Engineering Technologist S. Xiao's Personnel File

Technologist S. Xiao, prior to his employment with the Foundation

Name: Engineering Technologist Sadakado Aleb Xiao, CD, CET

Security Clearance Level: 3

Specialties: Robotics, Automation, Aviation

Location: Toronto, Ontario. May be located at other facilities or places as required.

Description: Technologist Xiao is a Foundation engineering specialist, who was employed when the Foundation sought out trained personnel to expand Canadian operations.Technologist Xiao is responsible for categorizing electro-mechanical SCPs, while studying such SCPs and applying that knowledge to Foundation-based projects, underneath the supervision of the engineering services department.

At the moment, Technologist Xiao is currently in Toronto, on a contract with the Foundation. Otherwise, Technologist Xiao can be considered as secondary personnel, and can be activated as such during times of distress.

Objects Categorized:

Other Objects Categorized:

Reports Categorized:

Current Projects:

Will accept any CAD/drafting requests, please leave a PM or address in chat for details.
Currently working on side robotics projects - any details can be forwarded via Wiki PM or in-chat.
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