66. SCP-1651 Carnival Prize
  67. SCP-1673 Friendly Graveyard
  68. SCP-1683 Moonstuck Bedroom(Collaboration with Researcher Voct)
  69. SCP-1684 Viral Realty
  70. SCP-1699 Inferior Volcano
  71. SCP-1712 An Unusual Occurrence On August 11th, 1959 (rewritten by Uncle Nicolini under the same title)
  72. SCP-1723 Radio Intercepting Woman
  73. SCP-1724 Soul Meter
  74. SCP-1725 Servant Enhancements
  75. SCP-1727 Auto-Heaven
  76. SCP-1738 Phobia Sampler
  77. SCP-1767 An Agent Of The Shark Punching Center(Collaboration with Dr. Veritas)
  79. SCP-1799 Mr. Laugh
  80. SCP-1833 Class of '76
  81. SCP-1837 Acid Mop
  82. SCP-1841 So Much To See, So Much Unseen
  83. SCP-1853 Performance Enhancer
  84. SCP-1865 TaoTao(Collaboration with Dr. Mayreder)
  85. SCP-1872 Vehicular Laser Pointer
  86. SCP-1894 Crash Course Diet
  87. SCP-1901 Elvis Lives
  88. SCP-1908 Mr. Soap
  89. SCP-1929 Down To Earth
  90. SCP-1938 Dr. Wondertainment's Amaze-O Dive Tank
  91. SCP-1957 Cleanliness
  92. SCP-1967 Shortcuts
  93. SCP-1976 Father and Son
  94. SCP-1992 Indecisive Mobile Home(Collaboration with General Harland)
  95. SCP-1996 Tourist Trap
  96. SCP-2082 Elephas cryophilus
  97. SCP-2083 Hoboken Bunion Emergency
  98. SCP-2088 MC&D Center
  99. SCP-2199 Out of the Frying Pan
  100. SCP-2253 The Alcohol Republic
  101. SCP-2281 Backseat Driver(Collaboration with Doctor Cimmerian)
  102. SCP-2322 Being Shirley Gillespie
  103. SCP-2379 Roach Motel
  104. SCP-2407 Learned Helplessness(Collaboration with Agent Lament)
  105. SCP-2444 Flea Circus
  106. SCP-2489 A Political Machine
  107. SCP-2507 A Web Of Cliques
  108. SCP-2594 Extradimensional Waiting Room(Collaboration with Researcher LilyFlowerLilyFlower)
  109. SCP-2600 The Empty Box(Part of the SCP-2000 contest!)
  110. SCP-2799 The Navigator(Collaboration with HammerMaiden)
  111. SCP-2805 Disney On Ice
  112. SCP-2848 Spite Taco (Rewritten by Agent Lament as "Leave It All Behind")
  113. SCP-2849 Insect Hospital(Collaboration with Researcher SirensSirens)
  114. SCP-2876 Dream A Little Dream
  115. SCP-2895 Stingy
  116. SCP-2969 Language Hoarder
  117. SCP-3006 Twice The Number One
  118. SCP-3245 Mr. Playing Games Is Bad For Your Health
  119. SCP-3482 Nature Versus Naturalization(Collaboration with Dr. K. Stuff)
  120. SCP-3535 Casus Lignum
  121. SCP-3639 Whataboots
  122. SCP-3746 🦀 MOM'S DEAD 🦀(collaboration with The Rounderhouse)
  123. SCP-3792 Up In Smoke
  124. SCP-3776 Camp Nimrod
  125. SCP-3831 Can't Call Out
  126. SCP-3861 Self-Reflection(Collaboration with jinjjajinjja)
  127. SCP-4120 A Good Boy
  128. SCP-4136 Uncle From Nintendo(Rewritten by Dr. Henderson as "uncle")
  129. SCP-4326 Honeymooners
  130. SCP-4367 What Are The Odds?(Collaboration with jinjjajinjja)
  131. SCP-4480 The Snake Doctor(collaboration with Researcher Calvin)
  132. SCP-4484 StreamSavers (Collaboration with jinjjajinjja)
  133. SCP-4540 History, Together
  134. SCP-4564 Butthole Surfers(Collaboration with Dr. Harrison Balthazaar)
  135. SCP-4572 Trumpvoid
  136. SCP-4658 Control Kink
  137. SCP-4754 Dentistaurant
  138. SCP-4697 Dropping Off The Kids
  139. SCP-4956 Screaming at the Void(Collaboration with gigaslayer105gigaslayer105)
  140. SCP-4957 Cold, Turning Blue
  141. SCP-5011 - Man of Steel(Collaboration with jinjjajinjja for the SCP-5000 Contest)
  142. SCP-5200 - The Brown Box
  143. SCP-5599 fish golf
  144. SCP-5720 Astronomically Inclined Crane(Collaboration with Mr. Wilt)
  145. SCP-5757 Curse of the Everglade(Collaboration with Caterer Tim "Tanhony" Hyne
  146. SCP-5954 My Lord, I had forgot the Fart
  147. SCP-1927-EX The Farnsworth Effect(Collaboration with Researcher Chevrolet)
  148. SCP-2600-EX Furred Trout
  149. SCP-600-CO A Super Cool Friend Watched My Plant
  150. SCP-2600-CU The Cutest Little Thing
  151. SCP-@#%&!-J - Titters The Talking Bird
  152. SCP-015-J Just Really Misunderstood
  153. SCP-025-J Liquid SCP Foundation
  154. SCP-800-J American Football
  155. SCP-1622-J No Object Class Whatsoever(Collaboration with Baron Von Silberescher)
  157. SCP-2600-J Bicycle Mafia
  158. SCP-5200-J Just Say NO!!!
  159. SCP-7007-J Subs Only!
  160. SCP-7800-J The Five-Second Rule
  161. SCP-8231-J Super Flying T-Rex(Collaboration with Researcher Corbette)
  162. SCP-Jaguar-J Researcher Hutchin's Incredible Automobile
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