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Introduction: What's up, I'm a shameless 21 year old from somewhere on the East Coast. I live alone in the woods, commune with nature spirits during the day, and stay up all night writing and critiquing. This is me. DyslexionDyslexion


This is my cat

Articles I've done:

  • SCP-4204: A story about the Moon and a Thief's coin
  • SCP-4928: A story about kittens and a boy's love
  • SCP-4451: A story about Nuclear Landmine Roombas and the great capitalist dado
  • SCP-4423: I'm gonna marry your dad, Jack.
  • SCP-4793: Dummy Thicc Sad Boi
  • SCP-4996: The adventure of Spongo and Elvis Possley

Tales I've written:


If you would like a critique on any draft or concept, please send me a DM on Wikidot or send a message via Raccoons. These can be found in most trash cans.


The Stars Do Not Wait For You


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