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57. A Visitation by AssertiveRoland

  • He let out a long sigh and rubbed at his temples, reaching for the bottle of bourbon he saved in the cabinet nearby for serious emergencies.
  • It wasn’t there.

56. I ≠ I by Von Pincier

  • "This ball is not spherical," I say. Thankfully, I am wrong.

55. New Kid on the Block by Anaxagoras

  • With everything he had ever cared about lying in ruins around him, Jake Son-of-Gaia set off on the journey to Site 19, where he knew he would find people able to aid him in his vendetta against the foul Broken God.

54. World Tour by yellowdrakex

  • “Ladies and gentleman, the world tour has started!” she announced, moving the controls of the UAV smoothly. The secondary pilot grinned at her with his dagger-like teeth, the spines down his back pricked in excitement…

53. Teeth, Dearie by Dr LosER

  • Oh hush now, those stories are greatly over exaggerated. I am not a demon, and I most certainly am not hellspawn. My mother would take offense to that, you know. No need to be rude!

52. Shadow of a Doubt by Dr Yucatan

  • Swinburne, like most Level-2 Technicians, knew he was replaceable. It came with the territory. Though obviously not as knowledgeable about the SCP-objects contained at Area-12 as other personnel, he knew two things…

51. Happy Free Market Log 17643390 by Chaoseed

  • A purchase! 1e3 Neocredits, delight for senses. Honorable customer is curious as to what fortune shall bring. I bring forth one of innumerable sweet beverages available in spacetime locality.

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