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99. SCP-1632 (by Flying Spidersnake): Better Ring Xing

  • In every advertisement, a sequence of 10 unknown symbols appear where a telephone number would normally be placed.

98. SCP-2858 (by Taffeta): As Though The Wasps Themselves Had Worked It There

  • Foundation tracking of the packages reveal that they are inevitably sent from one of many Foundation front companies, despite no records of such deliveries existing.

97. SCP-2494 (by TL333s): Soft Hands

  • SCP-2494 is a phenomenon whereby animals (SCP-2494-1) manifest human hands, integrated into their anatomy.

96. SCP-3513 (by psul): The brain that ate itself

  • Proposals for a network of Foundation seismographs to detect potential anomalies in the Earth's outer core are currently under consideration.

95. SCP-2329 (by gishface): …But Nobody's Home

  • Records show four Foundation personnel were present in the room when this picture was taken, one sitting in each chair.

94. SCP-2779 (by Rimple): Oinkers

  • SCP-2779 is capable of interfacing with and becoming devices running x86_64 Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium.

93. SCP-2268 (by SpectralDragon): Loaf Page

  • Once a page has been loaded, an alert window will prompt the user to "loaf page" (sic) by inserting a slice of bread into the disk drive.

92. SCP-2354 (by Niblic): Reasonable Accommodations

  • SCP-2354 is the collective designation for extradimensional floors that manifest in multi-story buildings in the United States.

91. SCP-1172 (by deValmont): Double Word Scare

  • The remaining two 'wildcard' tiles, usually blank or marked with a single dot in the commercial set, are slightly darker and marked with a drawing of an eye…

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