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The battle of the ages.                                                                                                                            
Author's Note-This is the old 1234 (Jester)/Subtle Killer Morgan Freeman crossover. Well, it survived the night. Now we'll see if it can break 30 upvotes. For more information, go here:

Jester awaited his next victim.

He had sharpened his fingernails, pressed his tunic, and even straightened his hat. Today was the day of his 1,000th kill.

Hearing the pneumatic hiss that indicated his next victim, he scaled the walls using his adhesive palms.

Beneath him, the door opened to reveal his next victim-an elderly African American male. Quick as a bee, he leaped down and prepared to kill.

"Wait!" the elderly man shouted. "There's something you should know!"

Jester sat back, irked at being robbed of his 1,000th kill.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I COULD GIVE A SHIT RIGHT NOW?" he yelled, once again reaching in for the kill.

"But…" the man stammered out, petrified at the awesome sight of his impending doom, "Everyone who speaks to me dies!"

Jester reached down to slice the man's neck. "I don’t care of the consequences. I care only of the numbers, sir…"

And in a whirl of keraltin and blood, the Subtle Killer was dead.

Jester scuttled back over to his wall and prepared to mark his 1,000th kill.

However, as he reached for it, he staggered. Frowning, he touched his blood-soaked fingernail to the wall.

His muscles twitched, and his tally went screaming off, disrupting the carefully constructed order of the masterpiece.

Before he could remedy the situation, Jester's vision narrowed down to a point. Frantically, he tried to make the mark, his 1,000th mark.

Before he could make it, his vision went dark.

Jester never marked his 1,000th kill.

Autopsies for both Jester and the Subtle Killer were inconclusive, returning results of everything from hypothermia to a broken neck to toxic exposure to spontaneous existential collapse.

O5-1, previously known as Agent Hirakawa, sat back in his chair.

It was finished.

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