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Feedback on concepts and greenlights given here. Please only post sandbox pages if requested by a reviewer.
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Sign up for a Butterfly Flight! (April Flight) REQUESTS CLOSED.
by: ZynZyn
16 Mar 2020 04:47
64 by ZynZyn
01 Apr 2020 04:59 Jump!
Join others, and take on a writing prompt challenge.
by: ZynZyn
24 Oct 2014 05:44
28 by WhoYouCallinAPinHeadWhoYouCallinAPinHead
31 Mar 2020 00:42 Jump!
Want to help shape the future of the site?
by: ZynZyn
01 Jan 2019 07:15
21 by ZynZyn
26 Mar 2020 05:12 Jump!
Required reading before making a new request for conceptual critique.
by: ZynZyn
02 Mar 2020 02:19
3 by ZynZyn
03 Mar 2020 02:28 Jump!
Inexplicable images
by: Sophia LightSophia Light
15 Feb 2015 20:50
32 by GregoryGrimGregoryGrim
29 Dec 2019 22:46 Jump!
An old book in which is detailed all the events of the reader's life, adding, editing, and even removing information results in a change in reality.
by: Dr L CampbellDr L Campbell
05 Apr 2020 00:17
A cognitohazardous haiku that transports you to a strange, blue desert.
by: AzamoAzamo
04 Apr 2020 16:55
3 by AzamoAzamo
05 Apr 2020 00:00 Jump!
An Idea for a scp that's only mysterious because no one will tell the foundation what it does.
by: frackfr1ckfrackfr1ck
04 Apr 2020 23:56
A festival taking inspiration from christianity, italian folklore, and Dante's Inferno
by: PlaguePJPPlaguePJP
03 Apr 2020 23:09
5 by PlaguePJPPlaguePJP
04 Apr 2020 23:55 Jump!
The infectious drawing...
by: NemoskitNemoskit
04 Apr 2020 23:50
I've reworked my previous thread here... I hope it's more suitable for an serious file, if not I'll do it again and again, until it's absolutely perfected! I need harsh feedback, tell me all the bad and dumb things I wrote, I can't see my own mistakes, thank you! [Duplicate Thread Locked]
by: Dominic HammersonDominic Hammerson
04 Apr 2020 23:21
2 by RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes
04 Apr 2020 23:49 Jump!
A father who used to make anomalies designs a way for him to give his son something when he dies. The Foundation then promptly takes it away.
by: DemeterssonDemetersson
04 Apr 2020 21:20
2 by CR JenkinsCR Jenkins
04 Apr 2020 23:46 Jump!
Imagine a groundhog day style time loop from the external perspective of the people in the town if Bill Murry's character never escaped, went mad with power and couldn't be stopped because whatever you try...he's seen it and beat it before! Only instead of the town it's the foundation...
by: Shooting FishShooting Fish
04 Apr 2020 23:38
Greenlights needed! Also, I know this sounds like the infinite IKEA, just hear me out...
by: Kosef SturreKosef Sturre
04 Apr 2020 22:17
4 by Kosef SturreKosef Sturre
04 Apr 2020 23:37 Jump!
I want some ideas and reviews to improve my article, If possible
by: Kami_WriterKami_Writer
04 Apr 2020 22:55
2 by RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes
04 Apr 2020 23:20 Jump!
Of all the ideas I've been writing recently, this is the most fleshed out and interesting one so far. Do note that a lot of information I have already written/worked out is missing because this is supposed to be an idea pitch, not a draft for the actual SCP.
by: toestabbedtoestabbed
04 Apr 2020 18:42
4 by toestabbedtoestabbed
04 Apr 2020 23:17 Jump!
An unreasonably violent SCP which cannot be sensed in any way except by its victims. Even then, their description of the SCP changes radically each time they discuss it due to the nature of the entity and the victim's mental state.
by: Abel PetraAbel Petra
04 Apr 2020 22:08
2 by Truc LinhTruc Linh
04 Apr 2020 22:54 Jump!
An idea I had for an SCP that I thought was fun. This is the first time I'm trying to get an idea green lighted.
by: Foppish_CrowFoppish_Crow
01 Apr 2020 20:48
5 by Foppish_CrowFoppish_Crow
04 Apr 2020 22:05 Jump!
Fifthist phenomena affecting religious communities.
by: GhostoftheIslesGhostoftheIsles
04 Apr 2020 20:38
3 by GhostoftheIslesGhostoftheIsles
04 Apr 2020 20:44 Jump!
I guess i'll give it a chance.
28 Mar 2020 15:41
04 Apr 2020 20:43 Jump!
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