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All researchers working with SCP-4035 are to consider any possible implications of abilities requested from SCP-4035. Testing is to be focused on understanding the extent of SCP-4035-1’s abilities and its possible secondary effect.

Testing Log Format
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Testing Log 4035-#
Resulting Ability:

Testing Log 4035-6
Researcher: Dr. Bannock
Subject: D-3462
Statement: “Make me rich.”
Resulting Ability: Subject experienced symptoms similar to dysentery. Upon termination, chemical analysis found that the symptoms had been caused by an extremely large dosage of vitamin C.

Testing Log 4035-7
Researcher: Dr. Bannock
Subject: D-4088
Statement: Subject was instructed to attempt to ask SCP-4035-1 of it’s origin. Upon manifestation, subject responded “Uh…hey man.”
Resulting Ability: Subject was replaced with a crude facsimile of a human composed entirely of straw. Subject has shown no anomalous properties, and has been incinerated.

Testing Log 4035-8
Researcher: Dr. ██████, Assisted by Dr. Bannock
Subject: D-4035-8 (mute)
Statement: N/A
Resulting Ability: N/A
Note: SCP-4035's bulb emitted a blue light for several seconds before darkening without an SCP-4035-1 manifestation.

Testing Log 4035-9
Researcher: Dr. Ahearna
Subject: D-78392
Statement: "A new life."
Resulting Ability: Immediately following demanifestation, subject expired. Subsequent autopsy revealed the cause to be sudden and complete brain atrophy. Approximately █ minutes after expiration, Researcher ██████ went into labor, giving birth to a child with an identical genetic makeup to D-78392.

Testing Log 4035-10
Researcher: Dr. ██████
Subject: D-79231
Statement: Subject was instructed to ask for the ability to heal wounds. Upon manifestation, subject requested “the ability to heal injuries.”
Resulting Ability: Immediately following demanifestation D-79231 was shot in the foot. The bullet wound healed normally, although the guard that was ordered to shoot D-79231 commented on how the rolled ankle that he received earlier “no longer hurt.”

Testing Log 4035-11
Researcher: Dr. Edison
Subject: D-79255
Statement: Breaking protocol, D-79231 said "You know what I want? I want to kill all of these motherfuckers!"
Resulting Ability: Immediately following demanifestation, D-79255 broke free of his restraints, escaped the testing chamber, broke into the briefing room and proceeded to strangle D-█████ before being terminated by security personnel. Of note is that D-█████ had previously been convicted of incestuous [DATA EXPUNGED]

Testing Log 4035-12
Researcher: Dr. Edison
Subject: D-79257
Statement: "I dunno."
Resulting Ability: Immediately following demanifestation, D-79257 lapsed into a catatonic state. Following termination, an autopsy discovered that the subject's hippocampus had been removed.

Testing Log 4035-13
Researcher: Dr. Edison
Subject: D-79258
Statement: "More wishes."
Resulting Ability: Initially, no effect was observed. Subject then asked "so what now?", before exploding into an amalgam of random body parts from various animals of the kingdom anamalia and expiring shortly afterwards.

Testing Log 4035-14
Researcher: Dr. Jaskes
Subject: D-10998
Statement: "Happiness, I guess."
Resulting Ability: Subject's demeanor immediately became more positive and stayed so for the next three days, over which he developed a loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, partial blindness, and eventual internal hemorrhaging which resulted in fatal blood loss. A toxicology report revealed that the subject had been internally contaminated with massive amounts of a certain compound. During the course of the afflictions, after having perished, and even after the onset of post-mortem primary flaccidity, D-10998 did not once cease smiling.

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