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8. The Broken Mind [Church of the Broken God] by FortuneFavorsBold

  • But alas and woe! In the chamber below a great boulder had fallen, and the glorious Mind lay smashed in the rubble.

7. Hello, I Am an Eldritch Horror [Serpent's Hand] by DreamwalkerFae

  • I constantly move between worlds, once I have finished consuming them, but am currently jailed by the SCP Foundation.

6. SPC-140 [Shark Punching Center] by sirpudding

  • Agents are to make every effort to secure the hides and ink of CYAN ABYSS Deviant-Type Selachian Entities, and to secure any other instances of BRONZE UPPERCUT.

5. #Xiupania [Oneiroi Collective] by Faminepulse

  • Xiupania is a concrete low fantasy. An individual’s powers within Xiupania are semi-mundane.

4. Recruitment Drive (R-28126) [The Factory] by tretter

  • While they were not initially interested, after a short tour of the facility, and contact with an elder foreman in charge of recruitment, they changed their minds.

3. Project Proposal 2004-024: "My Father's Values" [Are We Cool Yet?] by Zolgamax

  • Handshakes of insufficient pressure will result in the actor breaking the weak shaker's hand through grip strength. (Not sure what happens if you don't shake his/her hand. Wouldn't advise that.)

2. 'Rogue AI' (NVEO4/YVN3E/PN6UG) [Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.] by Doctor Cimmerian

  • All intelligences are rated at or above level 2 on the Asimov AI Scale. Due to customization options each intelligence may possess a variety of knowledge and skills that are tailored to the buyer's needs.


  • 750 million USD to create the Reissner-Nordström black hole. 200 million USD to construct the superconducting blades…
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