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110. SCP-1387 (by Waterfire): Giant Seagull Airlines

  • Once every 3 to 5 months SCP-1387 will land at the nearest airport to its current location and initiate its primary effect.

109. SCP-3934 (by Modern_Erasmus): For Sale: Loch Ness Monsters [contest prize feature]

  • Instances of SCP-3934, classified as Plesiosaurus pygmaeus , grow to only just over half the size of other plesiosaurs, with adult males averaging 1.9 meters in length and adult females averaging 1.7 meters.

108. SCP-3564 (by MaliceAforethought): The Immortal Bard, Act Ⅱ: Return of Shakespeare [contest prize requested feature]

  • The entity exhibits unusually high levels of muscle mass, tumorous growths in multiple limbs and organs, and appears to have been grown via anomalous means from the remains of William Shakespeare.

107. SCP-3379 (by Weryllium and DarkStuff): D-11424 and the Arctic Meat Hole of Infinite Wonders [contest prize feature]

  • Several creatures resembling walruses are seen surveying the river bank. They possess blonde hair styled in a mullet, and black leather jackets with various decorations.

106. SCP-3949 (by Weryllium): Welcome to the Internet [contest prize feature]

  • SCP-3949 denotes a series of accounts, presumably all created by a single entity, located on various social media websites, forums, and message boards.

105. SCP-2338 (by Rimple): An Unorthodox Adoption [contest prize feature]

  • All instances of SCP-2338 lack noses, ears and mouths. Despite this, subjects show an unhindered capacity to smell, hear and taste.

104. SCP-2581 (by Kandarin): Greeting Card Rapture

  • However, later outbreaks have increasingly featured religions that lack some or all of these traits, including several religions that do not correspond to any belief system known to exist in human history.

103. SCP-2881 (by Zmax15): The Tree You Cannot Climb

  • SCP-2881’s anomalous properties manifest any time a human being attempts to climb it by the installation or use of climbing spikes, spurs, studs, or grips.

102. SCP-2409 (by Michael Atreus): Lost Precinct

  • SCP-2409 is the former 96th precinct police station in Manhattan, New York City. Exterior doors and windows are inoperable and impervious to ordinary attempts to remove or damage them.

101. SCP-1131 (by CityToast): The Oscar Bug

  • When a female SCP-1131 bites a mammal, the affected person or animal (immediately given the designation SCP-1131-1) begins a physical transformation lasting several days.

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