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The following file contains an activated GAY FROGS-Class DANK ANTIMEME. You are instructed to run. Immediately. In the event that you're lazy, you are directed to proceed at a velocity directly proportional to your daily cholesterol intake. What's that? Fine, you can catch up on Grey's Anatomy first. But make sure you make your way right back here after, mmkay?

— Uhm, probably someone with, like, a super high clearance level. Or someone's Mary Sue OC.


Initial sighting of LIMP FIREBIRB. It's so pretty VERY DEADLY. RUN.

Project #: FloppyPhoenix's Author Page

Select Production Commentaries: The following are quote excerpts from persons affected by LIMP FIREBIRD, a Deviant-Type Avian Entity:

If the phrase "dank antimeme" makes it into an SCP, I am leaving this site forever. I am 100% serious.

— qntm, Director of the Antimemetics Division, #site19

thats a weird way to spell sexy cyborg priests :/

— sepiafishie, Queen of Cephalopods

Nerd. Wait, where am I? Who put me in here? Help!

— Westrin, Captain of the SCPF Spooky Boat

Project Summary: Hi there, [non-homo ignotus non-Daevite non-malfunctioning Lazarus-01 Procedure humanoid]. It appears you've stumbled upon my personnel file. I—Wait, please, don't leave. No, come back!

Ah, they're gone. Anyways, apparently, this is the place where I get to show you all the wonderful works I've written? Don't worry, I'm surprised too. Just—don't leave the terminal, and continue reading until you've learned about all the crispy sex pirates SCP articles I've worked on. I'll go get you a juice box. Or some bourbon. Don't like it? Well, that's too darn bad, hun, isn't it?

Deployment Record:


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Item Number: SCP-3787 Level 3/3787 Object Class: Keter Hiemal1 Classified Special Containment Procedures: As the anomaly associated with SCP-3787 continues to change over time, its...
tags: animal antimemetic cognitohazard equine esoteric-class hostile memetic mind-affecting reproductive scp transfiguration

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Item Number: SCP-3719 Level 2/3719 Object Class: Safe Classified SCP-3719 upon recovery. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3719 is kept in a standard object containment stall in the...
tags: appliance compulsion ectoentropic mechanical safe scp

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Item Number: SCP-3464 Level 2/3464 Object Class: Neutralized Classified Special Containment Procedures: 449 instances of SCP-3464 are contained in the Low-priority Safe Containment Wing of...
tags: acoustic ectoentropic food neutralized ritual scp

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Revision #31 of this document was prepared by: THE FOUNDATION AVIAN DIVISION In accordance with the Pluto Protocol Note: By order of Dr Frederick Hoygull, the clearance level required to access this...
tags: avian doomsday2018 esoteric-class humanoid moon planet scp shark-punching-center spacetime

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Item Number: SCP-4420 Level 2/4420 Object Class: Euclid Neutralized Classified SCP-4420 in its current state. Photo taken from a safe distance of 50 m. Special Containment Procedures:...
tags: ectoentropic entropic light neutralized plant scp self-repairing


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URA-2641 | Document 2641-Solidão On September 6th, 1976, agents of the National Indian Foundation of Brazil (FUNAI) filed a report with the Brazilian government on territorial disputes between two...
tags: tale

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Site-18 intranet systems initialized. Accessing SCiPNET:/files/EE-3570/UMBRAL_MIGRATORY_SEQUENCE.txt Opening _ Document EE-3570/UMBRAL MIGRATORY SEQUENCE During an end-of-the-world scenario...
tags: doomsday2018 shark-punching-center tale

The Abyss Gazes Back (And It's ASCII On A CRT Screen)
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He was a falcon in the night, floating under a pin-pricked sky of potential. The falcon scouted for the wild things in the underbrush. Wild things to feed its young. But the stars cast only enough...
tags: gamers-against-weed mister tale

Buggy Hardware (or Why I Don't Play Violent Video Games)
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The Abyss Gazes Back | Buggy Hardware Am I imagining this too? The darkness consumed both Adamo Smalls and Heather Mason in one fell swoop. It commanded its presence for a fraction of a moment....
tags: gamers-against-weed mister tale

Thing What Lurks In The Dark
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All Hallow's Eve, 2313 The Monster's Hollow I chose to tread into the realm of monsters. Not because I'm a fool, but because on any day except the Hallow's Eve, undead hands clench the path shut....
tags: halloween2018 rats-nest tale

GoI Formats

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NOTICE FROM THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE COORDINATION AND PROJECTS OPERATION COMMAND OFFICE SPC-507 is currently ACTIVE. Any RED NETHER incursions are to be reported to the Command Office immediately, at...
tags: doomsday2018 goi-format shark-punching-center

The Sacred Djehuti
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The Sacred Djehuti Scribe of the Underworld, Lord of Khemennu, Conciliator of the Crescent Moon, Θωθ12 Conspectus After many ages spent pondering the great expanse, the inhabitants of the Land...
tags: co-authored doctor-spanko doomsday2018 goi-format serpents-hand shark-punching-center wanderers-library


FloppyPhoenix's Author Page
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coolpage funpage The following file contains an activated GAY FROGS-Class DANK ANTIMEME. You are instructed to run. Immediately. In the event that you're lazy, you are directed to proceed at a...
tags: author

Team Bird Hub
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Banner courtesy of the amazing Mendelssohn! Check out more of their art here! — Because somehow, Egyptian gods, the SPC universe, mysterious soul-vacuum devices, bad puns, and seagull scientists...
tags: doomsday2018 hub


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Written by: FloppyPhoenix, PhamtomGuy.
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NOTICE FROM THE PATAPHYSICS DEPARTMENT The file you are about to read, 'SCP-3309,' describes an unpredictable narrativic anomaly intersecting with multiple subnarrative layers. Narrativic inoculation...
tags: co-authored concept k-class-scenario meta narrative ontokinetic scp thaumiel

Avian Anthology I
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Written by: Team Bird*. The Avian Division and the Shark Punching Centre team up against the devious demigod named Thoth.
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Timeless Substrate | The Noosphere Thoth peered into the Noosphere with an astute curiosity. He glanced down at the ocean of minds: a whirlpool of purple, pink, green, and blue specks, laid out...
tags: co-authored doomsday2018 global-occult-coalition shark-punching-center tale

Avian Anthology II
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Written by: Team Bird. The most unlikely of allies commune with a tainted beast to save the day — and the world.
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August 12th, 2018 | Night | Outskirts of Las Vegas The group of birds and shark-punchers emerged from the monorail tunnel to see the blue-tinted night sky of Las Vegas. The bird-people that had once...
tags: co-authored doomsday2018 shark-punching-center tale
*Team Bird is not_a_seagull, FloppyPhoenix, Dr Aers, and Quantum Physician

Author Commentary (needs to be updated)

SCP-#: ●●|●●●●●●|●●●●|● - Before the Fire [DELETED]

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●●●●●|●●●●●●●●|●●●●●●● - The Horse Meme

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●●●●●|●|●●●●●●●●● - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lawnmower

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●|○|●●●●●●●●● - Where We Go When We Fade, Fade Away

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●●|●●●●●●|●●●● - Even Garlic Bread Can Be Creepy

SPC-#: ●●●●●|○|●●●●●●● - The Bigger Boat

EE-#: ●●●|●●●●●|●●●●●●●|○ - Umbral Ultimatum


The following articles have been translated by other SCP Wiki branches. I'm super thankful to anyone that's shared my articles to the international community by taking the time to translate them.

Writing Style and Themes


Inebriation Inoculation complete. Thanks for reading!

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