Featured Tale Archive

This archive displays all Foundation Tales that have been featured on the site's front page.


99. Flamingos by Wogglebug

  • "Someone's gone and put flamingos all over my lawn! I don't know how they got there, but they're there and I want them gone."

98. Being Cactusman by Riemann

  • What few scientists bother to worry about is whether or not plants dream. They do.

97. The Green Prince by giant enemy spycrab

  • Typically, a Type-Green entity’s first experience with his or her abilities comes unintentionally, in response to an immediate perceived threat.

96. Grin and Bear It by keyii

  • He had received a grand total of five hundred and thirty two unread messages since noon that day, seven of which were from the past three minutes.

95. Unclogging the Multiverse's Trash by 9Volt [contest prize feature]

  • Lake Ontario is a hotbed for dimensional weirdness.

94. A Funeral On Mars by Djoric

  • In memory of Opportunity.

93. Recovered Media: The Hard-Boiled Adventures of Murphy Law by Petrograd

  • Prior to enactment of standard Foundation media alteration protocol 912-A ("TWILIGHT ZONE"), 7 relevant files were recovered.

92. Ground Control by Anonymouse99

  • Over the years he heard a constant stream of broadcasts from his home, oh what the world had become.

91. How Dr. Clef Contained Christmas! by LurkD, narration by Doctor Cimmerian

  • He puzzled over this behavior, but who should he call?

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