Featured SCP Archive II - 101 through 200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.

117. SCP-3986 (by Tufto): The Observatory of Genghis Khan [contest prize feature, requested by Woedenaz]

  • SCP-3986 refers to a hypothetically extant mountain, with an unknown location somewhere in Inner Asia.

116. SCP-4833 (by Tufto): The Syncope Symphony [contest prize feature, requested by Rounderhouse / DrAnnoyingDog]

  • Sightings of SCP-4833 members invariably mention that they are "masked".

115. SCP-2622 (by basicmathgirl): Ambassador from the Mole People

  • Subject is typically dressed in Foundation-provided human clothing, with a professed fondness for khaki, aloha shirts, and men’s sun hats.

114. SCP-1456 (by Dr Sketch): "You've Won!"

  • SCP-1456 is a series of anomalous phone-in contests advertised in print, radio, local television and billboards.

113. SCP-3305 (by Captain Kirby): The Father, The Son, and The Holy Toast

  • SCP-3305 is a collection of five trees in the ██████████ Forest with slices of white bread stapled to them. All attempts to remove the bread from the trees have failed.

112. SCP-3159 (by ZoltanBerrigomo): The Trashiest World in the Multiverse

  • Because the transmission frequency of SCP-3159 falls outside the FM radio band, it is relatively rare for commercially available radios to pick it up; when this does occur, listeners usually assume they are listening to a parody…

111. SCP-2232 (by minmin): Birdphone. Think Different.

  • Using SCP-2232 to call a valid telephone number causes it to transform into a common hill myna, which then appears to reproduce via budding to produce a second, smaller myna.

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