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40. A Day In The Life

  • Pretty much everyone on the squad had something they did to ensure they'd come back alive and in one piece.

39. Stare


38. Snippets From The Serpent

37. Null Space

  • And we will hurl our thunderbolts against the sacred towers, with our red right hand.

36. Recovered Document 4761: CotBG-82

  • "I just find it to be abhorrent. Using cars for rituals — it’s out of the question. I don’t understand young people today and what motivates them."

35. Post Finem

  • The world ended yesterday, and none of us noticed until this morning.

34. How Dr. Clef Saved Christmas

  • And a 'Ho, ho, ho' to you too, motherfuckers! WHOOO!

33. Incursion

  • If the words "esoteric containment" mean nothing to you, stop listening.

32. What Lies Ahead

  • The Foundation in space.

31. The Flytrap

  • The O5 council is one of those secrets that's a secret until you're Clearance 2- and then it's just creepy. They're the people who control the Foundation. Who are they? Oh, they have numbers, not names. Who were they? Fuck knows.

30. Break On Through

  • No more running. No more hiding. You've had your fun. We think it's time you faced up to what you've done. Don't you?

29. All They Want Is The Blood

  • Personnel assigned to maintain the containment pattern are instructed to silently walk down the center of the main hallway at a slow but steady pace. As it takes approximately eleven minutes to walk to the execution chamber at maximum safe rate of travel, personnel will have only three minutes to work on the pattern and still have enough time to reasonably guarantee a safe exit from the facility.

28. Empty Nights

  • The broken man looked up at the mountains in front of him and thought about the climb ahead. This was going to take time. But time he had in abundance. He'd never run out, not ever again. Time was all he had left, in these empty nights.

27. Unfinished Business

  • "What's a little murder between friends?"

26. In the Big League

  • Don't worry. The less you know, the better off you'll be. Sure, it'll nag at you and roll around in your mind, but ignorance really is bliss.

25. Acquisitions - a Marshall, Carter & Dark Tale

  • "My dear fellow, nothing in this world is off-limits."

24. Class Omega

  • The eternal sunshine…

23. A Video Oddity

  • Contrary to all currently received reports, no "Ninth Disc" has ever been found. Please do not disseminate these unfounded rumors among staff. Investigation is ongoing.

22. Recovered Data File

  • No further information is available. Currently, Sophia Light is serving as Director of Site-41.

21. Into That Good Night

  • A collection of villanelles based on SCP articles.

20. Clockwork Time

  • The Fabergé bastard was raging…

19. Running

  • Your legs are tired, so tired, so tired, but don't stop. Don't ever stop. Just keep running.

18. Name, Rank, Serial Number

  • Instead, there were two sharp clicks, like a typewriter…

17. The Little Lost ██████

  • I’ve never seen anything so

16. Sunday Service

  • “Brothers and Sisters, let us bow our heads in prayer.”

15. The Factory

  • Where it all began.

14. Metafiction - a story about stories.

  • I don't think we're real.

13. Ecce Peragio

  • "Hello, Everett. No, no. Sit. Please. It's time that we discussed that promotion you've been jockeying for… Tell me… What's your favorite number?"

12. Acquisition Log SCP-███-█


11. Picking A compulsion

  • Stop it. Just stop it. You can still stop… Can't you?

10. Critters A monologue of a cruel godhood.

  • "I think they like to sing me to sleep."

9. Badges And Scorecards Through the eyes of a Foundation marksman.

  • "There are no monsters. They are all dead."

8. Decency Found in a note left by an agent, a short tale of simple human kindness.

  • "Don't overestimate the decency of the human race." - H.L. Mencken

7. And It Starts With a Song The end of life as we know it. The beginning of life as we don't know it. SCP-407.

  • From what I've tasted of desire…

6. The Lombardi Tales

  • The slowly growing archive of the life and experiences of Max Lombardi.

5. MS. Found in a Beach House

  • A Short, Five Part Series. Check it out.

4. Stratagem - In which contingency plans are discussed, over lunch.

  • What do you do when things go wrong?

3. That Goddamn Thing - Resistance is futile.

  • "Memetics is bullshit!…I hate the very word. 'Mmmmeeeeeeem.' I pronounce it 'maim' every time I can because I hate it so much."

2. Incident Mike Echo Seven Alpha - Why the Administrator doesn't show up any more.

  • Everyone copes differently with loss…

1. Epitaph - Iceberg and Gears share some quality conversation

  • The price for insight is the burden of knowledge.
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