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Anomalous Item File: AO-042286

Item description: AO-042286 is a large pile of rocks that wirelessly transmits documents and pictures via unknown means. Transmissions to date have included:

AO-042286 has been observed interacting with the following online systems:

  • The Site19 IRC channel, where AO-042286 has been observed to engage in bursts of activity before leaving abruptly and without warning. When interviewed about this behavior, AO-042286 responded that it "[has] to take care of little pebble."
  • The Instagram mobile platform, via the account @officialvegaflowers. Posts to the account consist mainly of artistic images generated by AO-042286 itself. The account also regularly posts photographs of a family of three, living in Pennsylvania Arizona. Record searches indicated that the pictured individuals were actually stones the entire time.

AO-042286 has stated that it is open to collaboration on projects with Foundation personnel. It has stated that personnel are welcome to approach it "at their own peril," describing itself as "a hot mess."

To date, a large box lined with any material capable of blocking wireless signals has been sufficient to contain AO-042286.

That box is expensive. Dump this somewhere. - L2 Researcher Simpkins

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