Elijah Marlin Chevrolet, By the Book
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Researcher Chevrolet leaned back in his office chair and started to scroll through his phone messages. It had been a long day, though every day had been a long day since the start of the anomaly. Ever since the tail-end of July and the start of August, tiny books authored under the name “Elogee FishTruck” had appeared spontaneously across various Foundation Sites. Seeing as Chevrolet’s full name was Elijah Marlin Chevrolet, and the various tiny books contained information that was classified to most Foundation workers, he was put under heavy suspicion. The only problem with this suspicion was that Chevrolet never wrote or remembered writing any books.

Many attempts were made by Foundation staff to stop the anomaly. They tried putting Chevrolet into quarantine, the books kept appearing. They had Chevrolet not do any work for a month, the books kept appearing. So, they decided to put him in charge of researching the anomaly and dumped any books they found into his office. Needless to say, his office became a library soon enough.

Chevrolet was extremely frustrated at this. Not only was he the center of attention for an anomaly he wasn’t responsible for, but there was also little way of knowing how the anomaly was happening. There seemed to be no pattern for the books; some were about weird Moon people, others were about SCP breaches that never happened. If he found whoever caused this, there’d be some physical conflict.

Today, a shipment of over 20 books came to his office. Most were bound to be burned. As Chevrolet went through his texts, he saw something on his desk out of the corner of his eye. It was a book, one he hadn’t remembered placing there. It read “Elijah Marlin Chevrolet, By the Book” in bold letters on the front.

“Fuck,” said Chevrolet aloud. This was gonna be a fun one. He flipped the cover over and started reading the text. It was a perfect description of the situation he was in, along with a description of him in his chair, reading his texts, finding the book, and reading it.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” groaned Chevrolet. He wrote a note on his phone.

“New book, about me, either tells the future, is a meme, or controls reality around it. In any case, I hate myself,” the note read. Chevrolet kept reading the book. In it, he found several of the documented “tales” with “Author’s Commentary” on it. He went through the list:

Two Lost Souls: When I first read Moon Champion, I knew someone had to write a tale about him. And that person was me! Specifically, I wrote a crossover between Moon Champion and The Lost Cosmonaut because why wouldn’t they. So far, it’s the most upvoted tale of my Moon Champion series, and it used to look a lot different before I touched it up to make it more format-friendly. I like it, especially since it’s the first thing of mine on the site that survived. I took heavy inspiration from Ground Control, which is a tale you should read.

I Dreamed a Dream: I actually wasn’t initially planning a sequel to Two Lost Souls when I wrote it. I think the idea came to me some time afterward that I should expand it, but I knew I needed to do some research for lunar anomalies. I found SCP-852, SCP-2686, Lunar Area-32, and SCP-2821 which’ll be discussed in the next tale. So, I planned out this tale and the last tale and wrote them out. It was fun trying to make Moon Lore, and I’m happy with the result.

Waiting in the Sky: I knew I wanted to use SCP-2821, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it a first. Eventually, I found the Pattern Screamer Explanation on r/SCPDeclassified, and that had an interesting explanation for SCP-2821, where it’s a pattern screamer gaining physical form. I sort of morphed the thing into an eldritch villain, though one with Blue-and-Orange Morality, and I’m not sure if that’s what 9Volt9Volt intended but I think it’s OK. I’m extremely happy that I got CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander’s blessing, that honestly means a lot, and now that the tales are on the actual SCP-1233 page it’s even more of a blessing. Thank you, Commander.

Tension and Release: Currently my most upvoted tale, and I’m extremely happy with the reception it has gotten. The idea, SCP-2006 on Halloween, isn’t exactly an original one, and there are a couple other tales released for the Halloween Contest involving SCP-2006, but I think the way I used SCP-2006 made it the most successful of the SCP-2006 Halloween tales. I realize that’s an extremely niche thing, but I’m claiming that role. This took inspiration from Treats and The Meaning of Fear. Some say my tale has an anticlimax, and I’d agree, though that’s sort of the point. I may write a sequel tale sometime, but I’m not sure.

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?: My lengthiest tale thus far and by far the happiest. I wanted to conjoin Adventures in Capitalism and Wonderful World, but it seemed like an impossible task UNTIL I remembered The Real Adventures in Capitalism was a thing. From there, it all fell into my lap for the taking. This is my first Wondertainment, Oneiroi, and Factory tale, which I don't think has been done before in that specific arrangement, so go me! Hell, I may end up doing more Oneiroi stuff in the future, that was super fun. Shoutouts to DarkStuffDarkStuff, who created the Wonderful World canon and is a cool dude altogether.

Chevrolet put the book down. At least he got some insight into the author’s thought process. Still didn’t explain who FishTruck was or why it did what it did. It had accessibility with the whole of the Foundation Database, it had some place for explanations of certain skips, and it wrote their tales for the sake of writing tales. None of this made sense. Then Chevrolet looked at the back.

About the Author:

Hi! I’m Elogee FishTruck, and I seek to be the best author I can be for the site. Although I do have some ideas for skips, I mainly focus on tales which are really fun to write. I love making lore and creating explanations for my favorite site tales and articles, and I plan to make many more in the future. Have a good day, and I hope you like my work!

“Goddamn pataphysical bullshit,” screamed Chevrolet before sinking his head in his hands. This was way above his pay grade. There was one final note, a picture, on the back cover.


An accurate picture of me for reference. Toodaloo, Chevrolet.

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