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This archive displays all Foundation Tales which have been featured on the site's front page.

50. The Orb is the Key by TexasBigfoot

  • Striking it with a hammer was useless. Using a cutting torch only made it warm to the touch. Having someone drive a railroad spike into it bent the spike. Throughout all the tests I've done and ran on this creation, it still continues to roll by itself, in the rough span of a meter.

49. The Worm by SnakeoilSage

  • I stand within the snare, built of the iron of the earth and the blood of man, and I bait the worm to its doom!

48. The Coward by MissMercurial

  • "Look, Nigel, we know. We know that you gave yourself an unauthorized dose of Class A amnestics. We also know that you should be able to remember why."

47. Retirement Policy by SpoonofEvil

  • “Congratulations, Dr. Ryan.” Agent Williams smiled as he took a sip of cheap beer. The young agent was leaning back in his chair as if he didn't have a care in the world. “As of two minutes ago, you are officially no longer in the employ of the Foundation.”

46. Skippy by tehburntone

  • Another day, another skip. You think you're clever, don't you? Well, you're not. That's right, I'm talking to you, Mr. Skippy, you blasted piece of shit. Oh, they think you're a toy gun that transports people into the past and kills them? Well fuck me, you're not, sly bugger. Oh, no.

45. For Elise by MisterKillam

  • In my shed, I was building, building something groundbreaking and amazing. Something beautiful, something so complex it was a symphony of antennae, transistors, and resistors, a veritable orchestra of electrical parts.

44. Breath, Pulse, Blood, Spine by Dmatix

  • Huh. Nodded off there for a minute. Must be tired, shouldn't have walked all night like that. Still, I'd say it's been worth it. God, look at that view.

43. The Human Part of the Equation by TroyL

  • Sometime in the early morning, he rose, took out his pistol, and walked mechanically into the woods. The shot echoed through the trees, ringing with blood and iron.

42. Lemuridae by Tom Serveaux

  • Of course, there are times when I don’t want to be human at all.
  • Sometimes… I want to be a lemur.

41. Once But Not Now by SRegan

  • Sometimes, when he closed his withered eyelids, the old man could see the prairies of his youth, the moonlight grasses, feel and hear the gentle whiskers of the wind against his flesh.

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