Experiment Log 783
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All tests performed using SCP-783 will be recorded here. The species of the specimen, all mutations, and time elapsed since the specimen first entered SCP-783 will be listed.

Unless noted otherwise, specimens are not in a cage or container, unless that would better suit their needs, such as an aquarium for aquatic species.

Species: Cat (Felis catus)
Description of Test: Specimen released into SCP-783. Specimen showed small external changes, including shortening of the whiskers, before changes ceased. Upon retrieval, specimen was revealed to have died from multiple malignant tumors in the internal organs. Specimen showed signs of cartilaginous bone structure, similar to a shark's.
Time Elapsed: Fifteen minutes, four seconds.

Species: Common Goldfish (Male) (Carassius auratus auratus)
Description of Test: Specimen grew extra fins and its pupils became hexagonal in shape. Upon retrieval and dissection, specimen was found to have grown venomous sacs in its stomach that contained neurotoxin deadly enough to kill a Class-D in under ten seconds. Pupils were able to perceive light from far non-ionising ultraviolet (███ nm) through far infrared (███ µm).
Time Elapsed: Twenty-four minutes, thirty seconds.

Species: Cassin's Finch (Female) (Carpodacus cassinii)
Description of Test: The plumage of the specimen changed into a bright green color. Upon retrieval and dissection, the feathers were found to have barbed edges, and the beak and throat of the specimen able to open into a cavity lined with teeth, presumably for the consumption of large prey.
Time Elapsed: Five minutes, forty-one seconds.

Species: Dog (Canis familiaris domesticus)
Description of Test: Specimen released into SCP-783. Specimen quickly became violent, and repeatedly beat its own head against the airlock, until it lost consciousness. Dissection of subject revealed its adrenal gland had increased to three times the average size for its height and weight.
Time Elapsed: Eight minutes, thirteen seconds.

Species: Common Cockchafer (Male) (Melolontha melolontha)
Description of Test: Specimen was released into SCP-783, and began to grow, before stopping growth at 74 cm in length, 22 cm in height, and 13 cm in width. Specimen was retrieved and placed into a sealed room with a Class-D test subject. Specimen attacked the test subject, and managed to bite the test subject, inserting its proboscis into the test subject's leg before being removed. Test subject chased the specimen until it fell over, clutching her leg and screaming in pain. Test subject eventually passed out, at which time the specimen approached and began to insert its proboscis at other points of the test subject's body. Test subject eventually became bloated, and was soon removed from the test chamber, along with the specimen. Dissection of the specimen revealed paralytic venom sacs and a tube leading from the ovaries of the specimen to its proboscis. Examination of the test subject revealed multiple eggs gestating where the specimen had bitten her. Eggs were removed for study, and test subject was terminated.
Time Elapsed: Three hours, forty-five minutes, thirty-six seconds.

Species: European Rabbit (Male) (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Description of Test: Specimen was released into SCP-783 through airlock. Specimen soon exhibited minor mutations, before completely stopping. Retrieval of specimen showed that its sense of smell had grown so acute it had smelled previous specimens and died of fright.
Time Elapsed: Ten minutes, fifty-two seconds.

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