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90. If You Are Reading This... co-authored by Jacob Conwell, Decibelles, djkaktus, Roget, Zyn

  • Throughout the various facilities of the SCP Foundation, it is not uncommon for the facility Ethics Committee liaison to collect letters from the personnel.

89. CryogenChaos' Comment Tales by CryogenChaos

  • These "micro tales", as they were, have generally been well received by the community, and even sparked full tale fodder.

88. In the Clutches of Life by Captain Kirby [contest prize feature]

  • It hurt so much.

87. Parts by fieldstone [contest prize feature]

  • The object's body shuddered, rattling in its stand. Captain Grounds snapped into a firing stance. The room surged with tension. She saw Ken's hand move from the anesthesia controls to the kill dial.

86. A Brief Explanation of Demonics by AJMansfield

  • Historically, individuals in varying civilizations and eras have used demons for various things, ranging from manual labor to military purposes.

85. Beasts of the Old Letters by OZ Ouroboros and KnightKnight

  • I leave these stories to whomever finds them, so that they can know that they did exist.

84. Astronomical by Sophia Light

  • So suffice to say that our planet was dying, while we yearned to live.

83. Ethics by fieldstone

  • That part, at least, is true.

82. Right? by weizhong

  • "Sign the form on lines 3, 5, 18, and 23."

81. Naptime by Eskobar

  • Thomas's thing was that he simply refused to sleep. Some of you are parents and are nodding your heads but it's a lot stranger than you think.

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