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"Cold, not cruel" is how the Foundation was always described to you. From day one, you were told that the Foundation's actions were based on this motto.

As an Overseer, you were supposed to keep it that way. Remain a cold, emotionless organization run by cold, emotionless humans. No matter the situation, you were to keep a straight face devoid of any emotion. Even if the world was coming to an end.

Yet there was something different about this scenario. You've seen the world end more times than you could count on both hands. What specifically could make this apocalypse worse than all the others?

"It's just my mind," you say to yourself. "we'll activate SCP-2000 or something and set everything back to normal within a week or so." You raise yourself up from your seat and decide to take a walk around Lunar Area-32. This is the only facility you never knew by heart.

As you paced around the virtually lifeless Lunar Area-32, an almost childlike wonder filled you. Not only was it amusing to you that there was a facility on the moon, but it had everything you'd expect from it. It reminded you of when you were a child, watching the landing of Apollo 11 with your ray gun firmly in your hand. It almost brought a smile to your face. But all the years of drilling the words "cold, not cruel" killed it off before you could even stretch your face. To prevent yourself from getting nostalgic, you started to walk to the Level 5 dorms and check on the situation back on the blue marble.

On your way back, something caught your eye. A "New International" Version Bible. Laying on the floor, almost as if it was placed there specifically for you. You abandoned Christianity after you read about that plane. The exact date and time was imprinted on your head.

The 4th of January, 1981 at exactly 12:05 PM. The moment you stated that God was dead.

Despite all this, the book was attractive to you. You picked it up and headed back to the restricted area. Upon returning, you decided to flip through some pages of the Bible. Despite the fact you swore to never return to God, everything in this book amazes you with that same childlike wonder. The revelations, the Angels, the beginning. It was all amazing and almost made you want to convert back. You decided to flip back to "Exodus" and read some stuff in there.

If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow….

That was before the loud notification on your "SCiPtop" disturbed you and forced you to drop the Bible, and head onto the laptop.


Nothing you haven't seen before. But you weren't too familiar with the whole ARBH Event, so it wouldn't hurt to take a quick read of the file. You stopped reading about world ending scenarios after those aliens invaded because you decided that dying in the darkness was better than dying in the light. This one was different though. It wasn't an alien invasion or World War 3; but just a load of bugs.

It's named after the biblical 8th plague, the plague of locusts. ARBH is the phonetical translation of the Hebrew word for 'locust', אַרְבֶּה.

…Biblical plague? You reread it just to make sure it wasn't your mind pulling tricks on you. And the it said exactly that. Biblical plague. Right then and there. You flipped open the Bible and tried to find the section you just read. You were just about to come upon something relating to a biblical plague prior to that damn computer distracting you. Yes, there it was. Exodus Chapter 10. Verses 4 through 6.

If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow. They will cover the face of the ground so that it cannot be seen. They will devour what little you have left after the hail, including every tree that is growing in your fields.

Your heart stopped. You swore on your life that god was dead. All the horrors and apocalyptic events you've seen were enough to prove this. Even if god wasn't dead, he would have abandoned us by now. No loving god would let all of this happen. But a loving god would not live through all this. After sitting in your chair for a half hour pondering the great thought that just came to you, you came to one conclusion.

This god is a vengeful god, and he is a bug.

Everything you had believed for over half a century had just been crushed right in front of your eyes. God wasn't dead. God was alive. He was seeking revenge. These locusts were just the beginning. There was no other option from here on out.

In that moment you began to break down into anger. You told yourself a big lie all these years. For more than 50 years, you thought one of the most dangerous entities in the universe was "just fairy tales". You launched your laptop at a door and smashed a lampshade with the laptop's remains.

You began to think that there could be a way out of this scenario while you were smashing the lamp. "Anger isn't going to help… I'll just get more grays on my scalp". Maybe you could make a "deal with the devil", so to speak. Before you joined the Foundation, you were a telemarketer. A professional BS'er. Finding a way out of this should be easy. You picked up the Bible and prayed.

Dear god, spare my world and everyone here will serve you eternally.


You prayed again. With more meaning and even using archaic language.

Oh lord, spare this dying world and all shall serve ye for eternity.


One last time. With more emphasis than before.

Father above, we repent here and now for all we have done. Retreat your locusts and let our world continue. We shall serve ye for eternity. Not as slaves, but as children of you. In your holy name, amen.


Nothing! That's all it was! That's all it ever would be! It was just an endless voice with no meaning. Oh what was the point of it all? None! You had no control of what this mysterious bug god was doing and now you had lost control of your body as you broke down in to tears. All those years of trying to entrench "cold not cruel" into your mind and blockading any and all emotion had been useless as now you were on the moon crying like a child who had juice taken from him.

And yet you kept crying, not even over the bugs. But everything you had done over the years. Cheating death at another man's expense, feeding men to an eel just to make other men forget anomalous tidbits, oh it was all horrid! But you never thought it was until now. Such a hard thing to comprehend for one man like you. Seven minutes of silence in your puddle of tears would help you get over it.

"Come on, Charles. Get your dumbass up". You lifted yourself up and sat back down. You've accepted that bargaining with this god is useless, you're too low on manpower to physically confront him. You…

You're out of options.

And you have accepted this fact.

There are no more options left to fight the big bug bastard in the sky. It was time to call it quits. Under the desk was a .44, your favorite. Still in good shape too and it was fully loaded. A rare find these days. Shame you were about to waste it. The cold, metallic barrel of your favorite gun was pressed firmly against your forehead. It felt almost comforting in a way. Now to just to pull the trigger…

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