Expert Witnesses

Note that this is a list of volunteer experts. Don't add anyone to this list besides yourself, and be polite and courteous to these volunteers. They don't have to help you and are providing their services out of the goodness of their hearts.


  • You must have either a degree, significant professional experience (meaning at least several years), or have in-depth academic knowledge in the field. If you are merely a hobbyist or have some passing interest in a subject, you should not consider yourself a subject matter expert.
  • You must be regularly available via forums and/or IRC. If people can't easily get a hold of you, then that doesn't really help. If your IRC nickname is different from your site name, please list that as well.
  • You must be willing to help others with your subject matter expertise. This isn't a bragging contest or talent show, this is an effort to get people in contact with experts who can help them with technical details.
  • Please defer to active contributors. Even if you are a valid subject matter expert, knowing how to apply that knowledge to writing for the SCP community is critical in separating actually interesting information from unnecessary fluff. If you have not successfully contributed to the SCP Wiki in the form of SCP articles, tales, or other non-collaborative literature, then please defer to those who have.

To add yourself alphabetically to the list in the appropriate category/ies, please insert the following code with your professional experience/credentials:


If you want to make yourself available for reference on stuff you're a hobbyist at, feel free to list that in the comments on the thread named "Non-profession Helpers".


ZenlissZenliss — 4 years in 3D modeling with Blender.

djkaktusdjkaktus — Music (8+ years as a performer/educator).

Dr AcheronDr Acheron — 6+ years as a music student, significant academic understanding of music theory.

Dr BlastoffDr Blastoff — 11+ years in all areas of live music production. 20+ years musician. 4 years college experience for graphic design/general art (digital and traditional)/audio recording. (IRC nick = Dr_Blastoff)

DrKensDrKens — Freelance photographer (8+ years in both digital and film [all formats, incl. wet plate, daguerreotype, 35mm, 120/220, and large format], as well as darkroom/special effects), graphics designer (4+ years), and web designer (3+ years). Very experienced with Adobe CS and Lightroom.

FerJoxFerJox — Several years in 3D modeling with Blender.

HornbyHornby — Audio engineering and theatre technology. (13 years experience as a professional live theatre technician.) (Note: Hornby is rarely ever on chat, but checks his Wikidot PMs regularly - that's the way to reach him.)

MC_KejmlMC_Kejml — Knowledge of Cinematography. (Three years hands-on filmmaking experience and education.)

purple_riderpurple_rider — 5 years experience in theatre with set/properties/lighting design. Currently working on a BFA in theatre design/technology. Can be most reliably reached through a pm. I do lurk on irc occasionally and my name there is the same as my name here

wishunwishun — 6 years experience in FX industry — movie production practicalities, special effects — make-up and mechanical only, I don't do CGI.


DrBleepDrBleep — Bachelors in Microbiology, 3+ years experience in Virological labs, strongest topics are Molecular Biology, Bacteriology, Immunology on a microscopic and molecular scale, Retroviruses, and certain double stranded viruses (such as Herpes). Willing to answer questions.

ophiteophite — Biochemistry. (Wife is a biochemist, and also willing to answer questions).

Professor RitchieProfessor Ritchie — Degree in Biomedical science and experience in clinical research. My strongest topics are biology of disease, stem cells, cancer, experiment design and research writing.

PhotosyntheticPhotosynthetic — B.Sc. in evolution & ecology with botany focus, Ph.D. candidate in botany, 4 years' professional experience. Botany, ecology, plant taxonomy, plant physiology. Photosynthetic is rarely in chat; contact her via wiki PM.

VivaxVivax — Biology, Immunology. Bachelors, Masters (pending).

WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver — M.S. Bioengineering. Specialties in biomechanics, medical imaging, and the cardiovascular system.

MegalonyxMegalonyx — 6+ years professional botany experience, growing and breeding rare orchids (esp. leafless orchids) and ferns (esp. epiphytic ferns). Generally knowledgeable in taxonomy and physiology about all life, but especially plants.

ProsopagnosticProsopagnostic — MS in Cognition & Neuroscience, pursuing PhD in the same. Ask me questions about (human, systems-level) neuroscience.

WaluwadjetWaluwadjet — Finishing a Bachelor's of Science in Zoology, 3 years experience in laboratory work. Strongest subjects are ichthyology and herpetology, but I also have experience with arachnology, ecology, evolution, and anatomy.


FlameShirtFlameShirt — Currently hold an Ordinary Degree in Chemistry, working towards an integrated Bachelors-Masters degree. Able to answer questions on most chemical areas, including environmental, materials and pharmacology.


ChaoSeraChaoSera — BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Embedded Systems and Microrobotics. Knowledgable on robotics, software development, embedded systems (specifically in automotive) and autonomous driving.

ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish — BTEC in IT, 4 years experience in IT, currently another 4 years in Software Support supporting a payroll system, accounts system and asset management system. Able to provide knowledge on SQL, databases in general, knowledge on how payroll, accounting and asset management databases work, knowledge of ITIL environments and able to offer knowledge on general IT.

DrMagnusDrMagnus — BS in Computer science, with experience in applications development, and research in Semantic Web Ontologies

LumancerLumancer — Bachelor's in Software Engineering.

pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul — 10 years in IT, 3 years in IT management. Sonicwall Certified Network Professional. Able to talk on systems administration, networking, security, viruses, programming etc. PM me if it needs a long/detailed response, if you have short questions message me on IRC as bluesoul.


DmatixDmatix — Hebrew, Arabic, history (esp. Roman). Professional translator of Hebrew (and to a lesser extent Arabic), bachelor's in history, currently completing master's degree in history (focused on Roman history).

Eta CarinaeEta Carinae — French native speaker. Several years as professional translator English/French (both ways): written translation, oral simultaneous translation. Masters in English. Not in chat (yet), PM is good, I visit the site every day.

FerJoxFerJox — Spanish, native speaker.

Gene RGene R — Russian translation & proofreading of machine-translated Russian (Drewbear's note: Gene R is the one responsible for one quarter of the translations on the Russian SCP wiki, and has done several translations of original SCPs from Russian to English and posted them here on behalf of the original authors.)

ghostchibighostchibi — Japanese language both written and spoken. Native Japanese speaker, also knowledge of Kansai dialect Japanese (probably a bit outdated in slang though).

HexaDonHexaDon — South African Afrikaans language, both written and spoken (Two dialects). Knowledge of South African history and various local cultures (Xhosa, Sotho etc.) Relatively frequent on chat. PM me if important.

Logan ArmstrongLogan Armstrong — Brazilian Portuguese language, both written and spoken. Can help with interpretation, writing and translation to English. Native Portuguese speaker, born and living in Brazil.

LumancerLumancer — Extensive knowledge of Roman Catholic beliefs, traditions, structure, and lore.

ophiteophite — Bachelor's in Anthropology, with plenty of linguistics and archaeology on the side. Juris Doctor. Anthropology, linguistics, archaeology.

Dr_GromDr_Grom — German language, both written and spoken, native speaker. Translation in both directions and proofreading in German. Checking PMs multiple times daily.


DrKensDrKens — Materials Science and Engineering [Nanomaterials and Nanodevices, Semiconductors, Spectroscopy/Optical Research, Electromagnetic properties] and robotics/automated systems. (Bachelor's in Materials Science and Engineering, 3+ years active research experience, published, currently in industry as a R&D Process Engineer).

LurkDLurkD — Mining Engineering; geology, mineralogy, petrology, demolition and precision blasting, fluid mechanics, engineering design/survey (Master's in Mining Engineering, Minor in Explosives Engineering, 7+ years industry experience).

Patrick WhelanPatrick Whelan — Mechanical Engineering (stress/structure, thermal, fluid dynamics), Metrology, Rocketry, Manufacturing and Logistics, U.S. Gov't Classification Conventions.

Sad XiaoSad Xiao — Automation engineering technology - advanced diploma in electro-mechanical engineering technology. Robotic and industrial applications, industrial safety standards, automation applications, technical writing, technical sales, drafting work - Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) in Mechanical Design. 3D Printing part design and production. (Most easily reached in chat!)

VAElynxVAElynx — Materials science and engineering in general, physics and chemistry as related to the prior, technical writing (regularly exploited at work to check english in reports to be submitted to western journals). Master of Mechanical Engineering, currently PhD student of questionable ability on his way to be a thin films deposition technician. VAE is rarely in chat, contact him via wiki PM.

WestrinWestrin — 13 years in the repair of separate airplane parts. Won't answer questions about airplanes as a whole, but separate components are free game.

WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver — B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Bioengineering. Mechanics and fluid flow of biological tissues, general knowledge in biology, mechanics, and electromagnetism.


HornbyHornby — Espionage, intelligence, international politics. (BA in Political Science / International Relations with Leadership, Peace, and Security Studies subfield.)(Note: Hornby is rarely ever on chat, but checks his Wikidot PMs regularly - that's the way to reach him.)

spikebrennanspikebrennan — Law, business(JD).

WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver — MBA in Finance. Studied economics and markets.

LeveritasLeveritas — Bachelor's degree Social Worker, several years experience in teaching Civics (Citizenship, mainly Politics).


DmatixDmatix — Hebrew, Arabic, history (esp. Roman). Professional translator of Hebrew (and to a lesser extent Arabic). Bachelor's degree in history, currently completing master's degree in history (focused on Roman history).

EskobarEskobar — Concentration in American history, particular knowledge of post-Reconstruction eras and American civil rights history), coursework in special education law and practices, classroom management, and planning, practical experience in 7-12 social studies education. (BA in History, MS in education.)

Gaffney does not match any existing user name — Islam, Central Asian history, with a focus on the twentieth century. Soviet history. MA.

MC_KejmlMC_Kejml — European History; structure and evolution of state, trade, religious beliefs, everyday life, etc. Knowledge of Czech Republic, both language-translation services, history, and geography (life). (Bachelor's in History and Humanities.)

Von PincierVon Pincier — History of Science and Technology with a focus on military technology. Very infrequently on Site19, Wiki PM is preferable. (Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History of Science/Tech.)


Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23 — Trained and worked for about 4 years as an occupational underwater diver. Included certifications in small vessel operation and marine VHF radio protocols. Can be contacted with a wikiPM, or 'BoogeyMan23' (or 'BoogeyMobile23') on IRC.

The Great HippoThe Great Hippo — Several years experience in the petrochemical industry, with a focus on distillation and operation of large-scale refinery equipment (pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, distillation towers, steam turbines, automated control valves, etc). Available via PM here or on IRC as 'Hippo' (often in #Site19).


MegalonyxMegalonyx — Masters in statistics, bachelors in math and physics. Any questions involving numbers or mathematical structure is fair game. It doesn't hurt to ask.

MZambiaMZambia — Bachelor's degree in mathematics, focused primarily on real and complex analysis. Not sure how helpful that will be, but should it come up, I can help.

wishunwishun — Master's in Math — particularly non-euclidean geometry.


djkaktusdjkaktus — Dentistry (2+ years in practice).

DoktoriDoktori — Doctorate in Medicine.

DrewbearDrewbear — Medical records. I can probably answer very basic questions about medical terminology, although I defer to actual medical professionals about full medical details. Also, although I am not a doctor/nurse/other health professional, I work with a wide variety of medical records constantly as part of my job.

FlameShirtFlameShirt — Extensive pharmacology knowledge as part of a chemistry degree.

WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver — Protocols in animal experiments from bioengineering degree.


KohnKohn — Prior active-duty Marine Corps Infantryman with 5+ years. Served in standard and Special Operations Capable units. Has experience in most aspects of ground warfare weapons and tactics including: CQB, recapture, communications, security, and others. Wiki PMs would be the best contact method.


DoktoriDoktori — Bachelor's in Physics.

MZambiaMZambia — Working on PhD in plasma physics. I can answer questions about that, fluid dynamics, and most classical physics topics.

PetrogradPetrograd — Undergraduate physics minor. Petrograd's not on IRC much, but wiki PMs are good.

RalphomonRalphomon — MPhysPhil in physical and philosophy, PhD in semiconductor quantum physics, current postdoctoral researcher in experimental quantum optics/quantum information. Particularly interested in quantum mechanics (including philosophy thereof, particularly Everettian many-worlds interpretations), can help with most general physics, not as much help with astronomy/cosmology. Not on IRC, will respond to wiki PMs.

YugobossYugoboss — Got a PhD in astrophysics, and currently a postdoctoral researcher (2+ years) in an astrophysics lab. Although I specialize in astrophysics/cosmology (dark matter, dark energy, cosmic microwave background), I can help with pretty much any topic in physics and/or can get help from colleagues working on the corresponding fields if needed. Not so much present on IRC (but I can be if needed), I will quickly respond to wiki PMs.


ahbonjourahbonjour — Child psychology and child care. Several years experience as au pair, nanny, pre-school educator, and misc. child care. Experience with autism and Down syndrome in children. Not on IRC much, but responds to PMs the same day.

DrewbearDrewbear — Psychology and psychological abnormalities (can help w/ general questions). Medical records. Bachelor's in Psychology w/ specialty in Experimental Psychology.

PetrogradPetrograd — Experimental psychology, statistics, human factors/ergonomics, also library (circulation). Current research is in cognitive decision-making. (Ph.D. student in human factors psychology, M.A. in Experimental and I/O Psychology.) Petrograd's not on IRC much, but wiki PMs are good.

FlameShirtFlameShirt — Extensive work with mental health charities, Scottish Mental Health First Aid trained, as well as having lived experiences.

MinjujubeMinjujube — M.A. In Art Therapy. Experience with forensic populations, chronic severe mental illnesses, mood disorders, variety of psychotherapeutic modalities. Currently working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Zachary MaxwellZachary Maxwell — Bachelor's degree in Social Work (England) - meaning expertise in both English laws involving social work, and the societal elements of social work. Specialising in mental health, specifically young people (16-25) but also adults. Worked long term with elderly people in a caring role, as well as running a Woman's Group specialising in mental health and sexual abuse. Long term experience and academic knowledge of gender and sexuality; long term volunteer in LGBT+ groups. Never in IRC, please PM or catch me on the forums.

Escape TheoryEscape Theory — Several years of experience in child care, mainly treatment for kids with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Down Syndrome, ASD, etc. PM me if you need help

ProsopagnosticProsopagnostic — MS in Cognition & Neuroscience, pursuing PhD in the same. Will be especially helpful with questions regarding memory and learning.

fieldstonefieldstone — MA in behavior analysis. Experience in behavior therapy for people with autism, intellectual disabilities, and emotional disorders. Knowledge related to therapeutic processes, clinical analysis/documentation, alternative/augmented communication methods, and mechanics of learning/conditioning. Rarely in chat, available through PMs.


DrScaramoucheDrScaramouche — Consecrated Deacon in the Lutheran church. (ELCA/America), Seminary graduate (MAMS-C). Also happen to be a playwright. (Go figure. Two useless degrees!) Experience with interfaith, Abrahamic tradition, Wicca, limited interface with Eastern religions & medicines. Fairly adept at ethics, philosophy in general, and related fields. Extremely open mind. Please PM me on the Wiki/Forum. Will try to be on IRC, but work schedule is… sporadic.


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