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90. SCP-2135 (by ObserverSeptember): 91st Street Station

  • SCP-2135-A is only perceivable to those standing on the subway platform at the time it arrives; non-anomalous trains in service will pass through it as if it were not there…

89. SCP-2870 (by Bryx): General Malaise

  • SCP-2870 is a strain of the common cold which causes sentience and limited mobility in the mucus of the nose and throat. Despite being a single contiguous mass, sections of mucus are believed to possess separate personalities.

88. SCP-2944 (by Cavalry): An Anomalous Haircut

  • Once the conditions given in Procedure Gamma-2944 are met, the wearer will gain conscious control over each hair follicle on their body.

87. SCP-1175 (by ChazzK): Bovine Icon and Guards

  • SCP-1175 is the central display of the ██████ █████████ Park, an open-air artistic installation located in [REDACTED] and covering a fenced-in area approximately 0.25 kilometers square.

86. SCP-1250 (by UncleJoe): Alternate Reality Recorders

  • Multiple simultaneous recordings are noted to further alter proceedings, with greater numbers of SCP-1250-1 or SCP-1250-2 tapes present during a single session resulting in more dramatic variations.

85. SCP-1791 (by astronautilus): Mobile Homes

  • However, each residence contains an unrecorded door in the least-used portion of the home—generally the back of a storage closet or guest bedroom.

84. SCP-1881 (by zaratustra): Arcade Machine

  • SCP-1881 is an arcade machine of early 80s design. The design is consistent with the [REDACTED] brand, but most identifying marks in the casing have been removed or painted over.

83. SCP-2031 (by sandrewswann): Ant farm

  • Unlike a normal swarm of Eciton burchellii, SCP-2031 will send columns of soldiers to climb the prey animal and demonstrate what appears to be tactical behavior and an understanding of the prey’s anatomy…

82. SCP-1567 (by Musuko): The Dunne of Gallen

  • No motor vehicles have been observed within SCP-1567-1, despite the presence of modern metalled roads, line markings and signage supporting their use.

81. SCP-2814 (by Anborough): Heretic of the Torch

  • SCP-2814 is a ceremonial mask constructed of Zitan wood with fragments of jade. Its dimensions are 24cm x 10cm, and it is largely dark brown in color.

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