Teh Fantem of teh opura
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-Dr. John Blanchard, current ass director of information security

Recovered from teh-fantem-of-teh-opura.tumblr.com:

I can't wait for the opura preformance at the natl Eldritch Abdomination this weekend. Fantem the Wolpertinger and EC the whateverthefuck are going to be there. I hear Fantem wil be preforming her wolpertinger poetry. Except opura. I dognnt know how it works.


the wolpertingg, she singg,,,


actual fanart made bby me im screaming??? the detail??

Recovered from teh-fantem-of-teh-opura.tumblr.com:

I was aat the Site 19 formal and I saw Fantem ina drees. I'm going to write fanfiction about her,, sje is so gorgeous. Look at her furry booty <3,,3,#3,a3,qewldfg

Recovered from teh-fantem-of-teh-opura.tumblr.com:

im scrEMIGN

Regurgitated from teh-fantem-of-teh-opura.tumblr.com:

It was April 42rd 20420….. Fantem was sitting at her desk that had a little pilow on the desk on the desk for her antlers shape… she was sleepoo because she had been working all day. She and EC the tentacle hadd been out at the drjinking party with Blarooth and Soulless. "I am tired," Fanto had said, and so she left. Then adert that, she went to the pillow desk with the antler shape. Sh had a big day to day todorrow: The Fantem of the Opura. It was like REpor the Generic Opera but with less bloog and more sexy Fantem.

The njext day, Fannoe went to the oerpa house. She was to perform Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja and Caruso, both names I just now Googled.

When Fantem sanged, the audiences's, everyone's earballs burst into tears. it has been long been said that the call fo the wolpertinger is one irrestiable, and in the Fantem of th eopuura, we have all learnt this. but what happensed…. when orver in the showerdos in the corner… Blarth had esxcapen FORT ASSHOLE???

AN:: to be contin?? I just start this plbig please like and rebagal <3,3,3, XOXOXOXOXO~~~~~~~~~~~~


-Dr. Kit Jenkens, current ass assistant to Dr. Blanchard

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