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The following file contains an activated GAY FROGS-Class DANK ANTIMEME. You are instructed to run. In the event that you're lazy, you are directed to proceed at a velocity directly proportional to your daily cholesterol intake.

… What's that? Fine, you can catch up on Grey's Anatomy first. But make sure you make your way right back here after, mmkay?

—Uhm, probably someone with, like, a super high clearance level. Or someone's Mary Sue OC.


Select Production Commentaries


Initial sighting of LIMP FIREBIRD. It's so pretty VERY DEADLY. RUN.

The following are quote excerpts from individuals affected by LIMP FIREBIRD, a Deviant-Type Avian Entity:

If the phrase "dank antimeme" makes it into an SCP, I am leaving this site forever. I am 100% serious.

—qntm, Civilian #84250, #site19

thats a weird way to spell sexy cyborg priests :/

—sepiafishie, Queen of Cephalopods

Nerd. Wait, where am I? Who put me in here? Help!

—Westrin, Captain of the SCPF Spooky Boat

Project Summary

Hi there, [non-Homo ignotus non-Daevite non-malfunctioning Lazarus-01 Procedure humanoid]. It appears you've stumbled on my personnel file. I–

Wait, please don't leave.

No, come back!

Ah, they're gone. Anyway, apparently, this is the place where I get to show you all the wonderful works I've written? Don't worry — I'm surprised too. Just– Don't leave the terminal and continue reading until you've learned about all the things (and stuff) that I've worked on.

I'll go get you a juice box. Or some bourbon.

Don't like it? Well, that's too darn bad, hun, isn't it?

Deployment Record

My Newest Articles!

1. [ENTRY] 🌊 Cave Story (for the Wanderers' Depths Contest — 👑 1st prize!)
2. [GOI FORMAT] 👤 "Scattersomnia": A Disease of the Wise and Drowsy Wanderers (for Jam Contest Two)
3. [TALE] 🥛 Spilled Milk (for Jam Contest Two)
4. [SCP] 🧠 SCP-5990: Out of my head, out of my mind (for Jam Contest Two)
5. [COLLAB TALE] 🐍 Snippets of an Unveiled World with Nykacolaquantum and other collaborators


I write things, depending on how you define "write" and "things".

Floppy Says: In the spirit of collaboration: I grant any writer, artist, or otherwise, full permission to use or depict the SCPs, concepts, characters, task forces, locations, or events created by me in your own SCP Wiki work. Drop a link my way; maybe I'll like it or give you some pointers on how to execute it best!

(In each category, works are listed from oldest to newest.)


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Dr. Michaels
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The Abyss Gazes Back (And It's ASCII On A CRT Screen)
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Buggy Hardware (or Why I Don't Play Violent Video Games)
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What Lurks In The Dark
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The Doctor's Dilemma
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A Surprise Encounter with Crispy Sex Pirates
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Land Of Honey
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A Necromantic Prelude
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A Scene From A Meme(-ory)
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Spilled Milk
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GOI Formats

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The Sacred Djehuti
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Critter Profile: Bartholomew!
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"Scattersomnia": A Disease of the Wise and Drowsy Wanderers
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Team Bird Hub
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A Non-Prophet Organization Hub
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Written by: Lt Flops and PhamtomGuy.
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SCP-3309: Where We Go When We Fade, Fade Away Authors: Lt Flops (Author Page) and PhamtomGuy Inspired by the Pataphysics Department by Rimple. With coding help from Westrin. Click here to read...
tags: co-authored concept ethics-committee k-class-scenario meta narrative ontokinetic researcher-smalls scp thaumiel

+104 9
Written by: NatVoltaic and Lt Flops. Anti-religious GOI SAPPHIRE secures the severed head of astronomer Carl Sagan to spread their FACTS and LOGIC.
Latest comment: Just_We at 06 Jun 2020 16:05
Last edited: Lt Flops at 10 Jun 2020 03:00

SCP-4519: Carl Sagan, Godhead Authors: NatVoltaic and Lt Flops This article is Part 3 of Team Nico's Angels' SAPPHIRE series for the 2019 International GOI Contest! More by these authors:...
tags: acoustic cadaver children-of-the-torch co-authored ectoentropic goi2019 hallucination k-class-scenario keter mind-affecting reanimation religious sapient sapphire scp sentient telepathic uncontained vibration visual weapon

+119 19
Written by: KindlyTurtleClem and Lt Flops
Mother's resting place / Right here, at the end of space / Cast out unto the light.
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SCP-4475: So Long, and Thanks for All the Milk Authors: Lt Flops and KindlyTurtleClem This article is FIRE TURTLE (Clem Floppy)'s 2nd article for the 2019 Collaboration Contest! Go here for...
tags: ad-astra alive antimemetic bovine chemical co-authored collab-con2019 extraterrestrial fifthist keter neurological ontokinetic pattern-screamer ritual scp second-hytoth sentient spacetime teleportation transfiguration uncontained

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Written by: DrGemini, translated by DrMacro and Lt Flops. Did you know that the Earth used to be flat? Just something to consider.
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Info SCP-281-FR: The Day The Earth Stopped Being Flat Author: DrGemini Translator: DrMacro and Lt Flops Date: January 1, 2018 Special thanks to DrGemini for recreating the first image of Addendum...
tags: global-occult-coalition immobile indestructible international physics planet reclamation religious safe sapphire scp sphere weapon

Avian Anthology I
+59 9
Written by: Team Bird*. The Avian Division and the Shark Punching Centre team up against the devious demigod named Thoth.
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One hundred billion memories tainted by 200,000 years of vengeance, dread, euphoria, grief, avarice… &...
tags: co-authored doomsday2018 global-occult-coalition shark-punching-center tale team-bird

Avian Anthology II
+70 12
Written by: Team Bird. The most unlikely of allies commune with a tainted beast to save the day — and the world.
Latest comment: Tyler Epic Gaskin at 20 Dec 2018 20:22
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Thoth commanded his fleet of peons to come to his aid, but the daemon's appetite was too voracious. He tore chunk after chunk of Thoth's form, leaving neither bone nor gristle behind....
tags: co-authored doomsday2018 shark-punching-center tale team-bird

Snippets of an Unveiled World
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Written by: Nykacolaquantum, Lt Flops, IFBench, Westrin, and Deadly Bread. What other branches does the Serpent hold in Her Garden?
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L.S., Forgive me for doubting you. Your recruitment of Agent Hopper has been a great boon to the Library and ourselves. And it's thanks in no small part to their unique talent, variable as it is....
tags: ambrose-restaurant anderson arcadia are-we-cool-yet bones broken-god broken-masquerade co-authored collaboration dado deer-college dr-wondertainment fifthist gamers-against-weed jude-kriyot oneiroi parawatch serpents-hand tale three-portlands wanderers-library

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Written by: Uncle Nicolini and Lt Flops. SAPPHIRE steals the tools to keep the severed head of Carl Sagan alive.
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PROMETHEUS LABS ELECTRONIC MAIL Re: GRANT REQUEST FOR THE RE-CREATION From Elliot Ramirez To Su Xing Date Mar. 6, 1995, 5:44 p.m. Su, Sorry for all the delays in getting this to you. The...
tags: co-authored deer-college goi2019 goi-format prometheus sapphire
*Team Bird is not_a_seagull, Lt Flops, Ayers, and Quantum Physician

Inebriation Inoculation complete. Thanks for reading!

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