Eekium's Author Page

██████ at Site-███.

Name: ███ ("Eekium") ██████

Date of Birth: ██/██/19██

Gender: Male

Occupation: Weird Art Kid

Profile: ███ joined The Foundation in April of 2015, and has poured countless hours down the drain reading and writing SCP articles. The current working theory is that he has way too much time on his hands, though this has yet to be confirmed. He also has copious amounts of other projects that he works on, including his music (he currently has published two albums which are both available on iTunes, Spotify, etc), visual and audio design for an indie game, and 3d modeling.

He has been noted to be introverted, creative, and rather friendly. Other interests include music of all kinds (but a lot of Radiohead and Porcupine Tree), Cosmology, and surreal horror (despite having ██████████ ███████ ████████).

███ came to The Foundation during a period of time in which [REDACTED]. The Foundation served as an ██████ ███ ███ ███████ and a means of ██████ while he was [REDACTED].

SCP Articles Written:
SCP-2298 - Life In A Plastic Box
SCP-2447 - Modular Animals
SCP-2979 - Your Secondary School Physics Teacher, Mr. [REDACTED]
SCP-2508 - The Long Wait
SCP-067-EX - "Rurik Inn"

Tales Written:
Agent Imants Plumbing Pool Repair And Pizza Delivery Service (Crackfic Contest)
Another Good Dream, Another Strange Dream
Where There's a Will...
Rabbit Hole In Time Lapse
The Pattern (Interlude)
No More Dull Days

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