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This archive displays all Foundation Tales which have been featured on the site's front page.

54. World Tour by yellowdrakex

  • “Ladies and gentleman, the world tour has started!” she announced, moving the controls of the UAV smoothly. The secondary pilot grinned at her with his dagger-like teeth, the spines down his back pricked in excitement…

53. Teeth, Dearie by Dr LosER

  • Oh hush now, those stories are greatly over exaggerated. I am not a demon, and I most certainly am not hellspawn. My mother would take offense to that, you know. No need to be rude!

52. Shadow of a Doubt by Dr Yucatan

  • Swinburne, like most Level-2 Technicians, knew he was replaceable. It came with the territory. Though obviously not as knowledgeable about the SCP-objects contained at Area-12 as other personnel, he knew two things…

51. Happy Free Market Log 17643390 by Chaoseed

  • A purchase! 1e3 Neocredits, delight for senses. Honorable customer is curious as to what fortune shall bring. I bring forth one of innumerable sweet beverages available in spacetime locality.

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