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The following file contains an activated GAY FROGS-Class DANK ANTIMEME. You are instructed to run. Immediately. In the event that you're lazy, you are directed to proceed at a velocity directly proportional to your daily cholesterol intake. What's that? Fine, you can catch up on Grey's Anatomy first. But make sure you make your way right back here after, mmkay?

— Uhm, probably someone with, like, a super high clearance level. Or someone's Mary Sue OC.


Initial sighting of LIMP FIREBIRB. It's so pretty VERY DEADLY. RUN.

Project #: FloppyPhoenix's Author Page

Select Production Commentaries: The following are quote excerpts from persons affected by LIMP FIREBIRB, termed GAUSS KNISH Deviant-Class Phasianidae1 Entity:

If the phrase "dank antimeme" makes it into an SCP, I am leaving this site forever. I am 100% serious.

— qntm, Director of the Antimemetics Division, #site19

thats a weird way to spell sexy cyborg priests :/

Mrs. Gay Robots™! sepiafishie, Queen of Cephalopods

Nerd. Wait, where am I? Who put me in here? Help!

— Westrin, Captain of the SCPF Spooky Boat

Project Summary: Hi there, [non-homo ignotus non-Daevite non-malfunctioning Lazarus-01 Procedure humanoid]. It appears you've stumbled upon my personnel file. I—Wait, please, don't leave. No, come back!

Ah, they're gone. Anyways, apparently, this is the place where I get to show you all the wonderful works I've written? Don't worry, I'm surprised too. Just—don't leave the terminal, and continue reading until you've learned about all the crispy sex pirates SCP articles I've worked on. I'll go get you a juice box. Or some bourbon. Don't like it? Well, that's too darn bad, hun, isn't it?

Addendum A: Written Articles:

SCP-#: ●●|●●●●●●|●●●●|● - Before the Fire

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●●●●●|●●●●●●●●|●●●●●●● - The Horse Meme

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●●●●●|●|●●●●●●●●● - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lawnmower

SCP-#: ●●●|●●●|o|●●●●●●●●● - Where We Go When We Fade, Fade Away

Addendum B: Writing Style and Themes:

Addendum C: Declassifications:

Inebriation Inoculation complete. Thanks for reading!

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Wait, what the heck? Where did that come from?

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